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Archie Sonic the Hedgehog Issue 240 is the two hundred fortieth issue of the Sonic the Hedgehog comic series published by Archie Comics.

Official solicitation

"Heroes," Part Two. Dr. Eggman lays siege to New Mobotropolis once again, but this time with no Sonic around! It's up to the brand new Team Freedom to prove their mettle against Dr. Eggman's Metal Series! Plus, what evil lays in wait, and just what in the world is "Operation: Deadly Cuddles?!" Featuring a stunning, all-new painted cover by Greg Horn!

Featured stories

Heroes Part Two: For the People

As Sonic is finishing off the last of the Egg Swats, Amy attempts to relay a message to the Royal Military HQ that the Death Egg is headed towards New Mobotropolis. However, with Dr. Eggman disrupting transmissions in the area at the moment, the message is corrupted. Fortunately for Team Fighters, the military was already mobilizing the approaching Dr. Eggman.

Down in New Mobotropolis, Heavy is ordered by Rotor to not go on the offensive at the moment. As the city still has the force field, Rotor can manually activate it in place of Nicole. The advance is halted temporarily. Annoyed by this, Eggman ponders over why the shield is still there. The Tails Doll was created to infiltrate the city and aid the Doctor from the inside, but had not done so after being damaged upon deployment. Soon enough, Tails Doll arrives at the shield generator and destroys it. With the shield down, Eggman launches numerous Egg Swats to the city, but Team Freedom immediately retaliates.

Meanwhile, Larry and Leeta have snuck Elias into the city, and the three meet up with Harvey Who. From there, Harvey explains that Elias' team has been completed, consisting of Leeta and Lyco, Larry Lynx, the original Metal Sonic, and Silver. This confuses Elias, since, save Larry, all the members of his new team do not have any vested interests in the Republic of Acorn. Harvey fires back by reminding him of how Teams Freedom and Fighters cannot do anything about Ixis legally, and that his team consists of members from all over to fulfill the tasks the other two teams can't. With that, Elias accepts and prepares to fight the Egg Swats with his team.

In New Mobotropolis, Team Freedom is successfully dealing with the robots as Cream and Cheese guide the people of the city to the military's defenses. Naugus soon steps in and begins to aid in the fight. The trio of wizards are unimpressed by him showing off his power as he ignores them. Nusgau and Suguna proceed to mutate his shell, greatly weakening him as a result. Lying to Rotor to explain his sudden weakness, he holds off the three voices in his head. Big carries him to the military perimeter, while Rotor, Heavy and Bomb hold the fort there. Heavy is nervous about going back into battle, since he doesn't want to risk destruction a third time, but Rotor reassures him to fight on. As Cream and Cheese finish leading the people to the peremiter and Big brings Naugus as well, they return to fight on.

Orbot and Cubot give the Doctor a progress report, and its not looking too good for them. Their forces were pushed to the edge of the city. Irritated by this, Eggman launches Team Metal. Metal Sonic v3.0, Metal Tails and Metal Amy make their way down towards the city, and Team Freedom moves to engage them. They leave the Egg Swats to the military, but the Secret Freedom Fighters beat them to it. Leeta and Lyco distract them as Larry causes numerous jinxes to befall upon the robots. Shard easily destroys Metal Sonic, Silver freezes Metal Amy for Big to finish off, and Elias distracts Metal Tails so Rotor can destroy it.

Orbot reports that Team Metal has fallen, and Cubot informs them of Mecha Sally's transmission. She is heading towards the Death Egg as the mission was a failure. Eggman is totally enraged by this---so much so that he looks like he is ready to snap again. "I had won", he seethes, and says he could have taken the city before had the Death Egg not have been heavily damaged. What's worse is that Sonic was not even there this time! Ultimately, with only just enough supplies and power to move to the next base, Eggman is forced to retreat. Team Freedom celebrates the victory, but Rotor wonders who else was helping them take out the ground forces. Back down in Secret HQ, Elias apologizes for his outburst and says he is proud to be on the team, though Leeta and Lyco don't seem impressed. Their next mission will be to deal with Ixis Nagus! Speaking of which, Naugus is determined to do something about the three Ixis wizards in his mind, his mutating body, and the Council's defiance.

Off Panel

See also: Off Panel

Off Panel

The Off Panel shows Team Freedom's arsenal showing a different character in each panel. Rotor's weapon is shown as sonic cannons. Heavy and Bomb are shown in a fighting pose and their weapon is addressed as heavy armor and explosive power. Big's weapon is called super strength, where he is holding a badly drawn house with Wes Weasley in it in one hand and Mama Robotnik in the other. Lastly, Cream's weapon is shown as her ears, to which Cream addresses the narrator and says that she has Cheese with her, who is pulling a face at the reader.


Elias: All right, team. I'm late to the party, and the city is under attack. Give me the crash course. We've got Egg-Swats to fight!
[Shard grabs Metal Sonic and they begin fighting in the sky.]
Shard: Hey there, junior. Lemme show you what a real Metal Sonic can do!
[Shard and Metal Sonic crash into the side of the mountain with Shard emerging undamaged holding onto Metal Sonic's head.]
Shard: Yeah; accept no imitations.


Amy artwork from Sonic the Hedgehog Modern Style Guide

  • Amy's cover artwork is based on her official artwork from the Sonic the Hedgehog Modern Style Guide book.
  • The sprites on the variant cover come from the Sega Genesis version of Sonic the Hedgehog 2, while the background is from Angel Island Zone in Sonic the Hedgehog 3. The cover also uses the original Sonic logo from the early 1990s, marking this the first time the logo has been used on a cover since Sonic the Hedgehog #77.
    • An earlier version of the cover, released through solicits, featured the logo and sprites on a plain white background. This version of the cover even used the early "Archie Action Series" logo, originally used on the covers of the Sonic the Hedgehog miniseries.
  • This issue cover is one of the six in the Sonic the Hedgehog comic series to not feature Sonic in the artwork, the others being Sonic the Hedgehog #15, #146, #157, #190, and #210 (due to SEGA, Sonic was on the covers in some form, be it an icon, corner box or an alternate form).
  • Eggman's statement "I love it when a plan comes together!" is a quote from Hannibal of the A-Team franchise.
  • Heavy's statement of "Once more into the fray" is likely a tribute to the line "Once more into the breach" in Shakespeare's Henry V.
  • In Germany, this issue was printed in Panini Sonic the Hedgehog #8.


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