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Archie Sonic the Hedgehog Issue 46 is the forty-sixth issue of the Sonic the Hedgehog comic series published by Archie Comics.

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Countdown To Armageddon

Princess Sally takes The Freedom Fighter team out camping to reflect on recent events. What was to be some time for rest and relaxation quickly turns into heated confrontations concerning each other's loyalty! Geoffrey St. John along with the Lupe and The Wolfpack (from the animated series) make a special appearance. Don't miss this one as it sets us up for the awesome roller-coaster ride of "END GAME!" the four-part story that will lead us into Sonic's 50th anniversary issue!

Knuckles' Quest - Part Four: A Goat, a Raven, and a Swan Song

In the conclusion to Knuckles' Quest, Knuckles journey's into the depths of the caves of The Floating Island wher he confronts Mathias Poe and Damocles the Elder! All is not what it looks to be with duo and things get worse when Knux is attacked by a giant Golem! Could this be the End Of The Sword Of Acorns saga? It's only just beginning...

Featured stories

Countdown To Armageddon

Using video technology installed in his Robian systems, Uncle Chuck shows the Freedom Fighters the first use of the Roboticizer on his brother. He explains to the group that he can display videos of any event he records, but the video they just watched (which also reveals that Dr. Robotnik sabotaged the Roboticizer to use as a tool for war) was retrieved by the Robotropolis Spy Network. Chuck laments that his creation, meant to heal ailing Mobians, was turned against society. Sally interjects, suggesting that they leave Rotor to care for King Acorn while the rest of the group goes on a military retreat.

That night, the group gathers around a campfire in the Great Forest while Sally tries to encourage Uncle Chuck to use his recording software to spy on Dr. Robotnik. Chuck is wary, reflecting on how Robotnik pressured him into resigning from his role as the Kingdom of Acorn's Science Adviser and blaming himself for Sleuth "Doggy" Dawg betraying the group. Sally tries encourage him when the Freedom Fighters sense others watching nearby.

Dulcy prepares to attack, but Sonic recognizes their stalkers as Lupe and her Wolf Pack. The Wolf Pack joins the group by the fire, but Drago Wolf is concerned that Uncle Chuck may be a spy for Robotnik. Sonic tries to defend his uncle when Geoffrey St. John arrives, implicating Uncle Chuck as a spy. Geoffrey tells the group that the video Chuck received was delivered to Chuck by Sleuth Dawg. The group questions the reliability of the footage and Geoffrey accuses Uncle Chuck's spy network of being a cover for his real purpose: working as a double-agent for Robotnik. Sonic loses his cool and punches Geoffrey. Geoffrey retaliates by firing a crossbow bolt with a cord attached that binds Sonic to a nearby tree. Geoffrey takes aim with another bolt, intending to kill Sonic.

Before Geoffrey can finish Sonic off, Antoine attacks, knocking him to the ground. As Geoffrey tries to regain his composure, he accuses Geoffrey of being a spy, revealing that one of King Acorn's top generals proposed the Rebel Underground long ago. The organization was never formed and the general, Antoine's father, was lost at the start of the war with Robotnik. Geoffrey denies having known him and Antoine accuses him of being an impostor. Sally breaks up the scuffle while Sonic and Bunnie explain to Tails that Antoine wasn't a soldier in the Royal Army before the war. Bunnie approaches Antoine and rewards his bravery with a kiss.

Meanwhile, Lupe chastises Drago as he returns to campfire, having left with no explanation. Lupe promises to keep an eye on him, while Geoffrey tells her that he plans to do the same with Uncle Chuck and Antoine interjects, once again calling Geoffrey a traitor. Sally demands that the group stop arguing, reminding them that they've all proven their loyalty. She asks that they put their differences aside and hope that Knuckles finds the Sword of Acorns.

Knuckles Quest 4: A Goat, a Raven, and a Swan Song!

  • Writer: Ken Penders and Kent Taylor
  • Pencils: Manny Galan
  • Inks: Brian Thomas
  • Letters: Mindy Eisman
  • Colors: Barry Grossman

Heeding the advice of Sir Connery, Knuckles searches the caves of the Floating Island. As he explores, he trips over a skeleton and into a large shaft. Gliding to safety, he continues his search, discovering strange runes before coming upon a terrible smell that leads him to his destination. Mathias Poe stands before a bubbling cauldron and Damocles the Elder is seated at a table nearby. Before Knuckles can launch a sneak attack, the section of wall he is hanging from gives way, dropping him to the floor.

Furious, Poe conjures magical power from his cauldron which is willed around Damocles and on to a nearby robot, which attacks Knuckles at Poe's direction. Knuckles engages the creature but finds that it is immune to his attacks. Archimedes appears, telling Knuckles that they need to stop the flow of magic to the golem, and breathes fire at Poe. Poe reels back and knocks himself out by banging his head on the table, his spell is interrupted, causing the golem to stop. Knuckles shatters it with a single punch before turning his attention to Archimedes, who reveals that he hid himself in Knuckles' backpack to provide assistance on Knuckles' quest. Archimedes explains that "Damocles" is actually a dummy that Poe was using as a magic channeling rod. While Knuckles ties up Poe, potions spilled by Poe's tumble spill on the Damocles duplicate, changing it back into its true form: the Sword of Acorns. His quest complete, Knuckles attempts to use it to travel to the Hall of Limbo and find the Crown of Acorns as well, but is unable to do so. He decides to simply return it to Sally.

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  • Jules Hedgehog is briefly shown but is not introduced nor was he mentioned by name in this issue.


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