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Archie Sonic the Hedgehog Issue 24 is the twenty-fourth issue of the Sonic the Hedgehog comic series published by Archie Comics.

Official solicitation

When Hedgehogs Collide

The return of the Anti-Sonic! And this time he's brought friends... The Anti-Sonic is looking for some action, so he rounds up the "gang" consisting of the Anti-Sally, the Anti-Tails, the Anti-Rotor and the Anti-Antoine! They then take the Cosmic Interstate to Mobius, dress like their counterparts and steadily proceed to terrorize the Mobian countryside! So where have the Good Guys been all this time? Sonic, Tails and Antoine had been sent by Rotor into "negative reality" though they were unable to penetrate "the Zone of Silence" (aka, The Void) where Sally's father is being held. Sally's been out on a mission with the trainees. And everyone arrives back in time only to have their fellow Mobians terrorize them! However an attempt to confront the Anti-Freedom Fighters turns into a draw until Sally realizes that there's no way they can defeat their other selves, who would be able to anticipate their strategies. So how do they propose to beat the snot out of them?

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Cover Corner Box

Dr. Ivo Robotnik looks at the front cover with the Freedom Fighters and the Anti Freedom Fighters and comments "It's getting so you can't tell the Good guys from the Bad anymore!"

When Hedgehogs Collide!


Part I

The story begins with, apparently, Sonic kicking a Mobian pig into the mud. The pig asked Sonic why did he do it and Sonic replied because he felt like it. Sonic then runs off telling the pig he doesn't like his face. Elsewhere in the Great Forest, Princess Sally sees a young girl squirrel fishing. She asked Sally to join her and Sally responded by yanking the squirrel's stool, forcing her into the water. Sally runs away laughing while the squirrel cries. In Knothole Village, Antoine drives a car so fast that it knocked over an apple vendor and a cart of apples. Antoine then reverses the vehicle in to the apples, splattering apple sauce on the vendor. In a shop, the keeper asks Rotor if he needed anything today and Rotor's response was swinging a bat, trashing the shop. Rotor then hands the shopkeeper a ticket for "not having enough room to swing a bat" and leaves. On a path, a turtle runs away from Tails as he gets hit with tomatoes. Tails then flies off deeper into the Great Forest where he meets up with Sally, Rotor, Antoine, and Sonic (now wearing sunglasses). They discuss how the people they tormented bought their act and they prepare for the next step of their plan.

Part II

The story flashes back to Anti-Mobius, where Anti-Sonic sits in his office bored. He comments that the only thing that excites him is when he fights Sonic the Hedgehog from the parallel universe. As Anti-Sonic looks out the street with a SWEEPbot cleaning up the Anti Freedom Fighters' mess, Anti-Sally comes in. Kicking down Anti-Sonic saying she wants fight someone that fights back. Anti-Sonic then comes up with the idea of fighting themselves. He recalls the first encounter with the good Sonic in Anti-Mobius, and again when Robo-Robotnik v1.0 recruited him to help get Giant Borg. Anti-Sonic and Anti-Sally then meet Anti-Rotor in the garage with Anti-Tails and Anti Antoine, ride their vehicles through the Cosmic Interstate to Mobius. They disguise themselves as their good counterparts and commit the horrible acts previously seen.

Part III

The "real" Sonic, Tails, and Antoine returned to Rotor's lab through the Timespace Matter Projector. The three were trying to get into the Zone of Silence to rescue King Max but they failed. Sonic blames Nicole for not getting them to their destination but replies that Negative Reality wreaks havoc on her software. Sonic says they have to keep keep trying, but they shouldn't get Sally's hope up. With perfect timing, Sally enters the lab, having returned from a mission with her trainees. Before she can a hear what's going on, Sonic awnsers the door to an angry mob. The villagers and victims of the Anti Freedom Fighters start yelling at Sonic and the others for the things they have done and started throwing food at them. The five Freedom Fighters then escape into the forest. Sonic realizes someone posed as the Freedom Fighters and wonders how to expose them. Since she has experience dealing with doppelgangers, Sally then gathers the group with a plan.

Part IV

The Anti-Freedom Fighters terrorize Knothole Village in their vehicles. They decide to go after a group of gypsies, who are really their good counterparts in disguise. Sally fires an arrow with a line which throws the Anti-Freedom Fighters off their vehicles. Anti-Sonic goes to punch Sonic in disguise, but Sonic doges it and knocks him instead. The Freedom Fighters removed their disguises and the two groups fight. With one member fighting their counterpart it is an even match until Sally suggests "changing partners". Sonic takes down Anti-Sally, Sally takes out Anti-Antoine, Antoine kicks out Anti-Rotor, Rotor slams down Anti-Tails and Tails knocks down Anti Sonic. The villagers, seeing the incident, apologized and Sonic tells his anti-self he is going back to where he came from. Anti Sonic, however, replies satisfied that he got what he wanted: a fight. Sally is amused and asks Sonic how he can "live with himself". Sonic replied it ain't easy.






  • During Anti-Sonic's rant over Sonic, he references the Boy Scout Oath.
  • The pig that Anti-Sonic kicks is wearing a blue version of Sonic's shoes.

Other features

  • Sonic-Grams: Introductions to the Knuckles and Tails miniseries.


Anti-Sonic: My counterpart is everything I'm not--helpful, kind, obedient, cheerful and thrifty! A regular Boy Scout!. OOOOH how I "hate that hedgehog!" And when Sonic the Hedgehog hates someone, they stay hated!


  • This is the final issue to have a Corner Box gag on the cover.


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