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Archie Sonic the Hedgehog Issue 8 is the eighth issue of the Sonic the Hedgehog comic series published by Archie Comics.

Official solicitation

Bot's All Folks

When Crabmeat is caught reading Sonic The Hedgehog comics, Doc Robotnik becomes inspired to build super-powered robots to attack Sonic!

A Little Sonic Goes a Long Way

All Sonic and his friends want to do is make beautiful music, but a certain robotic meanie has other ideas - namely shrinking the mirthful music makers!

Featured stories

Cover Corner Box

Tails is told to duck as a baseball comes hurtling towards him, though he is facing the other way and cannot see it.

Bot's All Folks!

Part One

Dr. Robotnik is reading a pollution index form when a SWATbot enters holding Crabmeat and, against Robotnik's rules, a number of his Sonic the Hedgehog comic books. As punishment, Robotnik takes Crabmeat to the spare part separator. In desperation, Crabmeat states that he had the comic books to help Robotnik and thought he could use super-powered robots to destroy Sonic and the others. The SWATbot, eager to see Crabmeat separated, urges Robotnik to throw it in. Robotnik then realizes with Crabmeat's idea, he would need many spare parts, so he throws both Crabmeat and the SWATbot into the machine.

A few days later, on the edge of the Great Forest, Robotnik and a SWATbot are commemorating the start of a new toxic dump. Before he can complete his speech, Sonic rushes in and knocks Robotnik over. While Sonic gloats, Robotnik brings out a flashlight and shines a Robotnik signal into the air to bring some needed help: 'Botman, a humanoid caped robot. It drops down from the sky and kicks Sonic aside. Sonic rushes at 'Botman at super speed, only to be reflected by the armor of its stomach. As Sonic quivers on the ground in defeat, Robotnik walks over and gloats himself, with a SWATbot taping the whole thing. Sonic, meanwhile, gets up and enters into a spindash, having played possum, and jumps at 'Botman. The two fight, only to have 'Botman triumph, standing over a down-and-out Sonic, with the rest of the Knothole Freedom Fighters watching on TV.

Part Two

As Robotnik celebrates, Crabmeat discovers a pile of robot parts nearby. Robotnik walks over and notices they are the parts he used to build 'Botman. Suddenly, the other 'Botman topples over and breaks apart, since he was pushed by Sonic. During the earlier fight, he took the husk of 'Botman and posed him to drive Robotnik nuts. Robotnik reacts in anger, but has another trick up his sleeve. He brings out Crabmeat's box of comic books for inspiration. A truck arrives. In it is another super-powered robot Robotnik ordered. He shows Sonic an issue of Wolverine as a SWATbot opens the truck, revealing an order mistake: the Wolvurkel bot. A Steve Urkel look-alike dances out of the truck and causes Sonic to laugh. As Robotnik crushes Crabmeat in anger, Sonic looks at the bot and thinks its voice sounds familiar.

Meanwhile, Robotnik goes through the comic books to find more inspiration. From the other side of the Great Forest, the Spawnmower appears. It starts cutting down the Great Forest with ease. However, the Spawnmower stops every few frames to pose for the viewers, so Sonic takes this opportunity to yank its wires and shut it down. He then pushes it off a cliff and destroys it. Robotnik sends out yet another robot, the Magbot, the Freedom Fighter Fighter. Sonic takes it down with ease. Another robot is sent out, Captain Marbot, a caped hero. Sonic destroys it as well. A tired Robotnik sends out his last robot, a muscular caped rat called Mighty 'Bot. Like the others, Sonic destroys it. Atop a huge pile of scrap robot parts, Sonic states he's going to smash Robotnik, only to slip on a puddle of oil on the ground. Robotnik uses this opportunity to run away. On the ground, Sonic reads a comic book standards guide and realizes that the bad guy always gets away at the end. In Knothole Village, the Freedom Fighters toast Sonic for a job well done.

A Little Sonic Goes a Long Way

  • Writer: Mike Gallagher
  • Pencils: Dave Manak
  • Inks: Jon D'Agostino

Part One

Sonic strums a guitar on top of a hill and races to the bottom of it before Tails can hear it. Tails says he hasen't heard a guitar in a long time. Sally reminds the Freedom Fighters Robotnik banned all music. Rotor asks Sonic to keep playing, and he does on top of a tree stump. The notes travel to Robotropolis, where Robotnik hears it and screams in fury. His lackey assistant Snively comes in with a new invention. Snively explains that he invented a shrinking device to eliminate the Freedom Fighters. Only issues is the effect only lasts an hour. Robotnik decides to use the shrinking device on them, as one hour would be plenty of time to defeat them. He threatens to use it on Snively once he starts humming along with Sonic's music.

After Sonic plays guitar for his friends, he takes them to the old Mobius Concert Hall, where they can form a band. Everyone is excited about Sonic's plan, but before they can reach the orchestra pit, they are all shrunk by Robotnik's device. Robotnik appears in front of them with a huge vacuum-like Roboticizer and chases after them.

Part Two

Sonic is chased by Robotnik, but manages to outrun him in his tiny size. Sonic clogs up Robotnik's machine with old concert programs and takes his friends out of Robotnik's sight. Suddenly, Sonic jumps out in front of Robotnik, who chases after him, but breaks his machine after falling into the orchestra pit.

Sonic thinks he has won, until Robotnik sucks him up in a hand-held vacuum cleaner. Robotnik is about to press the Roboticize button, but the other Freedom Fighters shoot nails at Robotnik with an upright bass. Before the doctor can crush them, they grow back to their normal size as does Sonic, breaking out of the hand-held vacuum.

Robotnik calls out an army of robots, but is scared off when Sonic and his pals play loud, brash music. While the Badniks are still on their way, Rotor finds Robotnik's shrinking device, which gives Sonic an idea. The story ends with an army of miniature Badniks swarming Robotnik's office, much to his rage.

Other features


Pin-up page.

  • Sonic the Hedgehog Pin-Up: A pin-up of Sonic the Hedgehog at the bowling alley, having missed one pin.


  • This is the first issue in the series not to have a featurette.
  • The corner box is a pun based on the show Ducktales.
  • In "Bot's All Folks", the second robot Robotnik reveals is a "Wulvurkel" robot, based on Steve Urkel. Steve Urkel is a character played by Jaleel White, the voice actor for Sonic in Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog, SatAM, and Sonic Underground.
  • Most of the other homages are obvious:
    • 'Botman - Batman
    • Spawnmower - Spawn
    • Magbot - Magnus the Sorcerer
    • Captain Marbot - Captain Marvel
    • Mighty Bot - Mighty Mouse
  • This issue marks the first regular appearance of Snively, not counting his guest role in StH: #6. His outfit is all white in this issue only.
  • In "A Little Sonic Goes a Long Way", Bunnie claims she can play the saxophone and the cymbals. When Rotor asks why, she answers: "'Cause ah'm the sax-cymbal of this team, sugah!"
  • In the Concert Hall, two composers are referenced. A bat bust labeled "Bothoven" is a reference to Beethoven, and a painting of a dog named "Wagner" is a reference to Richard Wagner.
  • One of the notes in the Sonic Grams segment mistakenly mentions that Sonic the Hedgehog Spinball was released on Mega CD.


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