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Archie Sonic the Hedgehog Issue 82 is the eighty-second issue of the Sonic the Hedgehog comic series published by Archie Comics.

Official solicitation

Night of Chaos

Continuing the special tie-in tale with Sega's Sonic Adventure Dreamcast game. Having been accepted as celebrities in the Hidden City of the Ancients, Sonic plays super-hero and patrols the streets of Station Square. But can he and his friends survive the menace that lurks in the night?

A Door To The Past

As Knuckles explores the Mystic Ruins for shards of the Master Emerald, his is floored by a mysterious vision of the past showing another side of the echidna race. Can Knuckles handle it?

Double-Crossed Circuits

A solo story featuring E-102 "Gamma" from the Sonic Adventure game - setting the stage for next month's Sonic Super Special #13.

Featured stories

Night of Chaos

Sonic enjoying running on the rooftops in Station Square at night in the rain notices the police. The police are shooting Chaos, but their guns have no affect on him. Sonic decides to attack Chaos, but Chaos is fighting back hard. Chaos climbs up a flagpole, but Sonic runs around it causing Chaos to fall off. Chaos flees into the sewers, while Sonic is congratulated by the police. Dr. Robotnik watching from above is excited about Sonic's test and plans to use Chaos to destroy him.

Door to the Past

Knuckles the Echidna observed a spear that would be "nasty to use in a fight." He remarks that he never saw an echidna use this kind of weapon before. He's then seemingly stuck by a light ball in the forehead. The light ball reveals herself to be Tikal, who asks for Knuckles' help. He refuses, so to convince him, she tells him about the Knuckles Clan, the war they fought with the Mysterious Cat Country and the unleashment of Chaos. Knuckles was still confused of why she needed his help, so Tikal explains that she and the Chao sealed Chaos in the Emerald, but not without consequences. Eggman, elsewhere, was receiving frogs-with-tails from his E-100 Series. The only one that managed to get the frog he wanted was E-102 Gamma. He then took the frog and used a new device that would take Froggy's chaos energy and put it into Chaos. After Chaos acquired the energy, Eggman then sent it to look for the others.

In the Mysterious Cat Country, the Cat Queen told the other Chaotix that she believes they pose a problem. Vector objects but the Queen tells them to stay in for they are known to eat their children if they misbehave. Julie-Su says they have to be kidding when Locke, suddenly appearing, tells the Queen she better be.

Double-Crossed Circuits

Gamma created to serve Dr. Robotnik has been put to the test with targets of Sonic, Tails and Knuckles and has fulfilled his task of collecting Froggy. Dr. Robotnik orders Gamma to retrieve the bird that has been captured along with Amy Rose. Gamma experiences life and feelings and sets Amy and the bird free.

Off Panel

See also: Off Panel

Off Panel

J. F. Gabrie tells Knuckles that Victor Gorelick's assistant, Marisa Noce, was coming to see him. Knuckles felt like a total ladies man but this feeling was cut short after Gabrie revealed she was just an animal lover. Noce proceeds to squeeze Knuckles tightly, causing Knuckles to demand that Gabrie calls the A.S.P.C.A.


Vector: (to the Cat Queen) You may rule, but I'm no fool! I hear your rap, and I say you're full of cr--
Mighty: Vector!!! Show some respect!!


  • This issue is based on the events of Sonic Adventure.
  • In "Night of Chaos" Sonic refers to him running over the rooftops reminding him of his favorite heroes; the Rush (the Flash), the Dark Bat (Batman) and the Super Surfer (the Silver Surfer).
  • This issue is the first to introduce Tikal in the comics.
  • Pachacamac's name is misspelled "Pachamac" in this issue.
  • The first story is a direct adaption of the opening of Sonic's story in the video game Sonic Adventure.
  • This is the first issue to have Vector almost swearing before he was interrupted by Mighty.
  • This issue does not credit the production staff for neither "Door to the Past" nor "Double-Crossed Circuits".
  • According to writer Ken Penders, the "Door to the Past" segment from this issue was originally intended to be published as part of Knuckles the Echidna comic series if it had not been cancelled on issue 32.[1]


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  1. Ken Penders on Twitter. Twitter (18 February 2020). Retrieved on 18 February 2020. “Ken Penders: Little known fact: the KNUCKLES segments featured in SONIC issues 79 through 84 were originally intended to be published in KNUCKLES issues 33 through 35, and would’ve marked the debut of Stephen Butler as regular artist for the series.”

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