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Archie Sonic the Hedgehog Issue 79 is the seventy-ninth issue of the Sonic the Hedgehog comic series published by Archie Comics.

Official solicitation

The Discovery - A Sonic Adventure Tie-In

Inspired by the popular "Sonic Adventure" game for the hot Sega "Dreamcast" platform! When Nate Morgan uses his telecrate technology to infiltrate Dr. Robotnik's computer network, he receives transmissions that send shivers down the Freedom Fighter's spines: the dastardly Doc has ordered an excavation somewhere near the mysterious Cat Country - leading them to believe he may have found the Hidden City of the Ancients! Nate and The Freedom Fighters are immediately dispatched to quell the threat - all, that is, except for Amy Rose, who the others feel is too young. Amy is outraged - Tails is allowed to go on the mission, and he's the same age as her! Will that stop her? Heck, no! Amy calls upon the powers of the Ring of Acorns to make herself older - transforming herself into her "Dreamcast" counterpart, and depleting the ring of all its energy in the process! The price is a harsh one, as the ring has been used in the service of healing the Queen. Fearing ill effects, Nate insists Amy comes along on the mission with them. Can they survive Amy's amazing transformation? For that matter, can Amy?! It's a journey of discovery that will lead our fearless heroes to the startling new world depicted in the Sonic Adventure Dreamcast game!

The Chaos Factor

Knuckles dreams about fighting a water creature near the Master Emerald and failing which caused the Floating Island to crash into the ocean. Imagine his surprise when he wakes up to find the Floating Island IS in the ocean...

Tales of the Great War (The Conclusion) - Life Under-Ground

The senses-shattering conclusion to the epic "Tales of the Great War" back-up series.

Featured stories

The Discovery - A Sonic Adventure Tie-In

Late in the night, Sonic drearily asks Nate Morgan why he isn't sleeping. Nate explains that he's trying to remotely access Dr. Robotnik's systems in Robotropolis. Both of them are stunned when they intercept a message from the doctor's Shadowbots. They rush over to King Acorn, explaining that Robotnik has discovered The Hidden City of the Ancients.

The king is skeptical, believing that the city was simply a myth, but Nate insists that he visited it during his exile. Worried about Robotnik's influence, the king wearily orders Sonic to head for the city in the morning. Sonic asks the king if something is wrong, but he brushes the question off. The next morning, Sonic's parents wake him up, informing him that his friends have come over for breakfast. Sally explains that her father requested the rest of the Knothole Freedom Fighters to accompany him on his mission.

Amy Rose asks the group if she can tag along, but the Freedom Fighters warn her that she's too young to go on dangerous missions with them. She points out that Tails is the same age, but Nate Morgan tells her that Tails has dealt with far more dangerous situations than she has. Unable to argue the point further, Amy grumpily trudges away.

While the Freedom Fighters prepare to leave, King Acorn mentions to his son, Elias, that he's happy to see Sally so carefree for once. Elias confronts his father with the fact that he's been hiding their mother's worsening condition. The king supposes he wanted to give Sally some time to stop worrying, which gives Elias an idea. He rushes to the Royal Reliquary, where the Ring of Acorns is stored, planning to use its wish granting powers to save his mother. He enters the room to find Amy Rose clutching the ring and the area is consumed by a blinding light.

The Chaos Factor

Knuckles dreams about a mysterious creature absorbing the Master Emerald, sending the Floating Island plummeting into the ocean below. He wakes up, wondering why he keeps having the same dream, when he discovers that the island is in one of Mobius' oceans. Horrified, he heads out to seek answers from his father.

A short time ago, Dr. Robotnik found files on his system describing a creature made of living water known as Perfect Chaos. Robotnik discovered that Chaos was being held within a Black Emerald hidden in the Mysterious Cat Country. He promptly made his way to the Mystic Ruins and cracked the ancient artifact open with a mallet. A weakened Chaos slithered out of the cracks and led Robotnik to a mural. Robotnik interpreted the mural to mean that Chaos needed seven "power emeralds" to regain his power and sent his forces to retrieve the necessary power from the Floating Island.

Robotnik was surprised to find Echidnaopolis on the Floating Island, but ordered his robots to suppress the Echidna resistance. As his troops neared the Chaos Chamber, a massive force field appeared to safeguard the Master Emerald. Robotnik's Shadowbots easily broke through the barrier and the Master Emerald was blasted into pieces, causing the Floating Island to drop into the ocean. Unbeknownst to Robotnik, a powerful entity was released from the Master Emerald.

Tales of the Great War The Conclusion: Life Under-Ground

  • Writer: Ken Penders
  • Pencils: Chris Allan
  • Inks: Jim Amash
  • Colors: Frank Gagliardo
  • Letters: Jeff Powell
  • Editor: J. F. Gabrie

Bernadette Hedgehog continues her story, telling the group of Mobians by the campfire how she tried to convince Chuck to figure out what went wrong with Jules' Roboticization. Having given up science to tend to his new chilli dog stand, Chuck refused to listen to reason and wallowed in guilt. Bernie eventually made her way to Chuck's old lab, where Warlord Julian Kintobor and his nephew, Snively, were using Jules like for lab work. Julian ordered Jules to throw Bernie into the Roboticizer, turning her into a mindless robot.

During a break in the story, Amy Rose asks them how they got free. Jules scoffs at the notion, explaining that his roboticized brother came to him with a Power Ring one day, filling him with emotion and pain. Back to his senses that day, he asked Charles what had happened to Bernie. Chuck explained that shortly after she went missing, Warlord Julian informed him that he found Bernie messing with the Roboticizer. Jules asked what had become of Sonic, and Chuck told him that Sonic had become an accomplished leader.

Chuck decided that, with the Robians' free will restored, they could live in the sewers and build a resistance. Jules thinks aloud to his listening audience that Chuck was foolish to think such a small group of people could stand up to Robotnik, but continues his story. One day, while rendezvousing with Rudyard, Jules was reunited with Bernie. They asked Chuck if he'd told Sonic that they were okay, but Chuck explained that Sonic had been under Rosie's care since Robotnik's takeover.

Jules and Bernie decided at the time that Chuck shouldn't tell Sonic about them, fearing being seen as robots and wanting their son to keep his untarnished memories of his parents until after Robotnik's defeat. With their story finished, Elias asks Jules how he knew so much about things he couldn't have possibly seen firsthand. Jules explained that he learned a lot of things from Chuck's journals, which were stored on floppy discs. He reveals to the group that he still has one of Chuck's encrypted discs, but with Chuck under the control of Robotnik its contents are forever lost.

Off Panel

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Off Panel

Sonic keeps screening J. F. Gabrie's calls. Once Gabrie tells Sonic in a message that he needed to speak with him right away, Sonic immediately runs into the room, startling the poor man. Gabrie tells Sonic that he should not do that, while Sonic argues that he was the one who wanted to speak with him right away.


  • This is the last issue that Amy Rose appears in her classic outfit.
  • This issue is the first issue of the series to feature a story based on Sonic Adventure.
  • According to writer Ken Penders, "The Chaos Factor" segment from this issue was originally intended to be published as part of Knuckles the Echidna comic series if it had not been cancelled on issue 32.[1]


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  1. Ken Penders on Twitter. Twitter (18 February 2020). Retrieved on 18 February 2020. “Ken Penders: Little known fact: the KNUCKLES segments featured in SONIC issues 79 through 84 were originally intended to be published in KNUCKLES issues 33 through 35, and would’ve marked the debut of Stephen Butler as regular artist for the series.”

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