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Archie Sonic the Hedgehog Issue 65 is the sixty-fifth issue of the main Sonic the Hedgehog comic series published by Archie Comics.

Official solicitation

The Naugus Trilogy - Part II - The Fellowship Of The Rings...

The Naugus Trilogy (Part two of three) heads into full swing as an alliance is formed between Sonic, Tails, the mysterious Nate Morgan and the snow-bot- to confront a common foe, Ixis Naugus! Also, the question "Who is Nate Morgan?!?" is revealed! Witness the origin of Nate Morgan and how he was responsible for- ah, ah... now that would be telling!

Tales Of The Freedom Fighters - The Library

A solo story featuring Amy Rose and Dulcy the Dragon as they uncover a hidden library in the bowels of Mobotropolis.

Featured stories

The Naugus Trilogy: The Fellow Of The Rings... - Part Two

Sonic, Tails, Nate Morgan and Eddy the Yeti are shocked to find Naugus standing before them in Nate's fortress. Naugus claims that Eddy kidnapped him, but Nate calls him out on his lies and explains that he hid himself inside Eddy's flamethrower to pass by the mystic defenses of the fortress unharmed. Sonic, Tails and Eddy rush to attack Naugus, but they begin to choke as Naugus drains the oxygen out of the air around them. Thinking fast, Nate throws a Power Ring out a window. Naugus jumps after it, but finds that it was only a hologram and is unable to return to the fortress.

Nate finally greets Sonic, who introduces himself as the son of Jules Hedgehog. Sonic apologizes for having attacked Eddy and asks Nate how he knew Jules and why Naugus wants to kidnap him. Nate explains that, long ago, he was one of many Overlander geophysicists researching alternate energy sources in Megapolis. Nate's assistant, Julian Kintobor, assured him that the project was ready for testing. Not realizing his friend had sabotaged the project, Nate accidentally caused a massive explosion that shook all of Megapolis. Nate was banished from Overlander society, spared the death penalty as his accident claimed no lives.

Nate had given up on life, wandering the Badlands, until he came across Frederick Acorn. The monarch of the Kingdom of Acorn befriended Nate; with the help of Frederic's Chaos Emerald, Nate finally managed to create his clean power source: the Power Rings. With this invention the kingdom flourished with technology and the city of Mobotropolis was built in honor of this new power. Living among the Mobians, Nate settled down and became a teacher. Nate breaks from his story for a moment to point out to Sonic that Charles Hedgehog and Jules Hedgehog were two of his finest students.

Nate explains to Sonic that, after ascending to the throne, Maximillian Acorn appointed Kodos and Naugus as his advisers. Unable to convince the king to denounce the Overlander, the two decided to set their own scheme into motion. Kodos insisted that his armed forces escort Nate through the Great Forest while he conducted an environmental survey. Meanwhile, Naugus manipulated the emotions of a lost Overlander army platoon. The two groups clashed, leaving Kodos and Nate as the only survivors. Kodos and Naugus implicated Nate for having told the Overlanders where to find the kingdom. Not wanting to cause more unrest and unable to prove himself innocent, Nate exiled himself.

As Nate left the Kingdom, he stumbled through a knothole and found himself in an underground grotto that led to a beautiful stretch of wilderness. He left his Ring Forge, a device that could create Power Rings, at the bottom of a nearby lake and hoped that it would never be found. Nate eventually found himself in the Southern Tundra, where he met Eddy. He explains to Sonic that Overlanders held a tale that Mutates like Eddy were created during the Days of Fury. Seeing that the creature was half buried in an avalanche, Nate took pity on Eddy and rescued him. Together the pair built their fortress and lived in peace.

Sonic asks Nate to explain why Naugus wants to kidnap him. Nate explains that Naugus wished to have Nate banished long ago because he feared his scientific discoveries would make his magic obsolete, but now he has something that Naugus wants dearly. He then leads Sonic and Tails to a room full of Power Rings.

Tales Of The Freedom Fighters: "The Library"

  • Writer, Inks & Colors: Ken Penders
  • Pencils: Art Mawhinney
  • Letters: Jeff Powell
  • Editor: Justin Gabrie

In an abandoned area of Mobotropolis, Amy Rose shows Dulcy the Dragon a book about the life of Kirby the historian. She explains to Dulcy that the book mentions a complete set of Kirby's works that was donated to the local library. The duo heads to the dilapidated library, where they discover one of Kirby's books. Amy is ecstatic, but the creaking noise of a door opening makes them realize that they are not alone in the library. Amy and Dulcy run away, hoping to convince their friends to help them investigate the library some other time, while a shadowy figure in the library cautiously greets the visitors he thought he heard.


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