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Archie Sonic the Hedgehog Issue 87 is the eighty-seventh issue of the Sonic the Hedgehog comic series published by Archie Comics.

Official solicitation

Heart of the Hedgehog Part Two

The heat is on - literally, as Sonic desperately tries to save Tails, trapped inside the rim of a volcano by the menacing Metal Sonic. Rescuing his little buddy will be harder than usual - the new, sentient version of Metal Sonic knows no limits in his hatred of Sonic, and will stop at nothing to ruin his world. He's faster and stronger than before.

Against the Haunted Past, Part Two

Last month, the tragic origin of Monkey Khan and the sinister part Doctor Robotnik played in the creation were revealed. Now it is the present and Robotnik has Monkey Khan within his grasp again. Can Mobius survive if Robotnik's greatest creation is once again programmed for evil?

Featured stories

Heart of the Hedgehog Part Two: Lava Story

Picking up from earlier, Sonic is just recovering from Metal Sonic's ambush and quickly resumes his climb up Mt. Mobius to rescue Tails. A net trap, however, snares Sonic, and Metal Sonic cackles at Sonic's misfortune. Now officially angry, Sonic struggles with his climb as Metal Sonic continues to trip him up and taunt him relentlessly. However, Sonic begins to wonder if Metal Sonic's personality is starting to override his original programming, similar to what happened with Sonic when he was roboticized. Regardless, Sonic presses on.

Sonic eventually reaches the Mt. Mobius summit and rescues Tails, just as Metal Sonic appears to finish them both off. After a frontal attack quickly fails, Sonic tries to appeal to Metal Sonic's personality by claiming that there's more to being alive than mere programming. Metal Sonic simply refuses to listen to reason, and Sonic orders Tails to get to safety while he prepares to fight, but the fox refuses and insists that they'll fight together.

Suddenly, the volcano begins to erupt, and Sonic and Tails are caught by lava and debris falling all around them. With no way out, it seems to be the end for them both until Metal Sonic blasts them free. Confused as to Metal Sonic's actions, the robot admits that Sonic is right, that he can be more than his programming dictates. In his last act of free will, Metal Sonic holds back the erupting lava and allows Sonic and Tails to escape, just before he is consumed completely.

As the heroes recover from the events, they wonder why Metal Sonic changed like he did. Sonic thinks that it may have been Tails' loyalty and friendship to him that turned Metal Sonic's beliefs around. Regardless, the two head home.

Monkey Khan: Against the Haunted Past - Part Two

Ken Khan finds himself trapped in his own home by Dr. Eggman, who has only recently relearned of his "long-forgotten prodigal son" since his release from stasis by Sally Acorn. Feeling that Ken could still be of use to him, Eggman orders his roboticized General Hunn to install a trio of microtransmitters to Ken's brain, overriding his free will completely.

However, Hunn only gets as far as the first transmitter when Ken smashes out of his binds, his Power Ring headband giving him the added strength to do so. Despite the timely arrival of a group of long-outdated SWATbots, Ken quickly smashes up the lab and runs for the atomic core of the retrofitted temple. The SWATbots follow and blindly open fire upon Ken, striking the volatile equipment and causing the entire facility to explode.

Ken escapes in time, but sees a blimp flying off in the distance. Cackling over a loudspeaker, Eggman taunts Ken by revealing that he has already roboticized and taken away everybody in Kar Leung, leaving him with the spoils of victory... a burning ghost town.

Off Panel

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Off Panel

Gabrie apologizes to Knuckles about the latter's titular series getting cancelled but Knuckles decides that it was getting to him and that he would like to direct instead. Gabrie then gives him a job to direct the mail to each individual slot for the Archie staff. Knuckles regrets his choices and quietly says to himself that he should just write his memoirs.


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