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Archie Sonic the Hedgehog Issue 22 is the twenty-second issue of the Sonic the Hedgehog comic series published by Archie Comics.

Official solicitation

The Return

Take a glimpse into the future where Sonic is married with children and the once thought destroyed Robotnik has come back. Then follow Robotnik to the Spaceship of an alternate timeline and a new Robo-Robotnik where this one is operative as a Space station. Upon the real Robotniks return to his own dimension, he comes to find utter chaos as Snively has accidentaly uttered the passcode for "Operation: Wasteland", a program that literally means the destruction of Mobius and the FF's as well...

Tails' Knighttime Story!

In an attempt to get Tails to sleep, Sally tells Tails the story of Sir Runalot and Mortail to convince Tails that Sonic’s life is filled with danger and hard work, not fun and excitement.

Featured stories

The Return

Part One

In the not too distant futureSonic and Sally are out for a walk with their children, Sonia and Manik. Suddenly, a bolt of lightning strikes the ground and Dr. Robotnik appears before them. In another flash of lightning, Robotnik disappears. Sally is worried, but Sonic assures her that there's no way Robotnik could ever come back. It turns out that a space ship high above the planet intercepted Robotnik and teleported him on board.

Robotnik, still in shock from being "vaporized" by E.V.E., finds himself on a space station run by Robo-Robotnik. Robo-Robotnik tells Dr. Robotnik that they are they same person, just from alternate timelines. In his timeline, he roboticized himself to defeat Sonic. To save himself, he uploaded his core memory into his incomplete space station. Unfortunately for Robo-Robotnik, he had no way to return to his robotic body and has spent years simply operating the station, waiting for his systems to eventually fail. Robotnik gives Robo-Robotnik a motivational speech, inspiring him to not give up. Robo-Robotnik then sends Robotnik back to his own dimension.

Part Two

The Freedom Fighters are rummaging through Robotnik's cargo when Sally realizes things are going too smoothly. She wonders why Snively isn't keeping the empire moving, and Rotor suggests that Robotnik didn't trust Snively with enough information. Snively, watching from a monitor, pitches a fit due to his inability to take control of his uncle's resources. In his frustration he cries out: "To think that Sonic has finally won it all!", inadvertently activating Operation: Wasteland, a fail safe program Robotnik created in the event of his defeat. He programmed his robotic army to destroy everything it possibly can, making the planet entirely uninhabitable.

Part Three

A pair of SWATbots accost Snively. He tries to reason with them, but due to the Operation: Wasteland program the robots are determined to destroy him along with the rest of the planet. Suddenly, Robotnik is teleported into the room. He shoots the SWATbots for daring to target their master. Meanwhile, the Freedom Fighters are trying to ward off the SWATbot swarm, but there are too many robots for them to handle.

Robotnik, realizing that letting the program continue would leave him without a world to conquer, aborts Operation: Wasteland. He sends the Freedom Fighters a message, telling them that he's the reason they're alive and that he has complete control over their "game". He then tells them to leave so they may fight again some other day.

Tails' Knighttime Story!

Tails refuses to go to sleep, insisting that he wants to run around and be cool like Sonic, so Sally decides to tell him a bed time story. Long ago, there was a brave knight known as Sir Runalot. Runalot had a trusty page who polished his armor, Mortail. Mortail followed Sir Runalot everywhere and observed his various triumphs, but he grew jealous of the blue knight and wanted more than anything to be like Runalot.

One day, Runalot went on vacation and left Mortail to take care of his armor. Mortail saw this as an opportunity to live his dreams and decided to put on Sir Runalot's blue armor. Soon afterwards, some civilians with an uncanny resemblance to Uncle Chuck and Sally asked Mortail, who they believed to be Runalot, to do them a favor in exchange for gifts and kisses. It turns out that Sir Knightmare of Robotannia was trying to take over the kingdom and Runalot was needed to stop him. Mortail took off his helmet and told Knightmare the truth, that he wasn't Runalot but simply a nobody in Runalot's armor. Knightmare didn't believe Mortail and was about to attack when Runalot returned and easily defeated him. Mortail tried to give Runalot his armor back, but Runalot discovered that he was faster without his armor.

Sally ends her story with the moral that being a hero isn't always fun, but is surprised to see Tails has gone missing. She looks around only to find him running around outside. Tails decided that, like Mortail in the story, he should go take Sonic's stuff while he's sleeping so he can pretend to be him. Sally sighs and decides to stick with telling fairytales.

Key Events

  • Robotnik arrives in another zone in the future by E.V.E.
  • Robotnik encounters a new Robo-Robotnik for the first time.
  • Robo-Robotnik returns Robotnik Prime back to Mobius Prime.
  • Operation: Wasteland is activated, but was then cancelled by Dr. Robotnik.

Other features


  • This issue regarded Robo Robotnik as a different version of the original Robo Robotnik from "Night of 1000 Sonics", but this was retconned in issue #75 when Robo Robotnik is revealed to be the one behind the eight satellites in Mobius' orbit. Robo Robotnik revealed that when he sent Robotnik Prime back to his Zone, he tapped into his mind and learned the location of the pieces of the Giant Borg Battle suit, in order to reconstruct his body and put his plan of revenge into action.
  • The idea of the Cyborg Sonic from Robo Robotnik's zone was ignored, so maybe the procedure was reversed after Robo Robotnik was defeated for the first time, or it goes back to the fact that the writers treated this as a different zone from the Original Robo Robotnik's.
  • When Robotnik explains how he survived the events of last issue, in one panel, his moustache is pink.


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