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Archie Sonic the Hedgehog Issue 59 is the fifty-ninth issue of the Sonic the Hedgehog comic series published by Archie Comics.

Official solicitation

Opposites Detract

The return of the strangest characters to ever grace the pages of Sonic: Horizontal and Vertical! Not seen since Sonic #4, Al and Cal are even more insane than they ever here. How do Sonic and Tails fit in this story? Let's just say they have no choice in this matter but to be involved.

Tales Of The Freedom Fighters - The People's Princess

Sally and her friends decide to take a little time off sky diving and after dinner, they return home happily. But King Acorn tells Geoffrey to escort Sally to him because he has something planned for her... the question is- "what?"

Featured stories

Sonic & Tails in "Opposites Detract"

Sonic and Tails come across a dome-like breach to an unknown zone. They are sucked inside to find Verti-Cal and Horizont-Al's zone, which Sonic had visited in the past. The duo dodge a blast sent from a large and robotic Horizont-Al. Verti-Cal is seen alongside him, also large and robotic. They plan to force Sonic and Tails fight each other for their amusement and to decide who was superior.

According to the mechanized duo, the Ultimate Annihilator decimated their zone to a sub-atomic level. The zone eventually regained its form but Verti-Cal and Horizont-Al's bodies were altered into large, mechanical machines of destruction that forced them to enact a war between themselves, as they no longer trusted each another.

Sonic and Tails are exposed to the zone's substances and atmosphere, turning them into armored warriors. Tails fought for Horizont-Al while Sonic fought for Verti-Cal. Sonic and Tails proceed to fight. Sonic almost defeats Tails with one last spin-dash but as Tails gradually began to remember who he was, he reminds Sonic as well. The friends reconcile much to the shock of both Verti-Cal and Horizont-Al.

Sonic and Tails attempt to get Verti-Cal and Horizont-Al acting as friends once again but to no avail, forcing the furry duo to run away from the ensuing destruction. They manage to return back to Mobius, with the entrance to the zone deteriorating. Tails expresses his wonder about how Verti-Cal and Horizont-Al will keep fighting forever but Sonic becomes more concerned about finding a chili dog.

Tales of the Freedom Fighters: Princess Sally "The People's Princess"

  • Written & Colored by: Ken Penders
  • Illustrated by: Manny Galan & Jim Amash
  • Lettered by: Jeff Powell
  • Edited by: J. Freddy Gabrie

Sally, Rotor, Hamlin, Hershey, Erik and Lupe are seen skydiving to the ground. Erik gets caught in a tree, leaving Sally to cut him down from it. The whole team regroups and they are invited by a small family in a cottage to come and dine with them. Afterwards, the team return to Mobotropolis where Rosie offers Sally some hot cocoa before bed. Geoffrey St. John and Maximillian Acorn are seen overlooking this conversation and the king asks for Geoffrey to send a royal escort to bring Sally to him, as she had been avoiding him.


Other features


  • This issue's cover art shows Al and Cal fighting over a Sega Saturn. A Sonic Jam disc can be seen popping out of the top, and a Sonic R case is floating in the right hand corner.


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