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Archie Sonic the Hedgehog Issue 61 is the sixty-first issue of the Sonic the Hedgehog comic series published by Archie Comics.

Official solicitation

Outback Gut Check

Sonic and Tails travel to the island of Downunda and team up with the Downunda Freedom Fighters against... one of their own and his army? This story has so many thrills and chills, dundee-style.

Total Turbulence

What does Ixis Naugus do when Sonic and Tails catch up to him?

Tales Of The Freedom Fighters - On His Majesty's Secret Service - Part I

Geoffrey St. John undertakes new orders from King Acorn.

Featured stories

Outback Gut Check

Sonic and Tails are seen fighting alongside Walt Wallabee and Barby Koala against a duckbill platypus army in order to save fellow Freedom Fighters Wombat Stu and Guru Emu. Tails had met the Downunda Freedom Fighters before but Sonic had not.

A while ago, after their meeting with Bunnie and Antoine, the Downunda Freedom Fighters assumed Crocbot was down for good. They began to clean up the crater and return it to pristine condition. However, Duck "Bill" Platypus left without any warning. He then began to lead a guerilla band of wild duckbills, who attacked the crater night after night, ruining the work done by the Downunda Freedom Fighters. This caused volunteer workers to quit. Soon after, Guru and Stu received a letter from Bill to negotiate peace between the two factions. However, it was a setup and the two of them were kidnapped. Sonic and Tails were asked by the council to investigate the situation at the crater, where they heard what had happened and set out to find the captives.

Altogether, the Freedom Fighters set out to find Bill. They drifted down a river where Sonic and Walt got into a heated argument. This was interrupted by an ambush by an ambush from a duckbill platypus squadron and some crocodiles. Sonic sped up ahead to keep the crocodiles at bay while Tails used his tails to propel the raft forward.

They all arrive at Bill's hideout, where he is seen in a tired and frustrated state. They discover that he was talking to Crocbot, who was revealed to not have been destroyed and he implanted a post-hypnotic mind control diode behind Bill's ear to control Bill's will. Bill was then ordered to connect Crocbot to a power source so that new instructions could be made. Crocbot planned to salvage Combot parts for himself so that he could rise to power and defeat his foes.

Sonic then disconnected and confiscated Crocbot. As Sonic and Tails set off, the Downunda Freedom Fighters discussed whether or not the "Bunyip" was real. Sonic tells Tails that Walt was highly jealous of the way Barby flirted with Tails, ultimately surprising him.

Total Turbulence

Sonic and Tails are searching over the ocean for Ixis Naugus in their biplane, Winged Victory, when they come across a "storm" which is really Ixis Naugus in disguise. Unaware of this, they try to fly out, but Naugus hits them, plummeting them towards the ocean. They skim the water when Sonic pulls up the wheel, sending them both up skyward towards Ixis Naugus. With incredible velocity, they break through Ixis Naugus' storm form. The strip ends with sunny skies and Sonic and Tails heading towards their next destination.

Tales Of The Freedom Fighters: Geoffrey St. John "On His Majesty's Secret Service - Part One"

It starts with Geoffrey St. John and Fleming completing another mission, but nearly escape and while Geoffrey makes it, Fleming is injured and says "I'm gettin' too old for this" and retires from the Royal Secret Service. After that Geoffrey goes to King Acorn who is getting a check up from Dr. Quack and tells the king his needs to get new members for The Secret Service. Geoffrey checks some files and goes off to find them. He first goes to Floating Island to find a member who can blend in with his surroundings and finds his member, a blue chameleon who accepts his offer even though he left the organization. He next goes to Downunda this time for Wombat Stu who the chameleon says is just a baby but Geoffrey tells him it's his skills that matter, but Stu could hear him and Geof tells him if he wants to join her he says "Well it's kind of quiet around her since Crocbot was defeated" and joins. He then goes to Mobotropolis and tells Stu and the chameleon (named Valdez) to rent a hotel for the night while he goes to Hershey the Cat who is working to rebuild the city for Sally but Geoffrey gives her an invitation to the armory that she has been recruited. He then goes to bed, having plans to recruit another member.

Other Features

  • Sonic Fan-Art
  • Sonic-Grams


  • This is Steven Butler's first issue as artist. He would be head artist starting with this issue until Sonic the Hedgehog #75. Since then, he became a recurring artist for the series.


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