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Archie Sonic the Hedgehog Issue 77 is the seventy-seventh issue of the Sonic the Hedgehog comic series published by Archie Comics.

Official solicitation

Rebel Without A Pause

Sonic and Sally tirelessly continue their crusade against Dr. Robotnik, even if it goes against King Max's wishes. After their latest escapades, the king finally orders Sonic to his chambers. What fate awaits him? Meanwhile, Sally has a tearful reunion of sorts with Alicia, who sleeps peacefully in her cryogenic tube. And what's this lurking on the horizon? Could Overlander vessels be heading for Mobius?

Tales of the Great War - For Better or Worse...

Bernie recalls when Jules was hurt in battle.


Rebel Without A Pause

Chapter One

Amy Rose alerts the citizens of Knothole to the return of Bunnie, Antoine and Tails, who slide down the Great Oak Slide with Sonic's parents and Jeremiah in tow. The citizens celebrate their return and Dr. Quack is baffled to learn that Jules and Bernie retained their free will due to their Power Ring wedding bands. Nate Morgan comforts the doctor by explaining that science doesn't matter when dealing with the power of Super Emeralds and Power Rings. King Acorn asks the heroes where Sonic and Sally are. They sheepishly explain that they stayed behind in Robotropolis for a mission. Hearing they've worked around him again, the king asks for more details.

Sonic and Sally lead the rescued citizens across the Badlands. Sally explains that the virus she and Snively uploaded into Robotnik's computers will stop him from ever learning Knothole's location. Just then, NICOLE detects three Shadowbots heading for them in egg-shaped hovercrafts. Sally orders the citizens run for the Great Forest while Sonic tries to stand his ground and fight them off. Sally tries to pull him away, but they end up bickering.

The Shadowbots descend upon the duo, but two of them are destroyed by Dulcy the Dragon. The remaining Shadowbot tries to threaten them, but one stern look by Dulcy sends it into a cowardly retreat back to Robotropolis. With the Shadowbots dealt with, Dulcy offers them a ride back to Knothole. Meanwhile, at the edge of the galaxy, two spaceships journey towards Mobius.

Chapter Two

In Robotropolis, the Shadowbots help Dr. Robotnik out of his egg-shaped resting pod while informing him that a dragon has disrupted their capture of Sonic. He tries to interface with his computer once more and finds himself sick yet again. In Knothole, Antoine, Bunnie and Tails try to defend Sonic's decision to disobey the king, but King Acorn refuses to listen. Dulcy lands in the Great Forest and drops Sonic, Sally, and the citizens off before leaving.

The group descends down the Great Oak slide, but the Mobians of Knothole Village don't seem pleased to see Sonic and Sally. Antoine, Bunnie, Amy and Tails rush over, trying to explain what's going on. Elias arrives and interrupts them, telling them that King Acorn wishes to speak with Sally and Sonic. Meanwhile, the king asks Dr. Quack if Alicia's condition has changed. Quack begins to explain what he believes to be afflicting the queen when Sally enters the room. The king and his daughter share a tearful reunion.

Once Sally leaves the room, Sonic sheepishly enters and tries to explain himself. The king orders him to be quiet until he's said his piece. The king fiercely tells Sonic that he has done nothing but undermine his authority at every turn, going on a rescue mission after being ordered to leave it alone and publicly disobeying him in regards to investigating Robotnik's Sattelite System. For this, the king thanks Sonic. He tells him that he admires his courage and apologizes for not trusting the judgement of their local hero. Sonic asks why he made everyone think he was upset, and the king explains that appearances matter in politics. Sonic and the king agree that it's all a matter of ego.

Tales of the Great War Part Five: For Better or Worse

At night in Knothole, Prince Elias joins a group of Mobians gathering around a campfire as they discuss retrieving Kirby's books from Robotropolis. Elias, not knowing much about the Kingdom of Acorn or its history, asks what they're talking about. Amy explains that Kirby's books detailed the history of their people and Bernie adds that Kirby never fully chronicled the Great War because he vanished during the conflict.

Bernie tells the group about a mission where she, Jules and Charles went to find out what happened to Kirby. They found an Overlander and chased after him, but the Overlander shot Jules in the face. While Charles tended to Jules, Bernie dispatched the Overlander. They treated his wounds, carried him through the Badlands and arrived at a convoy vehicle. Amadeus Prower helped them aboard and the driver, Sherman Walrus, took them back to Mobotropolis.

Jules was taken to the Mobotropolis Hospital, where Dr. Quack operated on him. He was unable to do much to help Jules and revealed to Bernie that there was little hope for his survival. Charles suggested an alternative to Quack. At that time, King Acorn was at a loss for how to push the Overlanders off of Mobotropolis and turned to Warlord Julian for advice. At the campfire, Jules solemnly recounts that everything seemed to go from bad to worse those days.

Off Panel

See also: Off Panel

Off Panel

Sonic and J. F. Gabrie call for the assistance of Bunnie. This pleases Bunnie as she has not gotten a chance to showcase her powers in the Off Panel. Turns out, the boys needed Bunnie's help in retrieving their frisbee that got stuck in a tree, much to her annoyance. She thinks to herself about letting her agent know about this.



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