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Archie Sonic the Hedgehog Issue 70 is the seventieth issue of the Sonic the Hedgehog comic series published by Archie Comics.

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Saving Nate Morgan

The Gulag escapees have kidnapped Nate Morgan! What will Sonic and The Freedom Fighters do when they are NOT allowed to save him? Especially since the one sent to save him, St. John, is not very sympathetic toward Overlanders.

Statue Of Limitations

Sonic gets nightmares about his standings as a hero!

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Saving Nate Morgan

Sonic the Hedgehog tosses Sergeant Simian's grenade (thrown at the end of the last issue) into the skylight of the juice bar, where it explodes harmlessly. Sonic and his friends then go to King Maximillian Acorn to tell him that Nate Morgan was kidnapped by the escaped convicts from Devil's Island Gulag (Flying Frog, Sergeant Simian, Lightning Lynx, Predator Hawk, Drago Wolf, Sleuth Dawg, Uma Arachnis, and Kodos, under the orders of Snively). Geoffrey St. John insists that the escaped prisoners perished, while Dr. Quack provides information showing they may still be alive. King Max assigns the Secret Service to rescue Nate Morgan, but when they arrive at the escapee's hideout at Big Kahuna Island, they find Sonic already there with his bi-plane. After an argument between Sonic and St. John, Sonic is allowed to join the mission on the condition that he cooperate with St. John. However, Geoffrey's plan is to order the felons to surrender, thus making Morgan a hostage and placing him in further peril. Sonic protests, and fights Geoffrey, when Prince Elias Acorn, who came along in disguise, steps in. The combined force of Elias, Sonic, and the Secret Service confronts the escapees, and a battle ensues. Meanwhile, in an orbiting satellite, Robo-Robotnik activates the R-Sat, causing a gigantic squid mutate to rise through the floor and attack both good and bad on Big Kahuna Island. The mutate is vanquished by Bomb going off (Bomb is unharmed, as he simply transfers to a new body), and Snively is presumed dead. Most of the criminals are captured, but Kodos and Uma Arachnis escape in Sonic's bi-plane with the remains of Crocbot, with Predator Hawk shown flying alongside.

Statue Of Limitations

As the story begins, Sonic narrates that this is a dream. He is flying his bi-plane over Sand Blast City, when it dissolves into nothingness. He falls towards the giant statue of himself, which is cackling madly at him. He falls through the mouth of the statue, and lands in a world where even the leaves on the trees are shaped in his image. Surrounded by obsessed fans, he is taken to the Sonic Adventure Archivists, who catalog his adventures. The Archivists discuss some of their differing viewpoints, but agree that Sonic "can do no wrong." Sonic then wakes up, and invites Tails over to talk to him. Sonic expresses feelings of failure over leaving Sandblast City open for the Robians, and Tails comforts him, saying he doesn't have to be perfect, but that it's just about being there when you're needed.

Off Panel

See also: Off Panel

Off Panel

Sonic sees what could be a spy satellite in the sky. He begins to use his figure eight technique but is interrupted by an editor's note that placed an asterik in his speech bubble and asked the readers for the issue in which the move debuted. The prize is a special mention in the issue. However, many readers got the correct answer and got to have their names placed in the final panel of the Off Panel. Sonic then appears and says "-tsk- I hate gratuitous editor's notes!"


  • The title "Saving Nate Morgan" is a reference to the film Saving Private Ryan. The title of this story is written in all lowercase letters, just like the promotional material for that film.
  • There is an error in the production staff listing for "Statue of Limitations", where Grossman is credited as the letterer and Williams is credited as the colorer.
  • This is the first Archie Sonic story written by Paul Castiglia since Sonic the Hedgehog #30.


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