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Archie Sonic the Hedgehog Issue 67 is the sixty-seventh issue of the Sonic the Hedgehog comic series published by Archie Comics.

Featured stories

Tomb Raider


After finally defeating Ixis Naugus, Sonic the Hedgehog arrives in the Great Rainforest to complete his final task on his planet-wide journey. Sonic heads into the "Temple of Shazamazon" where he avoids several booby traps. Meanwhile a satellite high above Mobius activates long-dormant Robians right outside the temple.

Sonic enters the center of the temple where he finds the Ring of Acorns switching it with a regular ring. A gigantic snake attacks Sonic anyway. Sonic evades the snake and it ties itself into a ball. The ball begins to roll down threatening to crush Sonic. Sonic escapes the snake which crushes several Robians.

Sonic escapes the temple but he is ambushed by more robians. Sonic gets onto his bi-plane with Tails and Nate Morgan and they take off and head home.

Tales Of The Freedom Fighters: Lupe and the Wolf Pack Part 1: Shadows In The Dark


In Mobotropolis, Sally Acorn approaches Lupe Wolf in the latter's tent, having heard that Lupe and her Wolf Pack are leaving the city. Sally asks whether or not they can be convinced to stay, but Lupe asserts that she wishes to return to her family. Noting the recent arrival of Leeta and Lyco, she explains that other Wolves must be lost as well and is eager to reunite with them. She apologetically explains that they joined up with the Knothole Freedom Fighters to fight Dr. Robotnik and nothing more.

At Reynard's behest, the group leaves to search for the other wolves while Sally and Bunnie make plans for Sonic's surprise birthday party. On the road, Diablo voices his surprise that anyone would choose to live in a polluted dump like Mobotropolis. Lupe explains that the citizens' memories of happy times, much like her memories of Lobo and their cubs, makes it their home. Lupe reminisces on how she led a portion of he pack into battle in the Great War while Lobo and others sought shelter for the pack's cubs. She then thinks back to how they met the Freedom Fighters and formed their alliance. Lupe puts her memories aside and refocuses herself on searching for home with moral support from Canus spurring her along.

The group's journey brings them to the Great River, which they don't remember crossing on their previous trek from the Great Canyon. Inflating a raft that they brought along, the group begins its crossing, only for a storm to erupt. Pondering the strange weather that has recently afflicted Mobius, they make their best effort to reach the other side of the river, where an ominous looking city awaits them.

Off Panel

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Off Panel

J. F. Gabrie is told that Sonic is coming in to see him and the former asks for him to be sent in. Gabrie then wonders what Sonic thought of the crossover he had with Image. A more buff looking Sonic then walks in, much to what Gabrie feared but expected.

Other features

  • Sonic Checklist
  • Know Your Heroes! presents: "The Origin of the Comet"
  • Sonic Fan Art
  • Sonic-Grams


  • The main story's title is a reference to the video game series Tomb Raider.
    • The story also takes many elements from the Indiana Jones movie franchise


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