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Archie Sonic the Hedgehog Issue 90 is the ninetieth issue of the Sonic the Hedgehog comic series published by Archie Comics.

Official solicitation

Sword of Omens

A sword-wielding Sonic undertakes an unauthorized solo mission to free the Robians, and is surprised to find an unwanted ally in the form of Mina the mongoose.

Between a Rock and a Hard Place

Between a Rock and a Hard Place. Knuckles and his friends learn some heartbreaking realities on Albion.

Featured stories

Sword of Omens

Chapter One

Sonic is startled and demands to know who is hiding behind the bushes, threatening to use the Sword of Acorns against him/her. A mongoose emerges, and Sonic is surprised to see that a girl is on her own, especially at night. He asks why she's even there, but she gives him a cold shoulder. Her name is revealed to be Mina Mongoose. She tells Sonic to leave her alone, but they are interrupted by a Combot, who attacks them.

Meanwhile, Sally and Elias Acorn are in the hospital visiting their parents, King Maximillian Acorn and Alicia Acorn. King Max tries to get up, but is unable to move his legs. Dr. Quack informs him that he's paralyzed.

Back at the fight, Sonic tries to shove Mina away from danger, but is unsuccessful as she gets caught by a camouflaged Combot, while another Combot uses an electromagnetic device to attract the sword into its hands. Sonic gets fed up and smashes the robots into bits. However, he suddenly gets beaten up by more camouflaged Combots.

Chapter Two

Mina sees this and picks Sonic up, discovering that she can run extremely fast, but gives no real thought as she's carrying Sonic.

At Castle Acorn, Geoffrey arrives at the bed, informing the family that the Sword of Acorns has been stolen.

Back in the woods, Mina and Sonic are hiding under a log, and the Combots have given up looking for the pair. Mina apologizes for losing the sword, but Sonic tells her to keep her chin up, as they are both going to recover it. They find out that the Combots are going to Robotropolis and begin their assault on the robots. The Combots initiate camouflage, but Sonic outwits them by following their footprints. However, Robotnik steals the sword just in time, and right before the meteors begin to fall.

Between a Rock and a Hard Place

Gala-Na and the emergency team discover Yanar and the High Sheriff still alive, but the former is in shock while the latter is stunned. Gala-Na begins the search for Knuckles, but is shocked at what has happened.

Meanwhile, Antoine and Bunnie are trying to activate the lift when Amy points out that Rob O' the Hedge has a better idea. Rob uses one of his arrows to create a route over the rooftops that will help in finding Knuckles. They all make it safely across and enter the building by dressing up as firefighters. Rob, Antoine, Bunnie and Amy enter through the thick smoke and discover that Knuckles has transformed into Chaos Knuckles. He reminds Gala-Na of the video-files Steppenwolf left with regards to his uncle Dimitri after the Chaos Syphon. Chaos Knuckles refuses to believe that he is like Dimitri, but Gala-Na points out that he's the embodiment of Chaos energy itself. Knuckles says he didn't aim a Chaos Syphon at himself, but Antoine thinks it could have been passed down through the family.

When the High Sheriff regains consciousness, Antoine tries to reason with him that he's his son, but the High Sheriff whacks him to the ground. Chaos Knuckles uses his new powers to trap the High Sheriff in a Chaos Shield. Gala-Na demands via a communicator that security forces take drastic measures against the High Sheriff. Bunnie thinks she's being too harsh and Antoine is confident that he can reason with her. Gala-Na warns that the High Sheriff poses a major threat, but Chaos Knuckles objects and wants to hear Antoine's plan.

Antoine remembers making a stop in the Northern Tundra and meeting Rotor for a refuelling. Antoine takes out an Electronic Neutralizer, which could place a Roboticized Mobian in status and harmlessly transport them elsewhere. Gala-Na denies that the High Sheriff is in their control and orders the security team to attack.

Chaos Knuckles uses Chaos energy to teleport Amy and Rob back to Deerwood Forest and Bunnie, Antoine and the High Sheriff back to their ship. Since Knuckles has shown signs of harnessing power to match Dimitri, Gala-Na says they have to do something about it.


  • The story "Sword of Omens" is named in reference to the sword wielded by Lion-o in the Thundercats franchise.


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