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Archie Sonic the Hedgehog Issue 62 is the sixty-second issue of the Sonic the Hedgehog comic series published by Archie Comics.

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Sonic and Tails are forced to land in the force-field-covered desert town of Sand Blast City! There they encounter a group of Freedom Fighters that take hero worship of our blue blur to new levels! Also, see the prisoner's of the Devil's Gulag devise a way out, including Snively!

Tales Of The Freedom Fighters - On His Majesty's Secret Service - Part II

Now that Geoffrey's got raw recruits, what are they supposed to do?

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Part One

The story starts with Sonic and Tails flying Sonic's biplane, newly named "Winged Victory" (StH: #57). While flying over a desert, they lose control of the plane and are forced to make a crash landing. Luckily, shortly after landing, they see someone or something approaching on the horizon. They both start to worry when they see that there were tanks and military vehicles approaching, but to their surprise, various animals come out, their rabbit leader claiming that they need to hurry. Sonic is surprised to notice that they already know his name.

The story cuts to the prison on the Devil's Gulag. Here, Snively is making remarks of how he is too intelligent to not break out, while Drago Wolf, imprisoned after the Endgame saga (StH: #51), mocks his self-confidence.

Cutting back to Sonic, he learns that the rabbit's name is Jack Rabbit, and better yet, how they happened to already know his name. They explained that the news of his defeating Dr. Robotnik in the Endgame saga (StH: #50) traveled all through Mobius and inspired them, the self-proclaimed "Sand-Blasters", to take similar actions. Shortly after, the group is attacked by a wave of Robians. While Sonic makes quick work of them, Tails wonders why these Robians don't have their free will after Robotnik's defeat. He notes that these Robians don't seem to be under anyone's control, but still seem pretty mindless.

Sonic finishes off the Robians quickly, but before he enters back into the tank with Tails and Jack Rabbit, he stares with awe into the distance at the Sand-Blasters' home city.

Meanwhile, in orbit above Mobius, a space pod is flying high above. Someone inside says something about finding a target and locking on. The figure inside then presses a button, but the effects are not immediately known.

Part Two

Sonic and Tails are being welcomed to Sand Blast City by Jack Rabbit. Very shortly after entering, a crowd forms around Sonic, shouting praise. Tails wonders why they are being welcomed so greatly, which soon becomes clear as Jack Rabbit takes them to what he calls the most important spot in the city...a giant statue of Sonic. Astonished at how the people idolize Sonic, he and Tails are speechless.

Back at the Devil's Gulag, Snively talks of what he will do after his escape. The other prisoners begin to ridicule him, daring him to try to escape. Snively nervously drops the file he was using on his fingernails, and shortly thereafter, all the prison doors open. Everyone in the prison escapes, including a cast of characters from past issues, including Nack the Weasel (StH: #40), the Fearsome Foursome (SSS: #1), and Sleuth Dawg (StH: #42).

It is the next morning at Sand-Blast city, and Tails wakes up to find that their door is locked from the outside, but he flies up and out through an open ceiling. He comes to find Jack Rabbit and company covering up Sonic's plane, and when Tails questions them about it, they claim that the problem was sand getting in the engine. Sonic trusts their judgement and goes about, despite their plans to leave immediately.

Back at the Devil's Gulag, the escaped prisoners are rioting with Snively astonished.

Tales Of The Freedom Fighters: Geoffrey St. John "On His Majesty's Secret Service - Part Two"

Going about his business in Mobotropolis, Geoffrey St. John begins to suspect there is an intruder. Shortly after entering what appears to be a supply closet, an explosion goes off, but it turns out just to be Heavy and Bomb, whom Geoffrey recruits as the final members of his secret force, comprised of Wombat Stu, Hershey Cat, and Valdez the Chameleon.

The next day, Geoffrey's secret force begins training. He first shows them some sort of high-tech weapon, then begins a survival exercise. Hershey is dropped into a vat of water with a robot shark in it. Valdez then jumps in, with Bomb in hand, and throws him into the shark's mouth. Heavy and Stu help Valdez and Hershey out of the water. Geoffrey then lectures them about honing their skills.


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