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Archie Sonic the Hedgehog Issue 49 is the forty-ninth issue of the Sonic the Hedgehog comic series published by Archie Comics.

Official solicitation

Sonic's on the run from the law, so where better to hide than Angel Island? But Geoffrey St. John is in hot pursuit, and a timely rescue by Dulcy the Dragon might not be enough to save Sonic! When the battle lines are drawn, who will the island's Guardian -- Knuckles -- side with? Meanwhile, in Knothole, King Acorn makes a startling reveal while Dr. Robotnik makes his next devious move!

Featured stories

Escape From the Floating Island

Issue 49-1

Sonic running across sand in midair.

The story begins at Angorn Falls with Sonic jumping of a cliff into the falls. Fearing of falling to the water, he grabs some sand out of his shoe, throws it across the water, and then runs on it at super speed. He almost gets across, but falls short and lands on the shoreline. Geoffrey St. John sees him and orders his men to run through the catacombs to capture "That mutinous swine" Sonic. Although tired, Sonic gets up to continues his escape.

Meanwhile in Knothole, Robotnik reveals to the people of knothole the king was a fake robot built by him; he then proceeds to self-destruct it. He then tells them they will all parish with his greatest weapon yet, but will allow them to live for a short while. Meanwhile, Doctor Quack talks to Snively about meeting to his demands. He hands over Sally Acorn's death certificate and demands he get's his end of "end of the deal". Snively then reveals his wife Elizabeth and kids are captured. He charges at Snively only to be shot by his robot guards. Snively reminds the doctor his family will be released once he has done what they asked. Doctor Quack agrees to comply.

Back to Sonic, Sonic drags on towards Knothole when he gets the idea to whistle for Dulcy. Dulcy arrives and agrees Sonic did not harm Sally, as dragons can scene the purity of truth. Sonic tells her to go to a disclosed location and they head off with St. John right on their tail.

Back at Knothole, Drago reveals to Hershey she killed Sally. Hersey says she cut the rope because Snively was on it. He then tells her the eyepieces in her suit were designed by Robotnik to make her see everyone as Snively. She cries as Drago rambles on about ruling Mobius.

Issue 49-5

Ducly being punched by Knuckles.

Meanwhile, Dulcy wakes up Sonic as they approach Angel Island. Just before they land, Knuckles knocks out Dulcy. Sonic and Knuckles begin to brawl, but is interrupted with Geoffrey coming in to take out Sonic.


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