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Archie Sonic the Hedgehog Issue 96 is the ninety-sixth issue of the Sonic the Hedgehog comic series published by Archie Comics.

Official solicitation

The Messenger

The answers to many questions are revealed - and a few new ones are raised. Has his Majesty's Secret Service learned of Sonic's heroic, secret trip to Robotropolis? Will Princess Sally and Sonic finally see each other again? Has Dr. Robotnik finally figured out a way to get back into Knothole Village?

The Chosen One

The Knuckles and Tails story continues.

Featured stories

The Messenger

Geoffrey St. John is investigating why Kodos - who is now in Dr. Quack's care - was found knocked out in the forest and believes Sonic the Hedgehog to be behind it. He rushes in on Sonic eating breakfast and quickly gives up when Sonic appears not to know anything. At the castle, Sally Acorn tries to come up with a plan to escape her duties and spend some time with Sonic.

At school, Tails is still missing and Rotor Walrus reports that Antoine D'Coolette didn't come home last night. Mina Mongoose asks Sonic to help her control her speed. One of Doctor Eggman's attack bots breaks into the school and begins causing mayhem, where Sonic proceeds to fight it while the students escape. Sonic saves Nate Morgan as he wanders into the hallway, and Bunnie joins the fray and knocks the robot down. The robot begins to play a message from Sonic's Uncle Chuck, one that confirms the Sword of Acorns' ability to restore free will and also that Uma Arachnis now has the blade. Before anything else can be said or done, Geoffrey and his men shoot the robot down. Sonic is forced to leave or risk being arrested for interrupting a crime scene.

Rotor, Bunnie, and Mina show up at Sonic's house later that night but his parents inform them that Sonic has locked himself in his room and won't come out even for chili dogs. Sonic, reading a comic, gets the idea that "Sonic" isn't allowed near the investigation, so "Sonic" won't be, and begins digging through his closet.

The Chosen One

Merlin Prower is talking with Athair the Echidna while Tails is unconscious in bed. Athair mentions that Tails may be the only one that can save the Chaos-infected Knuckles. They argue over whether or not Athair had a right to risk Tails' life when Knuckles is heard calling for his family and friends. Outside of a building, the radiating Knuckles is so tired he lies down to sleep in the middle of the road. Athair says that this may be the best time to deal with Knuckles, while he's at his weakest, and orders Merlin to call forth the chosen one.

Merlin says an incantation and Tails suddenly wakes up, hovering over Knuckles, wearing a cape. Knuckles wakes up and asks how Tails is there but the fox says it doesn't matter and that they need to talk. Tails says that he doesn't know where Knuckles' family is but is willing to help him find out. Knuckles senses another presence and Merlin and Athair reveal themselves. Merlin claims that they only want to help but Knuckles attacks. Tails saves Merlin and accuses Knuckles of not being able to tell friend from foe. Knuckles announces that anyone who attacks him isn't a friend and prepares to fight Tails.

Off Panel

See also: Off Panel

Off Panel

Gabrie is relieved to have finished a long day at work and cannot wait to leave the fantasy world of Sonic and return to the real world. However, he later reconsiders at second glance.

Key Events

  • Sally tries to find a way out of the castle.
  • Mina asks Sonic to help her with her speed.
  • Antoine goes missing.
  • Sonic finds a way to investigate and fight Eggman.
  • The Sword of Acorns' power of restoring free will is confirmed.
  • Tails is woken as the Chosen One and gets on Chaos Knuckles' bad side.


St. John: All right, boy... How did he get there?
Sonic: (slurping his drink) Uhhh.. How did who get where?
St. John: (walks away) Blast.


  • Sonic is seen reading a comic book called "Autohero", an obvious reference to "Transformers". And in the same comic, a character resembling Optimus Prime says "Roll out!", a line also from Transformers.


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