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Tails (miniseries)

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This miniseries takes place between Archie Sonic the Hedgehog Issue 29Archie Sonic the Hedgehog Issue 30

Tails #2 is the second issue of the Tails miniseries published by Archie Comics.

Featured stories

Southern Crossover - Part Two


Tails is continuing to work on his comic, "Tails to Astonish", while riding on the back of Fluke the Blue Whale. He recaps the previous issue from his own, biased perspective. The Forty Fathom Freedom Fighters don't mind not getting credit in his story, as they just want to help Tails on his mission. Fluke, Tails, and Ray the Manta finally reach Downunda and part ways. As Tails approaches the continent, Robotnik and Crocbot see him coming on a monitor. Crocbot swears to stop all opposition and sends a squad of Winged Dingoes to intercept Tails. The fox is attacked by the dingoes as he comes to shore. He manages to fight off some of them, but one dingo bites a tail and Tails comes crashing down to the earth.

The Downunda Freedom Fighters save Tails.

Just before he is mauled, the Downunda Freedom Fighters come to his rescue. They beat the dingoes into submission, causing them to fly away. Tails, beaten into exhaustion, passes out. As Walt Wallaby helps him, Wombat Stu is taken away by the Alpha Wing Dingo. Walt tells Guru Emu, Barby Koala, and Duck "Bill" Platypus to follow the Dingo as he takes Tails to "the old man".

Dr. Robotnik demands a status report from Crocbot, who is certain of his victory. When the under-boss discovers his dingoes have been thrashed, he smashes the monitor he was using to communicate with Robotnik. The dingoes tell him the Freedom Fighters smashed them, which causes Crocbot to throw a fit. The Alpha Wing Dingo then comes in with Wombat Stu. Crocbot ties up Wombat Stu and shows him to Robotnik to save face. Robotnik tells him that the cargo blimp will be landing soon and that they'll be disengaging the cloaking device. He disconnects, saying "I have my own problems to deal with here in Robotropolis. The blimp is revealed right above the Downunda Freedom Fighters and they see it going to Crocbot's base. Walt Wallaby explains the blimp is full of weapons and equipment and will make Crocbot a super villain. The Freedom Fighters head out to stop Crocbot from getting the payload.

Meanwhile, Tails wakes up inside a giant crater. As he wakes up with bandages all over his body, he hears a chant in the distance. Tails wearily follows the sound to find a set of statues called the Ancient Walkers. An echidna draws out from the shadows, calling Tails the "chosen one". Tails assumes it is Knuckles, but he reveals himself to be Athair. He claims to be Knuckles' ancestor and seeks to answer questions surrounding Tails' destiny.



Races and species:





Other features


Tails: B-Barely conscious...d-dogs closing in...I'm done for!
Duck "Bill" Platypus: Not if the Downunda Freedom Fighters can help it, mate!
Wombat Stu: CHARGE!
Tails: F-Fuh-Freedom F-F-Fighters?


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