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Archie Sonic the Hedgehog Issue 214 is the two hundred fourteenth issue of the Sonic the Hedgehog comic series published by Archie Comics.

Official solicitation

"Reigning Cats And Dogs" Part 2. Sonic, Sally, and Big find themselves in the middle of all-out war! It's mass hysteria as the clash of the Cats and Wolves begins, but what new threat could be pulling their strings? Get ready for old friends, new faces and much, much more in this cataclysmic conclusion.

Featured stories

Reigning Cats and Dogs Part Two

Sonic, having been trying to work out a deal with Queen Hathor in the Pais Misterioso, is shocked to see Lupe Wolf leading a small army of wolves and intercepts her, asking her what she's doing. Seeing Sonic, Lupe says she's happy to see that he's okay; he replies that he was fine until she marched her forces into Felidae territory. He adds that he and Sally Acorn had said they would handle the problem between the Wolf Pack Nation and the Felidae tribe; Lupe does not dispute this, but simple says that with Sonic and Sally gone for so long, she had worried that something had happened to them and so came to help. She then realizes that Princess Sally is not present; Sonic says that she went to investigate a lead into what may be causing the conflict between the two groups. However, he doesn't know where exactly she went. Lupe takes this to mean that Sally is likely safe, and so, raising her spear, she declares that this is an opportune time to reclaim the Ancient Onyx from the Felidae, much to Sonic's panicked protests.

Hathor, meanwhile, has taken this turn of events to mean that Sonic, along with his companion, Big the Cat, had been serving as decoys; she accuses them of being spies for "the wretched wolves," a claim that simply confuses Big. Lupe tells the Felidae that if they hand over the sacred Ancient Onyx, no one needs to be hurt; Sonic, in the background, pleads with the other wolves to talk some sense into her. Hathor harshly retorts that the wolves need to return the artifact to them, telling Lupe to drop the pretense. Lupe angrily replies that the wolves haven't taken anything that wasn't rightfully theirs to begin with; Hathor in turn says that the wolves can't reclaim the land their ancestors left long ago. Lupe retorts that the Felidae can't claim land they don't occupy, use or even need, while Hathor snaps that Lupe is in no position to tell her how the Felidae conduct themselves. Observing the escalating argument, Sonic wishes Sally were around to diffuse it. Big simply asks if he should go find her then; Sonic dryly replies that it would be a big help.

Around the Mystic Ruins, Sally finds herself tied to a pillar upon which stands the Ancient Onyx.Grandmasters Drago and Razorklaw have her imprisoned within a small room full of control panels. Drago sneers down at Sally, observing that the "oh-so-high-and-mighty princess" is at his mercy with no Freedom Fighters around to help her. He taunts her, asking how it feels to be outsmarted by him. Sally starts a cold reply before pausing. Then, feigning stupidity, she rolls her eyes and says aloud that there's no point in her taunting such a brilliant tactician. Drago laughs and agrees. Sally continues the act, faking vacuous ignorance in order to get Drago to talk; he explains that Eggman has beenLegionizing people for a while, and had dubbed groups of such people as the Dark Egg Legion after he "got the dreadheads." However, he begins to get impatient with her apparent stupidity; he turns to Razorklaw and says "Can you believe she's supposed to be the brains of their group?" Smiling slyly, Sally says that since he's so knowledgeable, he could tell her who his "friend" is and how they got their "shiny new arms." Drago frankly replies that as she should know by now, he knowseverything; behind him, the more perceptive Razorklaw slaps his own face in frustration.

Drago goes on to recount how Razorklaw was once the champion warrior of the Felidae, but was then beaten in a duel by the late Guardian Locke. Disgraced, Razorklaw was exiled, and joined by others of his people who had found themselves outcasts due to the laws of the Felidae. Later, when Robotnik had come seeking allies, they had willingly joined them, while Drago left the Destructix hoping for a position of power within the Eggman Empire. Sally quickly retorts that he is a traitor to his people and every bit as low as Robotnik, and remarks that he has become just another lackey. He challenges it by declaring that it was his plan-though he later admits that Razorklaw "helped"-to steal the Ancient Onyx and pit the two groups against each other. He then poses the question as to whether he should frame Sally for the theft, or kill her and thus pull New Mobotropolis into the imminent war as well.

Meanwhile, Sonic finds himself trying to reason through the most recent events, whilst Lupe and Queen Hathor continue to hurl accusations at each other regarding the conduct of their respective peoples. Lupe yells at Queen Hathor for kidnapping her children, while Queen Hathor yells at Lupe for abducting her warriors. Big initially holds the two apart at Sonic's instruction, but after hearing the two rulers argue about how each has wronged the other, Sonic stumbles upon the same thing that Sally did. Asking Big to step aside, he questions Hathor as to whether there is any area that neither side would enter, prompting her to name the Knuckles Clan ruins. Sonic then questions whether the Wolf Pack encountered any Eggman robots while settling in their new home, which Lupe confirms. He then asks her and her forces to stand down and follow him, and convinces Hathor-who cuttingly asks if he is wearing the "socks of the ambassador" in addition to his other attire-to lead them to the ruins. He replies that he is.

As Drago continues to contemplate whether to kill Sally, Razorklaw decides to do so, though Drago objects. The three are then startled by the sound of Wolf howls, and the Grandmasters go to a window to find that the Wolf Pack and Felidae have arrived, with the Wolf Pack attacking theDark Egg Legionnaires. They then discover, to their shock, that several of the Legionnaires are Wolves themselves, previously unaccounted for after both the mass De-Roboticization and the resettlement of the Wolf Pack Nation. Queen Hathor at first sees it as confirmation of the Wolves' treachery, but Sonic then reveals to her that the other Legionnaires are former Felidae. Enraged, the Queen orders her warriors to attack as well, prompting the two Grandmasters to kill Sally while they can. However, they are surprised to find Big in the room, and even more so when he sends Drago flying with a punch at Sally's command. Razorklaw briefly grapples with him, only to be knocked down by Sonic, who then frees Sally. She compliments him on his rescue and on bringing the two conflicting groups together, and thanks Big for his contributions as well.

Sensing defeat, Razorklaw activates an alarm that sends Drago and the other defeated Legionnaires running for their "secret bunker." Lobo attempts to pursue, but is stopped by Reynard, who brings it to his attention that Lupe has called off the attack. The Grand Chief remarks that their force is not strong enough to fight a war and that they have done enough against the Legion for now. Hathor agrees, but then remarks that perhaps the Felidae and Wolves have a battle with each other. Sally quickly arrives to defuse the tension, holding the Ancient Onyx aloft and calling upon the two groups to see it as a symbol of how they put aside their differences to battle the Dark Egg Legion. She then arranges a deal between them: the Onyx will remain in Felidae territory in the ruins, and will be retrieved by the Wolf Pack when needed by either group. Though the two rulers agree that the agreement does not make up for all that has passed between them, it is a beginning to a peaceful coexistence.

Later, back in Wolf Pack territory, Lupe adorns Sonic, Sally, and Big with feathers, welcoming into the Wolf Pack Nation as they place their hands on the Ancient Onyx and the Pack celebrates. In the midst of the ceremony, Sally remarks to Sonic that the Ancient Onyx looks like a Chaos Emerald, and that its importance might have something to do with that. Sonic allays her fears by reminding her that there are only seven Chaos Emeralds left now, and also remarks that the power he always senses emanating from a Chaos Emerald is not present with the gem. Though he is unsure exactly what the artifact might be, the Hedgehog affirms that it is not a Chaos Emerald.

Back in New Mobotropolis, at Uncle Chuck's Diner, Rotor and Penelope are going over the constitution for the Republic of Acorn, Rotor complaining that the work is not up his alley. Hamlin, who had gone home to gather notes for the meeting, rushes in and informs Rotor that he has just received a communication from the Arctic Freedom Fighters, informing him that the Walrus Herd has been captured by the Dark Egg Legion.


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Off Panel

Sonic is telling Sally that the fancy peace-talks were okay, but he claims that he could've solved the whole thing much faster. Sally, not believing him of course, asks him how. He then shows a dog whistle in one hand and a ball of yarn in the other. Sally then asks him what they were. Sonic demonstrates the dog whistle by blowing it, causing Drago to go berserk. He then demonstrates the ball of yarn by throwing it to Big, who starts playing with it.


Queen Hathor: So you were decoys all along! Both you were spies for the wretched wolves!
Big: We were?
Sonic: As for you guys...
Queen Hathor: Do you wear "Socks of the Ambassador" as well?
Sonic: As a matter of fact, I do. Follow me and I'll get your gem back. And since you don't trust me a bit, I'll stake my life on this.
Queen Hathor: ...very well, for your life.
Sonic: Cool. Now--which way to those ruins?
Drago: So which will it be? Scrapecoat? Martyr? Disgraced? Deceased? Oh,I just can't decide! HA HA HA HA!
Razorklaw: Then I decide for you. (Lunges at Sally.)
Drago: (Stops him.) No, you idiot! You've got to toy with them and break their will first! You're terrible at this villain thing!
Lyco: Hold him, Canus! (Unveils Leeta's ex-boyfriend.) You! But why?
Leeta's ex-boyfriend: Heh. You shouldn't have dumped me, Leeta.
Lyco: I'm Lyco.
Leeta: And you shouldn't have tried to two-time twins.
Sonic: (After unmasking several former Felidae warriors.) So, explain this to me--in your culture, what you wear makes you who you are right? So what do those robes make them?
Queen Hathor: It makes them the vilest of traitors! Warriors! Show them no mercy!
Big: YAY! I found the Princess! AND the gem! I did good!
Drago: Get away from there, you!
Sally: Big! Hit him!
Big: Okay. *WHOP!* (Sends Drago crashing through the wall of the lab into the forest with a powerful punch.) Too hard?


  • Sonic's assertion that the Ancient Onyx was not in any way related to the Chaos Emeralds is in conflict with its appearance during the Sonic Adventure adaptation, as both Chaos and the Seven Server Chao were imprisoned within both before and after the incident, and thus would have given off similar energy signatures as the Chaos Emeralds. It also conflicts with Archie's blog, which asserts that both the "Black Emerald" of the adaptation and the Ancient Onyx were the same gem.[1] However, Ian Flynn stated on his message board that the Ancient Onyx does not let any hint of Chaos energy escape from it, as it would otherwise make a "pretty poor prison."[2]


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