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Archie Sonic the Hedgehog Issue 60 is the sixtieth issue of the Sonic the Hedgehog comic series published by Archie Comics.

Official solicitation

Arsenal of the Iron King

Sonic and Tails travel to the Eastern Provinces of Mobius and are asked to save the villagers from the wrath of someone called the Iron King. As they investigate, they come face to face with Monkey Khan. Why is he there? Whose side is he on?

Tales Of The Freedom Fighters - The Ultimatum

Also King Acorn requests something of Princess Sally. The result will be a shocker.

Featured stories

Arsenal of the Iron King

Sonic and Tails, flying in search of Ixis Naugus, discover a blazing mountain with a village nearby. Stopping at the village, they learn that the fire is caused by the Iron Queen's black magic, in an attempt to bind the land to her husband's rule. Sonic and Tails head off towards the fortress of the Iron King in order to find the Fan of Fen Xing, the only thing that can put out the fire. However, using her black magic the Iron Queen is able to tell of their coming, and brings forth Monkey Khan, under mind control, to fight the freedom fighter duo.

Khan launches lightning at the pair, and announces his "alliance" to the Iron King. Things look bad for Sonic, with Monkey Khan about to finish him off; Tails, seeing the Iron Queen watching (and offering commentary on) the conflict, destroys her staff. Khan is instantly freed from the Iron Queen's control, and joins Sonic and Tails in their quest to raid the Iron Fortress; the staff is revealed to have utilized power rings. Entering the open door of the fortress, the trio heads for the weapon room, where the Iron King attacks. Sonic and Monkey Khan battle the warlord, while Tails searches for the Fan.

Finding it, he brings it to Sonic, who uses it to blow away the Iron King in a burst of wind. Khan flies Sonic to the mountain on his nimbus cloud, with the Iron Queen in pursuit. Sonic uses the fan to blow out the flaming mountain, and the Iron Queen leaves, defeated. It is revealed that there is a prophecy about a great monkey king, with Monkey Khan being thought of as the obvious choice for the role.

Tales Of The Freedom Fighters - "The Ultimatum"

Sally is brought before her father, Maximillian Acorn, so that they could discuss the Robians. King Acorn did not like the fact that Sally was against the dismantling of the Robians and decided to bring Sally to a secret passageway. He showed her the link to the Source of All and explained that everyone who is in line for the crown would bind with the source, usually at their tenth commemoration. Sally would be the first female to bind with the source but Maximilian told her that she had to have a king suitable to sit at her side. Sally did not feel ready to marry and knew Sonic would be against it.

The king sternly let her know that the source is the thing that chooses a person's suitor, not herself. The king even set his eyes on a marriage between Sally and Antoine D'Coolette, which angered the young princess. The king made sure that Sally understood that if she did not follow orders, she would be stripped of her title and duties. Maximillian left Sally with a lot to sleep on.


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