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Archie Sonic the Hedgehog Issue 97 is the ninety-seventh issue of the Sonic the Hedgehog comic series published by Archie Comics.

Official solicitation

My Secret Identity

Geoffrey manages to piece together half of Uncle Chuck's message from the damaged Shadow-Bot, and he and his secret service team embark on a mission to Robotropolis to retrieve it. Meanwhile, an incognito Sonic begins his quest for Arachnis and Tails, but is sidetracked by Geoffrey's mission. The intrigue thickens when both the secret service and Sonic are captured by Overlanders, and Sonic does his best to maintain his anonymity in the midst of his cellmates. Can Sonic aid in their escape without blowing his cover? Plus, surprising unexpected revelations about Robotnik and Tails. And what's with all the missing Overlanders?

To the Brink

Another Knuckles back-up story, this time guest-starring Sonic's buddy Tails.

Featured stories

My Secret Identity

Sonic the Hedgehog has created a black costume in order to freely investigate and fight Dr. Eggman with little chance of being discovered and arrested by Geoffrey St. John.

At the castle, Nate is working on the message-holding robot Uncle Chuck sent (which Geoffrey shot) while Geoffrey, Sally Acorn, and others watch on. Parts of the message come clear as "Sword of Acorns--Restore Will--Robotnik has it" while the full message says that Robotnik doesn't have the sword--Uma Arachnis does. Believing Eggman has the sword, Elias orders Geoffrey to prepare his team to recover the blade.

Sonic is sneaking around Knothole—he hasn't told his family or friends about his new identity—when he hears Geoffrey and his team talking. Geoffrey reasons that Eggman probably has the sword hidden in his base. Sonic, knowing the full message, takes it on himself to make a detour to protect Geoffrey and his team.

Meanwhile, in Robotropolis, Eggman and Snively receive a record of Colin Kintobor's galactic trip. They are left alone with one of Colin's scientists and pull out a device, joking it's "business as usual" from behind the scientist's back. Geoffrey and his team are caught on cameras. Sonic takes out the camera, but it's too late and Geoffrey's team is cornered by robots. Sonic leaps down to help fight and Geoffrey surrenders just as he touches the ground. The group and Sonic are taken in handcuffs to prison. When asked by Geoffrey and his crew, Sonic says he's "The Sneak," a freedom fighter from Sand Blast City, down on reconnaissance.

Each of them is taken in turns for interrogation. With Heavy and Bomb gone, Sonic tries to talk the group into escaping with him but Geoffrey won't leave his men behind. Heavy and Bomb return, destroying their guard and breaking the group out. As they escape, Eggman and Snively reveal that Heavy and Bomb were reprogrammed. Sonic rightly believes that Eggman was letting them go too easily but has to beat Geoffrey back home before he can get caught. He stashes away his disguise in a log but is captured by someone before he can leave.

To the Brink

  • Writer & Inks: Ken Penders
  • Pencils: Ron Lim
  • Colors: Frank Gagliardo
  • Letters: Vickie Williams
  • Editor: J. F. Gabrie

Turbo Tails has angered Chaos Knuckles by stopping him from fighting Merlin Prower. Knuckles beats Tails through a building and turns on Merlin and the spirit of Athair the Echidna, but Tails returns with his own attack. Tails tries to reason with Knuckles but the Echidna knocks him back with laser eyes. Tails uses his tails like a whip and holds Knuckles upside down by his feet. Knuckles attacks and begins to beat Tails into the ground. The Echidna suddenly hears the voice of Julie-Su calling him and teleports away.

Worried about Tails lack of super powers, Athair probes his mind and finds that Tails is innocent and doesn't accept himself to be the Chosen One. They decide to return him home as if nothing happened and think carefully on their next move against Chaos Knuckles.


  • In the reflection of Professor Cheddermund's glasses, the word "Ages" is seen, which is Sega backwards.
  • The first panels of the first story were drawn by Patrick Spaziante.
  • Hershey is only member of the Secret Service to have no dialogue throughout the entire issue. Despite that, Wombat Stu only gets a single line of dialogue simply with "Ugh!".
  • The cover of this Issue was featured in Guinness World Records Gamer's Edition 2008, under "Longest-Running Comic Based on a Video Game".
  • Sonic's secret identity is mentioned again by Espio in Sonic Universe #16.
  • Sonic's line of "You da man now, hog!" is a nod to the internet meme YTMND.
  • Wombat Stu disappears and reappears at random points of the story when the full Secret Service group is intended to be on-panel.


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