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Archie Sonic the Hedgehog Issue 54 is the fifty-fourth issue of the Sonic the Hedgehog comic series published by Archie Comics.

Official solicitation

Running to Stand Still

In the aftermath of the "Endgame" saga and subsequent "Brave New World" special, The Freedom Fighters try to resolve and understand their place and their new life in the new Mobotropolis, especially Sonic! Leading the charge is Princess Sally who is in full effect as she spearheads the reconstruction, but what price will she pay to make sure it gets done, valiantly attempting to restructure the kingdom? And what about Snively? You don't think he's going to take any of this lying down, do you? Snively, lurking in the shadows of the Devil's Gulag, plans his first move against our heroes. Just what does he do? Check it out!

Featured stories

Running to Stand Still


Tails and Uncle Chuck try to determine Sonic's top speed but it proves to be immeasurable as his speed breaks the machine used. Sonic shows no care for this and simply walks away. Uncle Chuck stresses how the trip away from the city should have allowed him to relax a little.

Earlier, a meeting was held for all of the citizens of Mobotropolis. Sally praised everyone for their bravery and presented Doctor Quack, Rotor, Geoffrey St. John and Sonic as the people who would maintain order in the city. However, Sonic was evidently bored by this entire event. Meanwhile, Kodos is transported to a prison named the Devil's Gulag.

Sonic is abruptly woken up by Tails and is asked to test his top speed. As he is running, he remembers Uncle Chuck's request to Sally for all the roboticized citizens to move to Knothole as Mobotropolis is too crowded. Sonic later finds out that Uncle Chuck and Sally went to petition King Acorn for the move without him. When he arrives, he meets an upset Sally and Uncle Chuck, realizing that King Acorn had declined the move.

At the Gulag, Snively overhears of Naugus and Kodos' return and wishes to know more. Meanwhile, Uncle Chuck and Tails are still trying to measure Sonic's top speed through the use of water resistance. Still not concentrating on the test, Sonic thinks back to an earlier time when Rotor was denied permission to look for the missing citizens after the endgame incident by Sally. Sonic tried to convince Sally to change her mind but she did not, saying that Rotor's technological skills were needed now more than ever.

Back at the Gulag, Snively plots to exploit the power that Ixis Naugus was rumored to have and presses an undisclosed object implanted in his thumbnail. After tests of land, water and air, Uncle Chuck decides to test Sonic's speed in an artificial environment. Sonic then compares this situation to his current situation of how he was lied to of his presumably deceased parents. Sonic starts the test without expecting an answer and thinks to a few hours ago of when he was greeted by Rosie. Sonic had explained how dull things had become without Robotnik around and that he felt like he was making a change when he fought him. Rosie then told him that the only difference is the one you make and Sonic thanked her for sharing this.

Elsewhere, Eggbots are commanded by Snively through the click of a button to find Ixis Naugus. Meanwhile, Uncle Chuck has a heart-to-heart talk with Sonic, telling him that he was not told about his parents so that he could think clearly when fighting in the war against Robotnik. Sonic believes him and the two reconcile. They then witness the Eggbots flying overhead and Sonic calls for back-up.





  • Communicator (only appearance)
  • Influx Hydropropellerator (portrait) (only appearance)
  • Sonic's sneakers




Tails: Uncle Chuck?
Uncle Chuck: Yes, Tails--
Tails: What does 'sar-kas-tic' mean?
Uncle Chuck: It means my nephew has a lot on his mind. That's what it means...
Uncle Chuck: What in tarnation?!
Sonic: Holy Hannah!


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