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Sonic the Hedgehog

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This issue's second story continues in Archie Tails Miniseries Issue 1.

Archie Sonic the Hedgehog Issue 29 is the twenty-ninth issue of the Sonic the Hedgehog comic series published by Archie Comics.

Official solicitation

Steel Belted Sally

The Freedom Fighters' worst nightmare is realized: Sally is roboticized! With a plan gone horribly wrong and Dr. Robotnik using the princess to capture the rest of the Freedom Fighters, is there anyone left who can burn up Ivo's victory?

Growing Pains

Tails has fallen in love with Fiona the Fox, but his new sweetheart may not be what she seems!

Featured stories

Steel-Belted Sally


Part One

Long ago, the dragons of Mobius were roboticized by Dr. Ivo Robotnik, except for Dulcy the Dragon, daughter of Sabina. She managed to escape and join forces with the Knothole Freedom Fighters. In the present, Dulcy and Sonic are being chased by one of Robotnik's hovercrafts. Dulcy manages to evade the craft, causing it to crash into a nearby cliff and disabling the SWATbot pilot. Sonic investigates the crash site and comes across an interesting handheld device.

Back in Robotropolis, Robotnik is informed by Snively that the hovercraft carrying a portable De-Roboticizer has crashed. Determined to prevent it from being seized by his enemies, Robotnik orders the craft to self-destruct. Sonic manages to escape the blast and takes the device back to Knothole. Rotor determines that the machine can de-roboticize anyone, but it only has enough power for one use. Sally suggests that they use the device to restore Bunnie to a fully organic form, but Bunnie suggests letting Robotnik roboticize one of them, sabotaging his base, and then using the device to restore them to normal. Sally agrees, nominating herself to get roboticized. Days later, the Freedom Fighters approach Robotropolis, with Sonic and the others trying to talk Sally out of her plan. Sally is determined to see it through, and Rotor gives her a Neuro-Overrider to ensure she'll retain her free will through the process. Sally rushes forwards while her friends wish her good luck.

Part Two

On the battlefield, Sally evades the laser fire from the SWATbots, in an attempt to make her capture look legit. She calls out for help and trips over a rock. This slow down gives the SWATbots the time to surround her and take her into custody. The others watch helplessly as Sally is hauled off, screaming for help.

Sally is taken straight to Robotnik, who promptly roboticizes her. Snively remarks that while being transformed, a neuro-overrider had fallen off, revealing to Robotnik that the Freedom Fighters tried tricking him again. With the roboticization process complete, the robotic Sally awaits its instructions. Robotnik quickly gives Sally, now 'bot #3390, her first command. Meanwhile, the Freedom Fighters are waiting for her arrival in Robotropolis, near a secret tunnel entrance to Robotnik's lair. Sonic enters the sewer tunnel, ready to go distract the SWATbots, giving time for Sally to return to them for de-roboticization. Meanwhile, Tails says how much he misses Sally, just as she arrives...

A roboticized Sally holds the Freedom Fighters at gunpoint.

Sonic finishes distracting the SWATbots with his super speed and rushes back down so he can surprise the others by reaching Knothole before them. Instead, he is the one who is surprised by seeing the Freedom Fighters at gunpoint with a roboticizer by Sally, and Robotnik and Snively standing at her side.

Part Three

Robotnik stomps on the Neuro-Overrider and tells the Freedom Fighters that their rebellion has been crushed. Snively demands to know the location of the De-Roboticizer, but they refuse to reveal it's location. The group is forced to march to Robotnik's base when Sonic realizes they left the De-Roboticizer with Dulcy. That night, a concerned Dulcy flies to Robotropolis to figure out what's become of her friends, only to discover all of them in Roboticizer chambers in Robotnik's command center. Dulcy is unsure how to use the De-Roboticizer, but breaks in through one of the windows anyway to save them. Robotnik orders Sally to roboticize the Freedom Fighters, and she almost does it despite Sonic's pleading. Just in the nick of time, Dulcy uses the De-Roboticizer on her, restring her to normal.

Robotnik rushes to the controls to activate the Roboticizer himself, only for Dulcy to melt the system with her fire breath. Robotnik, with his rear end on fire, runs away with Snively, allowing Sally to free the other Freedom Fighters. The heroes return to Knothole and congratulate Dulcy on a job well done. Sally apologizes for failing to pull off their plan and is comforted by Sonic and Dulcy.







  • This is the second time Robotnik has tried turning Sally into a robot. The first time happening in Princess Sally #3, "Deadliest of the Species - Conclusion".


  • This is the first time a Freedom Fighter is successfully roboticized, which would later be reused as a plot device in Sonic the Hedgehog #39.
  • Where in continuity the first story falls is left somewhat vague, because of the presence of Tails in the story. Sonic the Hedgehog #27 featured a full-issue story that leads directly into Sonic the Hedgehog #28. The first story of Sonic the Hedgehog #28 leads directly into its "Tails" back-up strip (made evident by Sonic's opening statement in the story). This back up strip leads directly into the back up strip of this issue. Because Tails is present in the lead story of "Steel-Belted Sally", it likely takes place either before Sonic the Hedgehog #27 or after "Growing Pains - Part Two" (setting it just prior to Tails #1.
  • Sonic's arms are misscolored blue on page one.

Growing Pains! - Part 2 of 2


Tails is trapped in Robotnik's Roboticizer Island, yelping in fear. Robotnik gloats over his victory, using the Fiona Fox Auto Automaton to dupe Tails. The screams suddenly stop, along with the machine's engine, and Robotnik stoops over to examine the Roboticizer. The machine explodes in his face and Tails emerges, still flesh-and-blood. He explains that he used his fur to clog up the Roboticizer. Tails is about to beat up Robotnik when Auto-Fiona attacks him. Robotnik reveals that the robot is programmed to protect him to the very end. Auto-Fiona chases after Tails with a club and tries to smash him.

Tails gets snagged by a robotic palm tree, but manages to uproot it and use it like a golf club to send Robotnik flying into the water. Auto-Fiona tackles Tails from behind, sending them both into the water as well. Tails refuses to fight the robot he developed feelings for, and Robotnik takes advantage of the situation and escapes. Tails tries to reach the Sea Fox, but Auto-Fiona grabs him and attempts to drown him. Tails tries to reason with her, and thinks he's succeeded when she freezes up. However, the robot has simply rusted in place from contact with the ocean water.

Tails carries her back onto the robotic island and vows to make Robotnik repair her so they can be together, watching the doctor fly off in his Egg Mobile. Tails stops to clean up some of the debris left behind by Robotnik and discovers a list of supplies being sent to one of Robotnik's Underbosses on the other side of Mobius. He initially decides to contact the Freedom Fighters, but decides to handle it alone in order to prove himself to them. As Tails sets off for parts unknown, a drop of water falls from Auto-Fiona's eye as she watches him go.






The Adventures of Scott and Paul

See also: Off Panel

Off Panel

Paul Castiglia, Joe Pepitone, and Frank Gagliardo return to pester Scott Fulop. Joe asks Patrick Spaziante to help them, but Scott reminds him that he's in charge of whether or not he gets freelance assignments. Feeling the pressure of being manipulated in a freelance working environment, Patrick relents and slams the door in Joe, Paul, and Frank's faces.

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  • Sonic Art


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