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Archie Sonic the Hedgehog Issue 55 is the fifty-fifth issue of the Sonic the Hedgehog comic series published by Archie Comics.

Official solicitation

"Monkey Madness": Who says things are quiet now that there is peace on Mobius? The Freedom Fighters are at it again. This time against a new threat in the form of Eggbots. Controlling them from behind bars is none other than Snively. He is on the attack as he makes his first move toward seeking power. And that power shows up in the form of Monkey Khan, a cyborg monkey created by Robotnik years ago. Is he friend or foe? Only this story knows for sure.

Featured stories

Monkey Madness


Chapter 1

Sonic, Sally, and Antoine investigate the Eggbots that flew into the forest earlier. Sonic runs up ahead carrying Sally and discover the Eggbots digging up an undisclosed object. Antoine finally catches up and almost blows their cover but is quiet enough to see the Eggbots continue their work. Using Nicole, Sally finds a large and odd-looking container.

Sally disables the sensor-lock and opens the door to find Monkey Khan, a powerful cyborg made by Dr. Robotnik long ago but was locked away by the latter when he realized the cyborg was too strong.

Chapter 2

Snively demands a status report from his Eggbots and they reveal that they were able to penetrate the crust of the earth used while finding a power ring. Snively stresses that he wanted them to find Ixis Naugus' energy signature. Nonetheless, the power ring levitates and flies off to Monkey Khan, who wears the ring and transforms it into a crown.

Monkey Khan then goes off to wreak havoc, easily defeating the Eggbots in the process. Sonic fights against him to prevent further harm. Sally tries to prevent Sonic from fighting as Khan is rebelling against Robotnik as well and Khan becomes infatuated with her in the process. He kidnaps Sally, leaving Sonic and Antoine to fend for themselves against the Eggbots.

Chapter 3

While fighting against the Eggbots, Antoine criticizes Sonic's brashness and violent ways. Sonic nonetheless defeats some of the Eggbots by piercing the earth where they stood with Antoine's sword so that they fell through.

Elsewhere, Sally criticizes Monkey Khan for his overbearing ego and hot-headedness. Khan then returns and aids Sonic and Antoine in destroying all of the Eggbots as an apology to the three, much to the dismay of Snively. Khan then flies away to have his long-awaited freedom.






  • Atom Drill


Rise Of The Robians

  • Writer & Colors: Karl Bollers
  • Pencils: Andy Underwood and Edwards Artistic Studios
  • Inks: Pam Eklund
  • Letters: Jeff Powell
  • Editor: J. Freddy Gabrie


Several Mobians start a mob against a roboticized peacock named Fanny Dupin after catching her lurking around the lab of Dr. Robotnik. Sir Charles the Hedgehog prevents the mob from inflicting any more harm to the woman and defended her statement of only being near the lab as a dare against the mob's leader, Tusk Luza. The two decided to have Sally Acorn to address the issue and resolve the matter. They instead explain their issue to Geoffrey St. John as Sally was on a mission.

Geoffrey wanted to postpone the argument until Sally returned by King Acorn decided to take matters into his own hands and have all of the Robians be dismantled for treason. Charles and Geoffrey did not like the idea of this act and it leads to Geoffrey getting hit by the king. Sonic, Sally and Antoine return from their mission to find King Acorn acting out. He is taken away and Doctor Quack is called for. Sonic and Antoine then receive a call from message from Knuckles who requests for the Freedom Fighters aid as he was having trouble on the Floating Island.





Other features

  • Fan Art
  • Sonic-Grams


Monkey Khan: You're poking fun at me, aren't you?
Sally: And why shouldn't I?



Cover artwork


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