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Archie Sonic the Hedgehog Issue 37 is the thirty-seventh issue of the Sonic the Hedgehog comic series published by Archie Comics.

Official solicitation

The Day Robotropolis Fell

A massive earthquake is set to rock Robotropolis to the ground, and leave it to Sally and Uncle Chuck to use the situation to their advantage! Everything is going according to plan, including the mass de-roboticization of several Robians...and then the earthquake hits!

Featured stories

The Day Robotropolis Fell

Sonic and Sally meet with Uncle Chuck in his spy complex outside Robotropolis with news of an impending earthquake due to hit Robotropolis. Uncle Chuck explains that Robotnik knows all about it and he and Snively plan to take the entire army of Swatbots on board a large spacecraft leaving behind a large population of Robians. Uncle Chuck devises a plan with Sonic and Sally's help to de-roboticize and rescue the Robians before the earthquake decimates Robotropolis. After Uncle Chuck manages to de-roboticize the Robians (sans himself), they all evacuate the city with Rotor's help. Sally and Sonic remain behind so that there is room in the plane for everyone including Uncle Chuck, despite his arguing against letting them stay behind in his place. Sally is caught under a fallen skyscraper and with Nicole's help, Sonic manages to escape the volcanic ruins of Robotropolis with Sally safely in tow. Meanwhile after Uncle Chuck and Sonic are honored for their bravery, Robotnik and Snively return to Robotropolis, and Snively accidentally activates Robotropolis' force field before they can make it inside the city limits, crashing their space craft.

Bunnie's Worst Nightmare!

After laying under a tree while watching the other freedom fighters play volleyball at a picnic, Bunnie develops a rash thinking it was poison ivy. Later she shows up in Rotor's lab, revealing that her robotic parts are spreading to the rest of her body. Soon a holographic image of Robotnik appears with a pre-programed message saying that prior to her escape from the roboticizer, a microscopic device was implanted on her to ensure that the robotization process would resume to completion should she somehow manage to avoid complete robotization. The device is revealed to be irremovable and Bunnie slowly starts to lose control of herself. With the last bit of her free will, she writes the Freedom Fighters a note and runs away from knothole to avoid hurting those she loves the most. She wakes up later to find out it was just a dream under the tree she was at before.

Off Panel

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Off Panel

Joe Pepitone is seen in a Dr. Robotnik costume, targeting the editor and planning to delete him.

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