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Archie Sonic the Hedgehog Issue 265 is the two-hundred sixty-fifth issue in the Sonic the Hedgehog comic series published by Archie Comics.

Official solicitation

"Control," Part 2. The Werehog is unleashed! As the jungle collapses in flames, it's up to Mighty to bring his feral friend to heel! But can Sonic even tell ally apart from enemy anymore? Then in 'The Grand Tour,' Rotor shows off all of the Sky Patrol's abilities; unfortunately, it's right as a Badnik Horde attacks! Don't miss a moment of the action, with cover art from the titanic team of Yardley, Austin and Stanley - plus an epic Sonic Adventure variant by the newest Sonic superstar Rafa Knight!

Featured stories

Control Part Two: Unleashed!

Sonic has transformed into the monstrous Werehog while he and his friends are still facing Thunderbolt the Chinchilla's attack. He stretches his arms out toward one tower, above her and her minions and into a generator that is emitting the electrical discharge, before throwing it into another tower to cease the discharge altogether. Thunderbolt is surprised from Sonic's transformation, but quickly orders her minions, more shocked than she is, to attack. The minions hesitantly follow her orders, but are quickly beaten by Sonic. The Egg Boss jumps in to face him herself, but the Werehog destroys her suit with one punch, revealing a small, round rodent. Thunderbolt is furious over this "humiliation", but runs away as Sonic pursues her. Recovering from the electrical attack, Sally and Amy realize Sonic's transformation is due to the Dark Gaia Energy , surprising them that their friend was able to endure its power for so long until now. Before they head over to stop and help him, Mighty tells them and Ray to retrieve the Chaos Emerald while he handles Sonic alone.

Further into the Rocky Jungle Zone, Sonic continues to chase Thunderbolt. The Egg Boss retaliates with an extremely powerful electrical discharge from her own cybernetic body. She gloats about her power, but notices Sonic protecting the small Mobini inhabitants of the jungle. She then proceeds to threaten them if Sonic does not surrender only to be grabbed by him and at his mercy. Before Sonic could finish her off, Mighty tackles him, causing him to let the boss go and retreat. While Mighty tries to calm him down, Sonic's mind is twisted due to the dark energy inside him, causing him to witness a distorted version of Mighty taunting him. Despite his best efforts, the armadillo is attacked himself and decides to fight the werehog.

Sally, Amy, and Ray, with Emerald in hand, arrive to see the carnage of the jungle from the ongoing fight. Desperate for ideas, Sally remembers Sonic's courage and selflessness, the tendency of doing what he thinks is right, and tries to use that their advantage in hopes of calming him down. They intervene the fight before Sally and Amy talk to their corrupted friend. They remind him of his past deeds, including saving Sally's father and stopping Perfect Chaos. Thanks to their encouragement, Sonic's twisted mind clears. He witnesses in horror the destruction he has caused, and what he was about to do, and finally stands down. They carry him back to Mighty's mentor's house before Thunderbolt can call for reinforcements.

Meeting with Moss again, Sonic apologizes to his friends for his rampage and thanks them for keeping him in check, though Mighty iterates that he was able to control himself in the end. As he finally turns back to normal, Sally makes plans to take him and the Chaos Emerald back to the Sky Patrol, but Sonic refuses. Fearing that he would go berserk again, he plans to remain with Moss until he is able to keep his new beastly form under control.

The Grand Tour

Before their adventure to find the Chaos Emeralds and Gaia Temples began, Rotor shows the rest of the Freedom Fighters the features of their new mobile base, the Sky Patrol. Meanwhile, inside the Death Egg, Eggman spies on the base and, while "almost impressed", prepares to destroy it. Following the tour back at the Sky Patrol, Rotor shows them the restroom, a medical bay, and a zen garden, giving his friends mixed results. Suddenly, they hear an alarm, warning of an incoming Badnik attack. Before Sonic and the others can prepare a counter-attack, Rotor stops them, saying that he has got it covered.

They see Eggman commanding a Badnik Horde Commander, a giant robot Rotor nicknamed the "War Walrus". However, before it even begins to attack, Rotor retaliates with a large variety of weapons installed into the Sky Patrol, making quick work of the giant robot. While Rotor continues his tour, Eggman shrugs off this defeat, stating that he was merely "gauging the base's defenses". He further states that he will need to more "subtle" approach in attacking the Sky Patrol while holding up a familiar Tails-shaped doll.







Off Panel

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Thunderbolt contacts Dr. Eggman and begs for a new battle suit following the one she lost in the main story. Hearing that Eggman will find one for her, she showers her leader with compliments, before learning, in her dejection, that the only suit available is a Chao Walker.


  • The name as well as the variant cover itself is a nod to the original box artwork cover of Sonic Adventure.
    • Also, the background of the variant cover is the same used for the box artwork of Sonic Unleashed.
  • In the second variant cover, it shows Sonic the Werehog holding a bag consisting of several of the latest issues of Sonic the Hedgehog and Sonic Universe.
    • In the same variant, Chip's bag has several plushies, one of himself, the Werehog, Tails, and Blaze the Cat.
    • The angel statue from Wacky Workbench makes a cameo on the second variant cover.


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