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Archie Sonic the Hedgehog Issue 56 is the fifty-sixth issue of the main Sonic the Hedgehog comic series published by Archie Comics.

Official solicitation

Immortality Is Forever - Life Is Finite

THE RETURN OF SUPER SONIC AND HYPER KNUCKLES! The conclusion to “Dark Vegeance”‘s exciting cliffhanger. Mammoth Mogul is now Mobius’ most powerful creature with the knowledge and ambition to use these powers to the extreme! What will the inhabitants of Mobius do if the Freedom Fighters and the Chaotix (as well an everyone fighting off the invasion of the Dark Legion) can’t stop him? Will the return of Super Sonic and Hyper Knuckles be enough? This is one story you should not miss!

Featured stories

Immortality Is Forever - Life Is Finite


Sonic, Tails and Knuckles are seen lying down on top of each other on a large rock in an unknown zone. Knuckles states that it was Mammoth Mogul that sent them to the zone, shortly after his battle with Enerjak. The rock starts the shake, throwing the heroes every which way. Sonic spins the rock away but it leaves them stranded in the air. Athair appears, wanting the trio to jump to him. They do so with the aid of the zone's weird sense of gravity.

Mammoth Mogul is seen in control of the Freedom Fighters and the Chaotix, relieved that he banished the three people that could have stopped him have been banished. He uses energy from Enerjak to transform into Master Mogul and plots his regime.

The back-up Freedom Fighters, Dingo Regime and Deo Volente try to form a plan but Mogul arrives, prepared to kill them. Sonic and Knuckles intercept and start their strike against Mogul. Mogul hits them with a powerful Chaos blast but Sonic and Knuckles use the rings they wore on their arms to transform into Super Sonic and Hyper Knuckles.

Mogul blames Athair for the apparent turn of events and tries to kill him but Athair was revealed to be using an illusion. Super Sonic and Hyper Knuckles hit Master Mogul hard enough to reveal a Chaos Emerald in his chest, the actual source of his power. Mogul also revealed his plan was to move Floating Island anyway.

Sally asks where Tails was, receiving assumptions that he got lost on the way back. Suddenly, Mogul is hit by a cloaked fighter. He receives a Chaos Blast full on from Mogul and he reveals to be Tails as he transformed into Turbo Tails. Master Mogul tells everyone that the Ancient Walkers told of the coming of the chosen one and this is the sole reason he banished Tails to the zone as well. Turbo Tails uses the Chaos Syphon to remove Mogul's powers.

Sabre and Locke are overseeing the battle, realizing that only Ancient Walkers can truly master the power of Chaos energy. They use this information to engulf the island in a blinding light of Chaos energy, preventing Mogul from succeeding in his plans.

The next day in Echidnaopolis, Sonic and Remington discuss the previous fight. Knuckles suggests that they had external help when the chaotic explosion occurred. He then gets the real Sword of Acorns from the mailman and presents it to Sally, with everyone else cheering. Later on when the Freedom Fighters are boarding their plane to leave, Sonic thanks Knuckles for his hospitality and notes that they should work together more often. Knuckles agrees but does not go with Sonic to find the rest of Robotnik's Sub-Bosses as he has a duty to protect the people on the island. Sonic is slightly upset over Knuckles' decision but asks Tails to come with him instead.







  • Most characters in this issue are erroneously depicted with four fingers on each hand instead of their usual five.

Other Features

  • Sonic Fan Art
  • Sonic-Grams


Master Mogul: Unlike Dimitri, I have mastered my chaotic strengths and intend to...
Turbo Tails: Y'know, kinda funny how you should mention the "black sheep" of Knuckles' family!
Master Mogul:! THE CHAOS SYPHON!
Locke: Whether it's the plan of Athair or the Ancient Walkers', I applaud its logic...
Sabre: ...but you're the one used to working covertly, leaving your intervention a mystery! Sort of unsettling when someone else does it to you, eh?


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