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Archie Sonic the Hedgehog Issue 266 is the two hundred sixty-sixth issue in the Sonic the Hedgehog comic series published by Archie Comics.

Official solicitation

"Ambushed, Part 1". Sonic's in need of some inner peace, but it's going to take more than yoga and meditation! He seeks the guidance of Mighty the Armadillo's mentor, Moss the Sloth. Can the sage help Sonic tame the savage Werehog within? Meanwhile, Sally leads the Freedom Fighters in recovering a Chaos Emerald - but could she be leading them right into a trap? Featuring all-new cover art from Lamar Wells, and part 3 of a 3-part connecting 'SUPER SMASH' collector cover set!

Featured stories

Ambushed! Part One

The comic starts with Sonic and Moss racing each other through the Rocky Jungle Zone, Sonic calls Moss an old man and believed he had lost the sloth a mile back. Despite Sonic's speed, he is almost beaten by Moss. Moss explained that his speed came from knowing the land, and that he let the land help him, rather then overpower it. Sonic argues that he's gotten through much thanks to his speed, and that it's his answer to everything. Ray replies that Mighty and himself have changed for the better thanks to Moss. Sonic does admit he needs help with his transformation, to which Moss replies that he must learn acceptance to control the beast inside him.

At Eggman's base, Eggman is yelling at Thunderbolt for failing at killing Sonic and losing the Chaos Emerald. She replies that she didn't expect Sonic's change into the Werehog. After he's finished yelling at her to find a Gaia TempleOrbot and Cubot tell him that his robots have actually claimed quite a bit of territory, which please Eggman. He states that maybe splitting the world was the best thing he's ever done. He is pleased further when he learns how powerful Dark Gaia's energy is. He starts to create a plan to gather all of Dark Gaia's energy to one spot so he can use it.

In the Sky Patrol, Sally is briefing the Freedom Fighters on their progress with the Chaos Emeralds. Nicole shows the team that the Egg Army has the Blue Chaos emerald, and is being prepared for pick up. Antoine points out that it is close to the last Egg base they attacked, to which Sally replies that it is too good to be true. Rotor is all for going after it, but Tails wonders if they should wait for Sonic. The others reply that they'd help Sonic get better from the Dark Gaia energy inside him by fixing the world faster. A unanimous vote is taken to go get the Chaos Emerald. Sally splits the Freedom Fighters into two teams: Antoine, Bunnie and herself as Team Freedom will go for the emerald, while Tails, Amy and Rotor will be there backup as Team Fighters. Cream wants to know what Cheese, Big and herself can do. Sally tells her the three of them have come a long way, but there is no way she'd let them come on this mission.

Back at the Rocky Jungle Zone, Sonic is sliding down a waterfall on a piece of wood. He then proceeds to bounce of a tree and land in front of Moss, Ray and Mighty. Moss states that he's impressed, and Ray says that Sonic is fast at everything. Mighty and Sonic have a little friendly argument before Mighty seriously states how proud he is of Sonic. The mood quickly turns mellow as Sonic points out that the sun is going down. Moss and the others give Sonic some last minute advice and encouragement before Sonic turns into the Werehog. At first it seems that Sonic isn't in control, but it quickly becomes clear that he's in control. After studying himself and letting out a loud howl, he challenges Moss to another race.

As Moss and Sonic once again race across the Rocky Jungle Zone, one of Thunderbolt's scouts is watching them through a pair of binoculars. Thunderbolt, still fuming over being crushed by Sonic, has had a new robot created for her to take down Sonic.

Meanwhile, at the Sand Hill Zone, Team Freedom are closing in on the Blue Chaos Emerald. Sally orders Bunnie overhead to watch from above while she and Antoine move in. Just as everything seems peaceful, Bunnie is hit by E-108 Iota. Antoine calls out to her, but is blocked by E-109 Kappa. Sally calls for a retreat, but is knocked down by E-110 Lambda. The comic ends with Sally face down while Lambda closes in.







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Off Panel

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Sonic and Moss meditate in peace. Sonic quickly runs to eat a chili dog. Once he comes back and finishes eating, Moss says "Next time, bring two chili dogs."



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