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Archie Sonic the Hedgehog Issue 6 is the sixth issue of the Sonic the Hedgehog comic series published by the Archie Comics.

Official solicitation

The Spin Doctor

The adaption of the Sega Genesis Game Sonic Spinball! When the freedom fighters attack Robotnik's factory, they find that Robotnik has relocated to deep within Mount Mobius, an active volcano! And it is there where Sonic enters the Veg-O-Matic Fortress where he is attacked by Rexxon and Scorpius! After defeating them, he runs into two allies in the Lava Powerhouse, Hip and Hop, who warn him about the Ferrons. But after Sonic trashes the Ferrons, he comes across a more dire situation - a cell full of animals awaiting roboticization!

Sonic's Christmas Carol

The timeless tale is transported to Mobius, complete with curmudgeonly Robotnik as Scrooge!

Featured stories

Cover Corner Box

Sonic, dressed as a Christmas present with a Santa hat on, tells the readers to have a "Super Sonic" holiday season.

The Spin Doctor!

Sonic the Hedgehog and the Knothole Freedom Fighters charge after Dr. Robotnik's lab to try and eliminate him. They discover his lab to be abandoned, with a sign on the door saying the lab has shut down. Sonic picks up a note by Robotnik: he has moved his operations to a huge active volcano, known as the Veg-O-Fortress. Before the other Freedom Fighters can warn Sonic it's a trap, hes gone on his way.

Rexxon and Scorpius

Rexxon taking Sonic to Scorpius.

Sonic arrives at the mountain and wonders what the metal rails going into the mountain are for. Robotnik "shows" Sonic by activating a flapper that launches the hedgehog onto the rails. Sonic plays along and acts as a pinball, going into the volcano. He is ambushed by two monstrous robots named Rexxon and Scorpius. Sonic quickly destroys them, and moves on to the next level.

The second level is a big room with a minecart, where Sonic meets Hip and Hop. The two kangaroos warn Sonic of the dangerous Ferrons up ahead. Sonic is surrounded by Ferrons, but easily defeats them. Sonic hears animals in distress and is catapulted into the third level while he is distracted. The third level has animals traped in a holding cell, surrounded by big mouthed, munching plants. Sonic avoids them, but walks into one of Robotnik's traps on accident. Sonic spots Robotnik on a screen, where he says he almost got through his fortress, but tells him "Better luck next time!" as Sonic is launched out of the Veg-O-Fortress.

Fortunately, Sonic is rescued by Tails before he falls in the lava, who was on sky patrol in case trouble should arise. They leave the volcano, but Sonic thinks he will return there someday.

Here Comes the Bribe!

Sonic is reading some fan-mail from the Sonic-Grams mailbox. The first letter he opens up has a reader, Brandon, asking for Antoine to appear more often. Sonic reacts in shock and anger as he keeps reading, with the writer stating that Antoine is the noblest Freedom Fighter, is brave, loyal, and has helped saved Sonic before. The writer goes so far to saying that the comic should be called 'Antoine'. Sonic marches off in anger to Antoine's room, finding Antoine writing a letter to Brandon thanking him for writing the letter he so asked and is enclosing a check.

Sonic's Christmas Carol!

Part One

The story begins with Sonic presenting his version of Charles Dickens' book, A Christmas Carol.

Robotnik Scrooge is arguing with Rotor Cratchit about fixing the roof, as there is a thick layer of snow in their office. Cratchit asks about a day off for Christmas, but Scrooge refuses. After Cratchit says he will work harder, Scrooge allows him to have the day off, but his lunch break will be reduced to one minute for 10 years. He tells him to leave and goes off with a "Bah, Humbot!"

That night, as Scrooge is watching TV in his mansion, a TV ghost of his old partner Jacob Snarly (Snively), appears. He tells Robotnik he spends his days going from channel to channel for eternity and he will meet the same fate if he doesn't change his ways. Robotnik refuses to change, to which Snarly tells him three spirits will visit him tonight. Robotnik kicks the TV with a "Bah, Humbot!"

Scrooge thinks hes invincible and goes to sleep under his bed sheets, but is soon awakened by the Ghost of Christmas Past (played by Sonic with a backwards ballcap and skateboard). He takes Robotnik out of his manor and shows him when he was little, and lived with Uncle Chuck and Sonic. Robotnik is reminded of how much of a tyrant he was, and how he tried to destroy the Christmas tree with a tractor.

Part Two

Sonic protects the tree in the memory, to which the older Robotnik Scrooge tries to get his revenge. Instead, he falls in a boll of Christmas mush, discovering he is in the house of Rotor Cratchit. Scrooge is confronted by the Ghost of Christmas Present (Sonic dressed as a wrapped present). One of the family members (Tails), fetches a present, which is actually a bomb sent by Robotnik. The family realizes that only Robotnik has enough money to buy presents. One of the family (Sonic), tells them they can't risk opening it and marks the present 'return to sender'. Robotnik tries to grab Sonic, but the Ghost of Christmas Present reminds him they can't hear him.

Finally, Robotnik enters the future and laughs at an old coot. The Ghost of Christmas Future (Sonic in a robe), tells him that's future Scrooge. He explains his ways have destroyed the planet, leaving nothing to rule, and he will become a senile old fool if he doesn't change his ways. As Robotnik begins to change his mind, he notices a giant robot grab Rotor Cratchit's family (who are now old and tired). An old Sonic tries to stop Robotnik, but falls over when attempting a Sonic Spin. Suddenly, a mailman gives the old Robotnik a package, which says "return to sender". The current Robotnik realizes its the bomb and tries to stop the old Robotnik from opening it, but it's too late and they are blown to bits.

At that point, Rotor wakes Sonic up from a dream, saying he nearly slept through Christmas. Sonic realizes its the last page of the story and quickly wishes everyone a Merry Christmas.


  • The main story, "The Spin Doctor", is a tie-in to the video game Sonic the Hedgehog Spinball which came out about one month prior to release of this issue. All areas of the game, and some of the Badniks in it, are referenced.
  • The backup story, "Sonic's Christmas Carol", adapts A Christmas Carol, by Charles Dickens but using Sonic characters in place of Dickens' originals.
  • Snively appears for the first time in Sonic's Christmas Carol, but does not appear in a normal story until Issue #8.
  • This is the first issue where Rotor's name is corrected from being "Boomer".
  • The story Here Comes the Bribe is a pun on the wedding song Here Comes the Bride.
  • Sonic references the Casino Night Zone in The Spin Doctor.


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