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This story takes place after Tails Miniseries Issue 3 and before Archie Knuckles' Chaotix

Archie Sonic the Hedgehog Issue 30 is the thirtieth issue of the Sonic the Hedgehog comic series published by Archie Comics.

Official solicitation

The Return of Uncle Chuck

Finally, the good guys catch a break as one of Dr. Robotnik's trans-dimensional experiments sends the madman into "The Void" and gives Uncle Chuck back his free will! But an even more hazardous threat looms on the horizon: Snively!

Who Keeps Stealing my Chaos Emeralds?!

A Coconut solo story of slapstick proportions!

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The Return of Uncle Chuck


Part I

Sonic is enjoying a happy dream of his Uncle Chuck, un-roboticized, feeding him chili dogs. His dream is interrupted by Sally Acorn, who tells him he's eating his sneakers. Sonic tells her how he misses his Robian uncle, who fell victim to Dr. Robotnik's roboticization, and how he's frustrated that they still haven't rescued him. In Robotropolis, Chuck is about to be the test subject for the Transdimensional Transporter device. Robotnik's nephew, Snively, asks why they are testing it with their most efficient unit. Robotnik simply threatens to roboticize Snively if it does not work. After some griping, Snively assists in setting up the test, only to be shoved aside by an impatient Robotnik.

The machine backfires and sends Robotnik to the Void. He demands that Snively brings him back, but Snively refuses, having had enough of Robotnik's bullying and failed attempts at defeating the Knothole Freedom Fighters. Snively announces that he intends to take them on himself and leave Robotnik trapped in the Void forever. As Robotnik rages in his prison and Snively departs, Uncle Chuck "wakes up" with his memories and free will restored.

Part II
Sonic and Uncle Chuck&#039;s reunion in the comics

Uncle Chuck reunites with Sonic.

Sonic is moping at his uncle's ruined chilli dog stand on the edge of Robotropolis, trying to figure out a way to rescue him, when Uncle Chuck appears. Chuck reveals that he's regained his free will and has urgent news for Sonic. Returning to Knothole Village, Chuck cooks up his famous chili dogs for the Freedom Fighters and informs them of Snively's takeover and Robotnik's imprisonment. Sonic doesn't see Snively as much of a threat, but Sally has Nicole calculate what Snively could do with the transporter. Nicole determines that the most likely outcome is the complete destruction of Mobius.

Chuck quickly comes up with a plan, realizing that his status as a robot makes him the perfect spy to infiltrate Robotropolis. Back in the city, Snively has donned a version of his uncle's uniform. Upon learning of Snively's plans to use a mobile version of the transporter to send large portions of Mobius, and the Freedom Fighters, to the Void, Robotnik tries to warn him that Mobius could be destroyed by his actions. Snively pays him no mind as Chuck arrives. Snively hands him the blueprints for his transporter aircraft and orders him to begin construction. Chuck determines that he needs to contact the Freedom Fighters. Sonic arrives soon after, and heads in to take out Snively's plane while Chuck goes off on a mission of his own. While infiltrating the factory, Sonic is caught off guard and is sucked into the Void.

Part III

Snively gloats over his victory and mocks Sonic using a monitor that allows transmissions to and from the Void. Snively starts zapping the Great Forest and Sonic warns him that he'll destroy the planet. Snively reasons that the Freedom Fighters will surrender before that occurs. Suddenly, one of Robotnik's hovercrafts attacks Snively's ship. The pilot is Chuck, who communicates with an unseen ally and sets out to force Snively to land. Snively tries to get into position to use the transporter on his attackers, but is distracted by Sonic noisily eating chilli dogs in the Void. Chuck manages to disable Snively's engines, leaving him only able to hover. Snively reveals to Sonic that he plans to detonate the plane, sending everything within a 100 mile radius into the Void, while a special device he's created will teleport him back to Mobius.

Before Snively can detonate his plane, an unexpected guest crashes through the roof of the plane: Dr. Robotnik. The doctor reveals that Chuck released him from the Void in order to gain his help against Snively and he crashed through the roof in order to stop Snively from detonating the plane. In return for the Freedom Fighters' help, Robotnik had promised not to harm them or Snively for the moment. Instead, he intends to make the rest of Snively's life miserable. He then angrily demands that Snively remove his Robotnik-style uniform, much to Sonic's amusement. Later in Knothole, Sonic promises Uncle Chuck that they'll find a way to undo his roboticization someday.








  • Sonic is inconsistently shown with and without a backpack in Part III.
  • While Uncle Chuck sends Sonic to sabotage the Transdimensional Teleporter, he says he is leaving to take care of another matter, it is most likely he had taken a power ring to his brother Jules in this issue, giving him back his free will along with Bernie and Rudyard and taking a few of the Robians underground (as seen in issue #79, shortly before teaming up with Robotnik to stop Snively from destroying Mobius with the TDT.

Who Keeps Stealing my Chaos Emeralds?!

Robotnik is infuriated by a string of thefts, in which a shadowy intruder-looking like some sort of anteater-has stolen his Chaos Emeralds. He dispatches Coconuts to one of his island bases to protect the emeralds there, to Coconuts' delight. Spotting the thief, Coconuts promises to thwart him using a book of traps lent to him by a "Coyote Friend." His first attempt is a pair of boulders held in place by ropes which are being burned through by ropes, but the thief slips through without the trip going off. Coconuts then moves between the boulders, wondering what went wrong-when the boulders come crashing together on him. Undeterred, he heads for his next trap: a rope bridge designed to snap from beneath the feet of anyone walking on it. To his dismay, the thief makes it across without difficulty, prompting him to test it personally-and go plummeting.

Determined to see the thief stopped, Coconuts heads for his last trap, which is at the site where the Emeralds are resting. Using a spring-loaded mechanism that will activate once the Emeralds are removed, Coconuts has set an explosive trap for his quarry. To his dismay once again, the thief obtains the Emerald and escapes unscathed, while an examination of the trap results in Coconuts being caught in the explosion. Back in Robotropolis, Robotnik punishes the robotic monkey's failure-not only to stop the thief but also to identify them-by feeding him into a grinding machine, leaving only his head intact. Meanwhile, in Knothole, the thief is revealed to be none other than Bunnie, who stole the emeralds to wear at the Knothole Charity Dance, which Sally, Sonic, and Tails are also seen ready to attend.






  • When Coconuts mentions a coyote helping setting up his traps, it is a reference to Wile E. Coyote who is known for his gadgets constantly malfunctioning.

Knuckles' Chaotix Sneak Peek

Dr. Robotnik sits in his lair, musing that "Operation: Castaways" is finally ready. He checks his computers to find any potential threats to his plan on the Floating Island. The computer screens display VectorMightyCharmyEspioHeavyBombKnuckles, and Renfield T. Rodent. He notes that he has taken them all into account for his plan and that Renfield's amusement park will be the perfect location to set his trap.

The Adventures of Scott and Paul

See also: Off Panel

Off Panel

Paul Castiglia and Frank Gagliardo peak out of he doorway while a bandaged, hobbling Joe Pepitone barges into Scott Fulop's room on a crutch, demanding to be given respect. Scott hits a button on his desk and Sonic springs out of a trap door, launching Joe through the roof with an uppercut.

Other features

  • Sonic Art
  • Sonic Grams


Snively: I've watched your feeble attempts to capture Sonic and the Freedom Fighters, knowing that I, Snively, could do better! Well, now it's MY turn! You can stay in that void forever, while I show you how to CRUSH a rebellion! Ta! Ta!
Robotnik: You'll regret this, Snively! Snively! SNIVELY!


  • In the preview for Knuckles Chaotix, Heavy and Bomb were featured in their original game appearances, which would later become their upgrades.


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