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Archie Sonic the Hedgehog Issue 28 is the twenty-eighth issue of the Sonic the Hedgehog comic series published by Archie Comics.

Official solicitation

Saturday Night's Alright For A Fight!

Sonic, having lost his memory and being duped by Robotnik, has managed to penetrate the defenses of Knothole and plans to make quick work of his former allies. Is there anyone who can stand up to our renegade rodent and help him see the error of his way? Or has Sonic's betrayal spelled the end for the good guys?!

Growing Pains - Part One

Tails, still upset at Sonic for beating him up in the previous story, and resentful of Sally for keeping the Sea Fox in dry dock as a “floating crib” sets out on his own!

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Antoine says "All I am saying is give Peace a chance" as he holds up a V sign.

Saturday Night's Alright for a Fight!


Part I

A nervous Sally Acorn welcomes back Sonic, who managed to get through the village's defenses, back to Knothole. Sonic, believing that they're evil rebels trying to overthrow Dr. Robotnik's government, attacks Rotor to the shock of Sally. With Rotor down, Sonic moves on to Sally, but she puts up a fight. Tails and Bunnie hear them fighting in the war room of Freedom HQ and are stunned to see them fighting. Bunnie goes to help Sally and them and Tails manage to restrain Sonic, begging him to stop. Sonic uses his speed to spin the trio off, knocking out the girls. Tails manages to stay in the air with his flight, but is quickly taken down when Sonic hits him with a Sonic Spin.

Part II

While most of the Freedom Fighters are down and out, Snively congratulates Robotnik on his victory. The doctor tells Snively that Sonic's job isn't finished yet. He recaps his plan from the previous issue and says their only problem is that the Freedom Fighters have a jamming signal in place that's making it impossible to home in on Sonic's location. Suddenly the camera connected to Sonic is cut off and the lights in Freedom HQ go out. 

AntoineHamlinPenelope, and Arlo ambush Sonic in the dark, but Sonic manages to get out of the brawl. Hamlin tries to tackle Sonic, but is thrown aside by him. Antoine goes in, but the sound of his sword swings reveals his location and he is taken out. Arlo tries to grab him as well, but Sonic throws him into Penelope, knocking both of them out. Just before he can turn the lights back on, Dylan tackles Sonic, using the element of surprise to knock him out.

Part III

Sonic wakes up in the infirmary some time later with Sally and Rotor watching over him. When questioned by Sally, He says he doesn't remember anything that has happened since he went to Robotropolis. Rotor then takes off the tracking device Robotnik placed on Sonic and worries what info the dictator knows now. Sonic, apparently having regained his memories, quickly snatches the device and sets out to make up for almost leading Robotnik to Knothole Village. As they watch him leave, Sally says they can't let him do that alone.

Back in Robotropolis, Robotnik supposes they likely won't learn any more information from their bug and decides to send out his demolition tractors and hope for the best. To his surprise, Sonic emerges from the tree stump entrance, and Snively detects the transmitter is still active on him. The tractors are sent after Sonic, with Tails confirming to Sally they are following Sonic. The hedgehog finds Rotor and Sally in the tunnel he was running in and together they lead the Demolition Tractors off a cliff, where they explode. With the tractors gone, Sonic apologies for all the trouble he caused. Sally accepts it, saying Sonic wasn't himself. The comic ends with Robotnik lamenting not defeating the Freedom Fighters even with Sonic forgetting his memories.







Growing Pains! - Part 1 of 2


Sonic is chasing after Tails, trying to explain he only attacked him earlier because he had amnesia and Robotnik tricked him. Tails doesn't listen and flies off in anger. Having grown tired of the other Freedom Fighters treating him like a child, bringing up them not letting him use his Sea Fox as an example. He leaves to once again go on his own adventure. However, Tails is secretly being observed by Dr. Robotnik, who installed a camera in a tree near the dock where the Sea Fox was kept. Robotnik decides to take advantage of the situation by deploying a leftover Auto Automaton, with which he hopes will help divide and conquer the Freedom Fighters. Some time later, Tails comes across an island that doesn't appear on his maps. He hears a cry for help from the island and heads over to find the source.

Auto-Fiona and Tails in love.

He finds a girl named Fiona Fox tied to a palm tree and instantly falls in love. Tails unties her and ends up tongue tied before they share a romantic time together. They kiss, frolic along the beach, carve their initials into a tree, share a coconut, and then kiss again as the sun sets. Robotnik is disgusted and determines that the time has come to spring his trap. "Fiona" directs Tails into her den, which turns out to be the entrance to a Roboticizer. Robotnik slams the door shut just as Tails enters. Tails watches in horror as his new girlfriend is revealed to be an Auto Automaton, programmed to lure Tails into the Roboticizer. Robotnik has Auto-Fiona activate the device, leaving Tails apparently doomed to join his girlfriend as a robot.







  • Robotnik refers to Auto-Fiona as the leftover Sally duplicate from the Princess Sally mini series, but this is retconned as the robot duplicate of the real Fiona Fox that was created in the Prison camp where Sonic, Mighty, Ray and Fiona were taken to.
  • While Tails frolics with the robotic Fiona, Robotnik mentions that there would be no way to tell him that he is in danger. He then references the term MacGuffin, coined by Alfred Hitchcock. He even mentions the director's name directly.

The Adventures of Scott and Paul

See also: Off Panel

Off Panel

Scott and Freddy clear up some confusions.

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Sonic: Hold still, princess! This won't hurt--much!
Sally: No thanks! Besides--(throws over Sonic)--I prefer to give than receive!


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