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Tails (miniseries)

This miniseries takes place between Archie Sonic the Hedgehog Issue 29Archie Sonic the Hedgehog Issue 30

Tails #3 is the third and final issue of the Tails miniseries published by Archie Comics.

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Southern Crossover - Part Three

Tails continues to write his own comic book, "Tails to Astonish", canonicalizing the past two issues with his own bias, under the guise of Captain Super Fox-Man. After saved from drowning by the Forty Fathom Freedom Fighters, he went to Downunda to stop Robotnik's supply blimp, only to be attacked by the evil Crocbot's minions. Injured by the Wing Dingo minions, the Downunda Freedom Fighters saved him and took him to the echidna Athair, while the Freedom Fighters went on to take care of Crocbot.

Tails looks up to Athair while looking over his comic, thinking it is too wordy. The old echidna, however, has more important things to focus on and tells him to put the comic away. As he puts the comic away, Athair tells Tails that he has much to learn and has a lot of healing, so he picks up the fox and leads him to the Ancient Walkers in the crater cave they are in. He claims that the knowledge he can receive will cure all his ills, and that he has been chosen to share the past and the future. He calls on Tails to listen, as the Ancient Walkers prepare to share their tales. Tails, on the other hand, is in a hurry to help the Freedom Fighters, but this angers Athair, as he claims his ancestors were also always busy, busy worrying about technological advancement instead of the nature of Mobius. Despite all their technology, they did not see a comet on a collision course for their city until it was close to the planet. All they could do was lift their city off the ground, forming the Floating Island.

Athair's words confuse Tails, as he speaks in riddles, so he tries to convince Athair to speak in a way he would understand, as he knows Sonic, who knows Knuckles. Athair also claims to know Knuckles, claiming his family has been in charge of protecting the Floating Island, showing the faces of the many guardians on the cave wall. Tails then realizes that Athair is actually Knuckles' grandfather. This, however, has distracted Athair from his original discussion, but Tails has heard enough and wants to go help his friends. Athair tries to convince Tails to stay, but he refuses to stay to watch a bunch of statues. All of a sudden, the Ancient Walkers move, revealing their lively state, and grab Tails. Athair then claims that time, to them, is in an abundance.

In Crocbot's fortress, Robotnik calls up the robot to check on the progress of the unloading of material. Robotnik, however, is angry as the unloading has been delayed. Crocbot cuts the transmission short, saying he will take care of the issue. The issue being the forthcoming Downunda Freedom Fighters preparing to storm the fortress. Crocbot decides to take care of the problem himself, donning a desert hat and setting a TV up so the tied-up Wombat Stu can watch the progress. He then takes a CD and places it inside his newest creation: the C.D. ROM Ram, a large robotic ram. The CD activates the ram, preparing it for battle. The Downunda Freedom Fighters reach the fortress, noticing the blimp leaving the area and a large door opening in the fortress. Before the Freedom Fighters can react, the ram bursts out and hits them all.

Back in the crater, the Ancient Walkers talk to Tails, telling him the history of Mobius. The beginning of life on the planet started with sentient life coming out of the primordial ooze, eventually spawning into numerous species over the many years and forming the Saurian Era, an era dominated by Mobosaurs. Suddenly, one day, the sky went green and the planet fell into an ice age, destroying most life. Those who survived, however, bore witness to the Coming of the Chaos Emeralds. Over the centuries, the Chaos Emeralds developed many ways of life, from worship to technological advances, to the birth of Enerjak. They then explain that the Chaos Emeralds will align for a greater purpose in an event known as the Great Harmony, once the Chosen One gathers them together. Tails and Athair are sitting in front of a fire, Tails stating the whole story to Athair in a dazed state. He comes to, as Athair calls out to him, making him realize that the Ancient Walkers were talking through and to him. Athair, however, points to the Ancient Walkers, saying they are just a bunch of statues and could not have been the ones talking to Tails. Tails scoffs, knowing he is lying, thinking he got injured more than he thought. Athair then notes about his lack of injuries, as Tails realizes that his body has been fully healed.

Suddenly, from outside the crater, Barby Koala comes flying in and lands in Tails arms. Although not formally introduced to her, he recognizes her. He puts her down as she explains what has happened regarding the ram, who rammed into her and sent her flying from Crocbot's fortress all the way to the crater. Barby invites Tails to help them fight Crocbot, and he accepts, but he wants to thank Athair for his help. He turns around, only to see that Athair and the Ancient Walker "statues" have vanished. Despite his confusion, they shake hands and agree to fight together. He grabs Barby and flies out of the crater with her.

Outside Crocbot's fortress, the C.D. ROM Ram is having no problem dealing with the other Downunda Freedom Fighters. With them distracted, Robotnik brings the blimp back to the fortress and prepares to unload the supplies. While the other Freedom Fighters are out, Walt Wallabee takes out a boomerang bomb from his pouch and throws it at the ram. The bomb works and the ram is destroyed right in front of Crocbot's eyes via a monitor. To prevent defeat, he orders the blimp to quickly dock, bringing out a mooring arm from the roof of the fortress. Using a joystick, he motions the arm to a perfect position as the blimp arrives. Right before the blimp docks, however, Tails flies in with Barby, who gives Crocbot a quick kick to the back, causing him to move the joystick, and thus the docking arm, out of place. The electric mooring arm hits the blimp incorrectly, causing it to quickly catch on fire, downing it beside the fortress as the Downunda Freedom Fighters celebrate their victory.

Crocbot bows down in defeat, while Barby releases Wombat Stu from his table constraints. Crocbot, however, has a surprise up its sleeves, whacking Tails with his tail and runs off down a nearby corridor. He enters a room which contains his ace in the hole: a nuclear-powered Mega Mecha Tank. He crashes through the wall of his fortress and quickly drives by the Freedom Fighters outside to make an escape. Duck "Bill" Platypus watches as he escapes, but the others see Barby and Tails arrive. Guru Emu develops an idea to stop Crocbot, asking Walt if he still has any boomerang bombs. Walt searches his pouch, and he does.

With a boomerang bomb in hand, Tails carries Guru Emu into the air and catches up with Crocbot. Despite his passive nature, Emu feels a need to end the "peace train", launching the boomerang at the tank. It hits it, causing Crocbot to lose control of his steering. He zigs and zags through the plains, reaching Athair's crater. He uncontrollably falls in, and hits the bottom, causing the tank to explode in a nuclear cloud. Tails and Emu catch up and witness the remaining cloud emanating from the crater, in the shape of Athair's head.

Later on, on a beachfront in Downunda, Barby extends an invitation to Tails to join the Downunda Freedom Fighter. Tails appreciates the offer, but finally realizing the love his friends in Knothole Village have for him, he feels he must return to Knothole Village with the Knothole Freedom Fighters. One issue remains though: he has no way to get back home. As he cries, he hears a familiar voice. He looks into the sea to see Ray and Bottlenose, who mention that they have a surprise for him. Bottlenose takes out a remote control with his tail, pressing a button. As soon as the button is pressed, the Sea Fox, looking brand new, surfaces to Tails' surprise. The other Forty Fathom Freedom Fighters, Brain Coral, revealed to have been the one fixing up the submarine.

He hops into his fixed submarine, as the Downunda members start to cry. Tails also cries, but has an idea. To give a memorable goodbye, he jumps out of his sub and high fives everybody in the group by flying over them. Ready to set on home, he's followed by the Forty Fathoms Freedom Fighters, and he intends to tell Sonic the Hedgehog and Sally Acorn that there is, indeed, Freedom Fighters all over the planet.

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  • The crashing of Robotnik's blimp is similar to that of the Hindenburg disaster, including the commentary "Oh the humanity!"


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