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Archie Sonic the Hedgehog Issue 229 is the two hundred twenty-ninth issue of the Sonic the Hedgehog comic series published by Archie Comics.

Official solicitation

"'Genesis,' Part 4. The 20th-Anniversary Sonic celebration ends with this blockbuster issue! Sonic tackles the treacherous Metropolis Zone alone, while Sally leads her friends through the perils of the Oil Ocean Zone! At the end of the gauntlet lies the Death Egg and an epic battle! Will the world ever be the same again?"

Featured stories

Genesis Part Four: Reset

Tails flies over Metropolis Zone in his Tornado, talking to Sonic on his radio. While Tails mentions it's quiet above him, Sonic must fight several Badnik Amy on ground. Sonic then reflects to his new "friends" - Sally Acorn, Antoine D'Coolette and "Boomer" Walrus - that he wouldn't mind some company.

Meanwhile, Sally, Antoine and Boomer are being chased by Aquis at the Oil Ocean Zone. Boomer wishes Sonic was around to save them, but Sally and the others try to hide from the badniks. Sally tells the others that she should reason with Sonic more. The badniks attack them and Sally falls down. Boomer catches her, and then Sally remembers previous events, such as Sonic cutting a rope with Sally on it. Antoine, who was caught within the cannons, destroys the badniks. Sally grabs one of the animals that Antoine destroyed and asked it where to go in order to shut down the place. The animal tells them and they leave.

Meanwhile, Sonic destroys some badniks and finds Eggman in his machine. As Eggman calls Sonic "rodent", he remembers being called that before, and that they've been fighting for a while. Eggman tells Sonic that he remembers what has happened in the past, before releasing his duplicates.

Back at the Oil Ocean Zone, Sally and the others pull the valve from the machines that control the oil. They stop the oil flow and the power of Metropolis Zone shuts off. Sonic, quickly thanking his friends, chases after Eggman, who monologues about his conquest to roboticize the world. Eggman escapes and Sonic is about to fall to his doom, but he is caught by the Tornado. Tails remembers the tremors striking Mobius and they fly to Wing Fortress. Sonic soon discovers that it's a decoy, while Eggman escapes to his Death Egg Mark 2. Sonic jumps and grabs onto his ship.

Eggman's ship lands on the Death Egg. Sonic looks through the window and sees that the whole planet is being torn apart. Eggman then tells him about his plans to turn everyone on Mobius into "robot slaves" and he remembers fighting him. Sonic yells at Eggman, saying that there was another world, but Eggman gets inside the Egg Destroyer Battlesuit and throws the ship at him. Eggman then tells Sonic that the Death Egg is powered by the Chaos Emeralds. Sonic tries to grab the broken wire with Emerald energy, but Eggman's robot steps on him.

However, Super Sonic manages to grapple Eggman's robot and throw it. Furious, Eggman releases bombs at Super Sonic, but Snively warns him that the World Roboticizer has stopped working. Super Sonic then crushes Eggman's robot and uses the energy from the Death Egg and Chaos Control to destroy it.

A wave of energy explodes from the Death Egg, visible to everyone down below. As it passes, the dark clouds and distortion above the planet vanish. From the Death Egg, Super Sonic looks at the planet through the window and remarks that his job is done, and he'll just have to wait and see what happens. With his finger, he traces "Hi Sal" on the window's glass.

Back on the planet, Boomer rushes to Sally, panicked; everything seems to be fading away. Smiling, Sally is sure that everything will be fine, saying "It's okay, Rotor. Sonic has everything under control". This statement, as well as being called "Rotor", baffles Boomer, but Sally tells him to trust her. As a white wave envelops the world, Sally reaches out towards the sky and says "See you, Sonic...". Super Sonic smiles and replies "...on the other side, Sally."


Boomer: That was awesome!
Antoine: Non. Awesome is not moving. Make the world stop moving, s'il vous plait.
Eggman: Bravo! You've gone to a lot of effort to get to me, rodent.
Sonic: At least you're man enough to face me... ..."rodent...?" You've called me that before. ...We've been doing this for a lot longer than just a few days...
Eggman: So you've finally begun to remember, have you? Well, we can't have that.
Eggman: Hate you! Hate you! All of my hate! DIE! DIE! DIE!
Super Sonic: "Maybe... I can set things right. Maybe even go back far enough to save her. If Chaos got us here, Chaos can get us back and I can't bother with second guesses. I'm out of time and of options. So..... here goes. CHAOS CONTROL!"
Sally: See you Sonic...
Sonic: ...on the other side Sally.



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