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Archie Sonic the Hedgehog Issue 58 is the fifty-eighth issue of the Sonic the Hedgehog comic series published by Archie Comics.

Official solicitation

Friendly Rogues And Foul Villains

Sonic and Tails Locked In Chains?!? No, you didn't miss an issue or a story, that's how this issue starts off! But, of course, that's not the only question to be asked. Here are some more: A mysterious figure who roams the forest? An evil villain with a tragic secret? What could we possibly be talking about? The answer is in the saga "Friendly Rogues and Foul Villains!" This story also features everybody's favorite echidna, Knuckles, in a storyline that picks up from Knuckles the Echidna #11 and concludes in Knuckles the Echidna #12.

Tales Of The Freedom Fighters - The Living Crown

How did the Sword of Acorns come to be? Where'd the Crown of Acorns come from? What's "The Source of All"? King Acorn explains all of this in this tale of how all these things came to be...

Featured stories

Friendly Rogues And Foul Villains


Sonic and Tails find themselves chained up in jail along with an unfamiliar echidna. Two Robians appear before the echidna had a chance to introduce himself and took Tails away. Elsewhere, Knuckles gets a visit from Rob O' the Hedge who asks Knuckles to join his crusade.

Sonic recounts how got himself into his situation to the imprisoned echidna; he and Tails were flying in the air with their plane and they were hit by a storm. They were later captured by a Robian who confused Sonic for a person called Rob O' the Hedge. The echidna explains that his tribe were looking for a homeland when they ran into robots and forced them to work. Only the echidna was locked up for unknown reasons.

The Robians return to take Sonic away but the echidna tackles them and convinces them that he's more dangerous and take him to the High Sheriff instead. Unknown to the Robians, Sonic managed to snag their keys when they were tackled and secretly starts to unlock his shackles.

Meanwhile, Rob O' explains that his band was captured and roboticized by the High Sheriff, Robotnik's Mercia Sub-Boss. He and Knuckles spy on the tribe being forced to chop down trees. The Robians return for Sonic but they get hit hard by him, allowing the hedgehog to escape. Sonic finds the High Sheriff "torturing" Tails to reveal information. Sonic identifies the High Sheriff as General D'Coolette, Antoine's father.

Sonic frees Tails regardless and quickly defeat the High Sheriff before taking off. Meanwhile, Rob O' and Knuckles meet up with Mari-An who hits Rob O' and attempts to have a romantic moment with him. Knuckles interrupts and spots the plane belonging to Sonic and Tails. They see that their trail lead to the High Sheriff's castle. In that castle, Sonic and Tails have a very hard time escaping as the structure was maze-like.

Rob O' leads Knuckles and Mari-An through a secret passage leading to the castle, where they luckily find Sonic and Tails. Sonic realizes that he was being mistaken for Rob O' as they looked alike and Rob O' had sent his cousin Amy to Knothole for safety. They arrive at a balcony where they see Yanar, the imprisoned echidna, about to be executed by the High Sheriff's order.

Tales Of The Freedom Fighters - "The Living Crown"


Doctor Quack is seen examining King Acorn again to understand the process he went through and be able to treat any residual effects, much to the latter's irritation. The topic of Quack's father is accidentally brought up but Acorn quickly changes the subject. He recounts the time that his father, King Frederick Acorn, had led him to a pool of gold and silver. The young prince was asked to immerse in it and afterward, let the liquid drain off into a basin.

Molds of the residue liquid was used to make King Acorn's crown and the Sword of Acorns. The crown and the sword apparently linked King Acorn to the Source of All. It helped make King Acorn make wise choices. When Robotnik took over, Acorn commanded Rosie and Julayla to take the Sword of Acorns and hide it. Without the sword, King Acorn was more exposed, especially to crystallization and now that the sword had returned to his possession, he could properly rule again.

Other features

  • Sonic Fan Art
  • Sonic-Grams


Rob: I, King of Deerwood Forest ask the questions! And the name is Rob! Rob O' the Hedge! Not Bub!
Knuckles: Hedgehogs! All 'tude and no talent!


  • This issue features the first appearance of the Source of All.
  • This issue's first page has separate credits from that of the rest of "Friendly Rogues & Foul Villains".
  • Although it first appears here, Snottingham Castle would not be named until Sonic Universe #37.
  • While stunned after attempting to escape chains, Sonic remarks that he sees birds and stars "in marshmallow greens and marmalade skies", a reference to the Beatles song "Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds".
  • This issue's second story, "Tales of the Freedom Fighters - "The Living Crown" is one of the only stories in the history of the Archie Comics' Sonic publications to never credit any of its creators in any form or later publication.


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