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Tails (miniseries)

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This miniseries takes place between Archie Sonic the Hedgehog Issue 29Archie Sonic the Hedgehog Issue 30

Tails #1 is the first issue of the Tails miniseries published by Archie Comics. It was released at the same time as Sonic the Hedgehog #29, to follow on from Tails' story in that issue.

Featured stories

Southern Crossover! Part I


The first page of Tails' comic book, "Tails to Astonish", is shown to the reader. To hide it from the other Freedom Fighters, Tails puts the Comic book pages with his other important papers, including a supply list Robotnik dropped after Tails met Auto-Fiona. He quickly hides his papers when Princess Sally arrives to chat about Tails' Sea Fox submarine. Sally asks if he has had fun pretending to play in it, to which Tails lies about his secret adventures and tells Sally he has. Sally explains they are keeping him from using it for his own safety and leaves to go to a meeting. Feeling that everyone treats him like a child, Tails grumpily sets off in the Sea Fox, prepared for his own adventure.

Elsewhere, Robotnik's Robo-Blimp is fully stocked and ready to go. A SWATbot asks him to compare the supply list to his own, which Robotnik declines. When pressed to do so, Robotnik tears the 'bot apart with his own hands. With everyone in line, the doctor explains that he is sending the blimp to aid his global domination ambitions and resupply his new Regional Underboss in the southern hemisphere. Robotnik sends the blimp off by smashing it with a bottle of I-W-40 and turns on the "Umbrella Cloak" to hide the ship from everyone, except if they are directly under it. He is certain no one will find it, unless someone found his supply list.

Not long after, Tails spots a shadow on the water but no clouds in the sky. He flies over to investigate and sees the blimp after looking directly under the shadow. Tails flies to the helm and finds out the blimp's destination before being shot down by an Aerobot. Tails recovers and defeats 'bots by creating a water spout by spinning his tails. He flies back to the Sea Fox, but Octobot has hidden himself in the submarine and drags Tails and the Sea Fox underwater.

Via a camera on the blimp, Robotnik watches the Sea Fox go under and berates the SWATbot in charge for letting it be discovered. Robotnik then sends a transmission to Downunda to contact his Underboss, Crocbot. The doctor confirms his supplies are on their way and Crocbot sends his pack of Wing Dingoes out to meet it. He ends the call and laughs about how he intends to covert the incoming SWATbots to his cause and overthrow Robotnik.

Back at sea, Tails is surprised to find that not only is he alive and above the water, but he's in the company of a chirpy non-poisonous manta called Ray. He explains when he was about to drown, he and the Forty Fathom Freedom Fighters came to the rescue. Their jellyfish, P. B., zapped Octobot, letting go of Tails and letting him take the fox to the surface. Bottlenose Dolphin stopped the robot from grabbing him again. Before Octobot got away, the "big guy" smashed him. Unfortunately for Tails, the Sea Fox was totaled in the scuffle. Tails complains about how he's stuck on an island in the middle of nowhere. The "Island" then starts to move and Ray gets out of the way before Fluke the Blue Whale comes to the surface. Tails is amazed and asks if they can take him to Downunda. They agree and Tails' adventure continues.



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  • When a SWATbot defies Doctor Robotnik's orders, Robotnik quotes "[his] friend Darth", saying "I find your lack of faith disturbing" while throttling the SWATbot. This is a reference to Star Wars, when Darth Vader says the line while Force choking an insubordinate officer.
  • After Octobott is crushed by Fluke, he sings the chorus of the song "Daisy Bell". This is the same song that HAL 9000 sings in 2001: A Space Odyssey while being deactivated.
  • This is the first Sonic comic by Archie that has two two-page spreads.

Other features


Tails: Sonic...Sally...Rotor...You were good friends when I was a young pup. But Today... I am a grown fox!


  • The De-Tails section of the comic mistakenly refers to Crocbot as 'Crockbot'.


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