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Archie Sonic the Hedgehog Issue 41 is the forty-first issue of the main Sonic the Hedgehog comic series published by Archie Comics.

Official solicitation

...and one shall save him!

With Robotnik's forces stretched thin, the Freedom Fighters decide that now is time to mount a second rescue attempt of KING MAX ACORN! With the help of dashing rogue Geoffrey St. John, our heroes must venture into the perilous and unpredictable ZONE of SILENCE where Robotnik had imprisoned the king at the start of the war! Can Sally's dad be rescued? Or will the zone claim four new victims?

Featured stories

...and one shall save him!

Part One

Sonic penetrates Robotropolis, surprising Dr. Robotnik and his SWATbots before taking a mechanical component and making his escape. He then arrives back in Knothole to find Sally and Geoffrey St. John waiting for him, and Sonic and Geoffrey begin to bicker. Sally berates them for their behavior, while Rotor remarks that the part Sonic has retrieved will allow them to fix the Neutralizer device and use it to save King Acorn and Mobius from the Zone of Silence. Sally then announces that she intends to go after her father alone, determined not to lose anyone else if things go wrong. Geoffrey and Sonic both object, but then begin arguing over which of them will be going in her place. They start fighting, but Sally puts and end to it and has Rotor open the portal to the Zone, which he does while providing them with jetpacks to aid them in getting around. After a bit more banter between Sonic and Geoffrey, the trio depart for the Zone of Silence, bidding Rotor goodbye.

Part Two

Meanwhile, in the Zone of Silence, King Max senses Sonic's arrival, remembering the Hedgehog as the only individual to invade his territory and escape. He is then approached by Toady, one of his Minions, who requests food for the rest of the horde. Tossing them some bones, King Max is suddenly greeted by a vision of his three rescuers clinging to a rock, with Sally trying to jog his memory. Addressing her in confusion, Max finds himself speaking to Toady, who questions his liege's behavior, while Max puzzles over the strange occurrence. Elsewhere, the rescue party continues their search, Sonic and Geoffrey arguing as usual when NICOLE reports strange magnetic readings.

The group is then sent flying into a floating rock, where they discover King Max's discarded helmet from their last adventure. Sally fears that its presence might have horrible implications, but the trio are soon distracted by a vision of the Freedom Fighters' previous conflict with the amnesiac King. NICOLE then reports that Robotnik's experiments on the Zone are the cause, creating windows that show both past and future events. The group are then treated to a look at King Acorn's early time in the Zone, including his acceptance by the Minions and his receiving his battle armor. A storm then hits the group, separating Sonic from the others, and bringing him face-to-face with King Max.

Part Three

King Max demands Sonic's surrender, but before Sonic can make any move, he finds himself on another floating rock with Geoffrey and Sally, apparently having experienced yet another vision. Sally then informs him that the Zone is collapsing, with all its matter-including the Minions-being drawn into a massive whirlpool. NICOLE then reports that their jetpacks are out of power, and Sally identifies the only means of recharging them as the Neutralizer. Sonic remarks that using it in that fashion would lead to the Zone's collapse even if they escaped, while using to to stabilize the Zone could trap them inside. King Max then appears, demanding that they hand the device over, only to find himself reliving his vision from earlier as Sally tries to jog his memory.

For once agreeing, Sonic and Geoffrey split up, from Sonic shoving them out of harm's way, the Skunk carrying Sally away with him by using the Neutralizer to power his jetpack while Sonic confronts King Max. The Hedgehog then finds himself living his own vision of the future, knocking the King unconscious and taking the reins of his steed to rejoin his two companions as Geoffrey praised Sonic's style. Geoffrey then activates the Neutralizer on Sonic's command, and all four are consumed in a flash of light. Back in Knothole, Rotor and Tails welcome the group back through the portal, with Sonic requesting that they get Dr. Quack for the King. They then report that the Zone of Silence's inhabitants are safe as well, while Sally kneels at her father's side stating her hopes for the future.

Off Panel

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Off Panel

Sonic and a young man swim through a sea of letters with the following caption: "Sonic shows new intern David Von Eiff how to swim in mail, letterally!"


  • The name of the issue's first story is a reference to Fantastic Four #62 whose main story is similar to this issue's.


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