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Archie Sonic the Hedgehog Issue 45 is the forty-fifth issue of the Sonic the Hedgehog comic series published by Archie Comics.

Official solicitation

Guerilla Thriller

When Uncle Chuck learns of Snively Robotnik's insidious plot to conquer the Mobian Jungle, the Freedom Fighters must spring into action before it's too late! But will the stubborn Guerilla warriors take Snively, threat seriously? And will the help of MOBIE the prehistoric Mobian be enough to put a stop to the dreaded ECO-DESTROYER?! Only one way to find out!

Knuckles' Quest - Part Three: A Land of Dark, a Knight Of Virtue

Knuckles Quest continues...

Featured stories

Guerilla Thriller

Learning of Snively's plan to destroy the Mobian Jungle with his Eco-Destroyer and Dr. Robotnik's fear of jungles, Uncle Chuck contacts Sonic and the other Knothole Freedom Fighters. Determined to save the jungle and its inhabitants, the Freedom Fighters split up, with Sonic and Rotor forming one team. After a brief foray into the jungle, Sonic eats a bunch of Narcolyptus Berries and falls asleep while he and Rotor are taken captive by a band of Gorillas. Dismissing the warnings Sonic and Rotor give them about Dr. Robotnik and Snively, the Gorillas put Rotor to work making Mobian stew.

Sonic bargains to find weapons in the area for them in exchange for his freedom. With the gorillas unaware of Sonic's super speed, the hedgehog trots out of sight before quickly robbing the gorillas of their own weapons. Unfortunately, Sonic accidentally grabs their supply officer in the process. He and Rotor are then chained to prevent their escape, only for the Eco-Destroyer to arrive and begin devastating the surrounding area.

Snively is quick to gloat over "his" capture of Sonic, but his forces are disrupted by the arrival of the other Freedom Fighters and Mobie, who handily defeat Snively's SWATbots. After a brief reunion, Rotor suggests they get the gorrilas' help to destroy the Eco-Destroyer. However, the Gorillas fell asleep after eating Rotor's Narcolyptus Berry filled stew. Tails distracts Snively long enough for Sonic to disassemble the machine, which falls apart just after Robotnik arrives to oversee the destruction of the jungle. The Gorillas thank the Freedom Fighters for their help. Sonic asks them to tell Mobie "goodbye" for him, revealing that Mobie fell asleep as well after eating Narcolyptus Berry stew.

Knuckles Quest 3: A Land of Dark, a Knight Of Virtue!

While waiting upon the Enchantress, Knuckles struggles to recall how he ended up in his current predicament. Eventually he determines that while searching for the Sword of Acorns, his quest for the Land of the Dark led him to the Floating Island's Forbidden Zone, where he was attacked by the Enchantress' partner Black Death. With the Sorceror's attack successful, the Enchantress surprised Knuckles, putting him under a spell and forcing him to serve them.

Knowing that his captors planned the same for Mobius' other heroes, Knuckles decided to wait patiently until some solution presented itself, trusting in the Ancient Walkers as he attempted to mentally decode their cryptic advice. After days of servitude, his escape arrived in the form of Sir Connery, whom the Walkers had called upon to rid Mobius of dark magic. With Connery's initial strike freeing Knuckles from the spell, the two worked together to defeat their shared foes. Connery departed with the defeated villains in tow, advising Knuckles to seek Mathias Poe and Damocles the Elder if he wished to complete his quest.

Other features

  • Sonic-Grams


Rotor: What's going on?! Why is everyone running?
Sonic: Maybe the local market has a half-price sale on bananas!
Snively: D-D-Doctor Robotnik! The Eco-Destroyer collapsed!
Robotnik: What a lovely surprise, Snively! My next invention is going to be an Idiot-Destroyer!

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