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Archie Sonic the Hedgehog Issue 7 is the seventh issue of the Sonic the Hedgehog comic series published by Archie Comics.

Official solicitation

Uncle Chuck's Treasure!

Rotor accidentally sends Tails through the roof - literally! It is then that the Freedom fighters find an old treasure map belonging to Uncle Chuck. They believe the "treasure" may be an invention that will help them in finally defeating Robotnik! According to the map, the treasure was buried in the old Mobius Natural Park; unfortunately, the park had since been destroyed by being turned into a toxic waste dump! And when the Freedom Fighters find the spot, Robotnik attacks!

Sorceress in Distress

Sally goes to the Great Forest in search of a suitable wooden staff to complete her Halloween Sorceress costume. When Robotnik comes upon her, he belives Sally to be a real sorceress and kidnaps her with the intention of marrying her!

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Cover Corner Box

Sonic states that he's on the best "cellar" list while standing next to a basement door.

Uncle Chuck's Treasure!

Part One

The story begins with Tails offering Sonic to ride the seesaw he made. Before Sonic can ride it, Rotor joyfully leaps onto the seesaw and sends Tails into the ceiling. When Tails falls off of the ceiling, a treasure map made by Sonic's Uncle Chuck falls out with him. Sonic is happy to have found the treasure map, but Rotor, Tails and Sally explain that money has had no value ever since Dr. Robotnik took over Mobius. However, Sonic states the treasure could be something to defeat Robotnik, so Sonic and his friends go look for the treasure.

The treasure is in Mobius Natural Park, where everyone expects it to be nice and green, but they find out it has turned into one of Robotnik's dumping sites. Sonic and his friends search for the treasure, unaware of the SWATbots watching them. Sonic speeds up the search when the toxins start getting to the Freedom Fighters. Soon, the find an X right by one flower that managed to survive. Tails tries to water it, but is ambushed by Robotnik and his Badniks. Sonic and his friends quickly split-up and run from Robotnik.

Part Two

Robotnik is fine with the Freedom Fighters splitting up, as the waste in the dump site will eventually destroy them. Sonic realizes he has to use his environment to his advantage. A Burrobot charges at Tails, but is distracted by Sonic. The badnick runs at Sonic and gets his drills his drill-nose into an acid barrel, melting it.

Meanwhile, two SWATbots walk off with Rotor, but are confused by Sonic when he imitates Robotnik's voice and commands them to walk to the right and drop Rotor. The SWATbots foolishly walk into toxic slime and get stuck.

Sally is being chased by a Buzzbomber, but is quickly rescued by Sonic. She runs out of breath, but Sonic manages to keep her safe by forcing Buzzbomber to smash into a mountain, while the duo slide down an oil slick.

With Robotnik out of sight, the Freedom Fighters dig up the treasure, but it is snatched by Robotnik. Sonic lets him get away; he remembered that his Uncle Chuck buried nothing more than Sonic's broze baby shoes, which have no value to the doctor. Sonic and his friends rush back to Knothole while Robotnik rages over the "treasure".

The Shadow Nose!

Sonic is preparing to box with somebody...his own shadow. He hits it with some left jabs, some body blows, a left-right combination, a hook to the body, and, lastly, a knockout uppercut. Being able to move faster than the speed of light, he can take shadow boxing to a whole new level, with his own shadow knocked out on the floor.

Details Are Sketchy!

Somebody is making a drawing while somebody else narrates it. He starts with a round head, followed by a black nose. The drawer draws it too big but corrects it. The drawer starts drawing round ears, but the narrator corrects him, as they are supposed to be pointy. He then starts on the eyes, but draws them too beady. He finishes up, as a damaged Crabmeat confirms the suspect of his injuries to the drawer, Robotnik, as Sonic the Hedgehog.

Sorceress in Distress

It's Halloween, and the Freedom Fighters have their own costumes on: Rotor is a poor report card, Tails is a two-tailed skunk, Sonic is a poison ivy bush, Antoine is a devil and Sally is a sorceress. Sally claims she'll need a magic staff to be a witch, and demands to go to the Great Forest alone in search of a suitable stick.

Once Sally finds one, she comments on how cool it would be if it was a magic staff and if it were a magic staff, she would raise a rock above the ground. Little does she know, a rock is stuck under an active geyser in front of her. When Sally commands the rock to rise, the geyser spouts, leaving her shocked. Unbeknownst to her, Robotnik is watching Sally, and goes head-over-heels for her without realizing that the "sorceress" is Sally Acorn. While Sally tries to make a log rise, Robotnik jumps out of a bush, giving her flowers (man-eating plants), chocolates (chocolate, with motor oil on the inside) and a love poem (which isn't all that good). Robotnik proposes to Sally, and she plays along, (the risk of saying no, will get her roboticized) so she's taken by Robotnik to Robotropolis.

Sonic see Robotnik taking away Sally and follows them to Robotropolis. Once he arrives there, Robotnik asks Sally to perform a magical power to prove if she's really a witch. At that point, Sonic makes his move, by going so fast that he's invisible. Sonic beats up Robotnik and throws him into the audience. Robotnik commands his badniks to destroy the sorceress, but Sally "flies" away. Once Sally is back in the Great Forest, she tells Sonic to put her down. Sonic tells her he was only trying to protect her. Sally kisses Sonic on the cheek to show her appreciation, but hits him on the head with her stick for disobeying orders.

Princess Cruises

Antoine is trying to convince Sally to build a large naval fleet for the Freedom Fighters, but Sally declines the offer. He tries to entice her more by saying they'll sail the seven seas of Mobius under the Crown of Acorn, which Sally still declines. Antoine continues on, saying that she'll be the inspiration of the future Mobius naval officers. Sally flames up and yells at Antoine "I SAID 'NO' AND I MEAN NO!" She marches off in a huff, leaving Antoine with his little rowboat.


  • This is the first issue in which Sally shows her love for Sonic.
  • Robotnik's head is not colored on page 12.


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