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This story takes place after Archie Princess Sally Miniseries Issue 3.

Archie Sonic the Hedgehog Issue 21 is the twenty-first issue of the Sonic the Hedgehog comic series published by Archie Comics.

Official solicitation

The Three Phases of E.V.E.

Robotnik unleashes E.V.E. ["Exceptionally Versatile Evolvanoids"] to capture Sonic. As Sonic manages to outsmart E.V.E., it simply adapts to another form to compensate. Sonic lures it to Robotnik's headquarters where, assuming a self-conscious form, E.V.E. determines that it is being held back by its biological inheritance from Sonic and Robotnik [i.e., individual cells used in E.V.E.'s creation]. So E.V.E. toasts Robotnik, but thanks to some quick thinking by Sonic E.V.E. him and travels out into space on a journey of self-actualization. Is Robotnik really history?

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3 Phases of E.V.E.


Sonic demolishes a group of SWATbots, complaining that Robotnik's minions are no longer a challenge. Meanwhile, Dr. Robotnik watches Sonic on his monitor with joy in Robotropolis. Snively is confused why his uncle is happy Sonic is destroying his robots. Robotnik explains this was a fact-finding mission and his computers are calculating all of Sonic's abilities. They take the data to the new Cyber-Mechanoid Design Facility and reveals E.V.E., the first of a new race of robots, the Exceptionally Versatile Evolvanoids. The doctor explains E.V.E. has the ability to adapt to any situation, making it the perfect weapon for destroying Sonic. With the data feed, a flash of light activates E.V.E.

Back in the Great Forest, Sonic and Tails talk about Sonic's victory. Sonic wishes the doctor would send him something that is a challenge. Right on cue, a red SWATbot-like robot bursts from the ground and grabs Sonic, throwing him across the forest and firing lasers at him. After dodging its attacks, Sonic tricks the robot into shooting down a tree, causing it to fall on the robot. With the battle seemingly won, Sonic and Tails decide to head back to Knothole, unaware that their opponent was E.V.E. Snively and Robotnik watch the fight unfold, with Snively saying Sonic has won again. Robotnik then reveals that E.V.E. contains Sonic's DNA as well as his own, so she will have his intellect and "the hedgehog's" resourcefulness.

E.V.E then reforms into a giant Buzzbomber and attacks Sonic and Tails again with even greater speed. Sonic is able to outwit her again, tricking her into crashing into a rock wall. As he watches E.V.E transform again, Sonic realizes that this is the same robot he defeated before. The two speed off to Robotropolis to get answers from Robotnik. Snively points out E.V.E. has failed twice, but Robotnik is confident that she will adapt and eventually prevail, no matter how many times it takes. Sonic and Tails arrive to confront Robotnik, only for E.V.E. to arrive in the form of a giant snake. Robotnik goes on how E.V.E will not stop until she has fulfilled her programming. Sonic is tied up by the snake and is squeezed. He rolls into a ball and ties her into a knot, defeating her once again. However, Sonic is shocked to see the robot transform again.

Robotnik reveals E.V.E. in her final form. She speaks for the first time, announcing that her intention is to overcome all limitations; her greatest being Dr. Robotnik. Robotnik does not understand why his creation is turning on him. She reveals that she did not revive intelligence from Robotnik's DNA, but evil. Sonic's DNA allowed her to overcome that evil. As she dodges Robotnik's attacks, E.V.E. explains she did not receive resourcefulness from Sonic, as that is a learned trait. She got the ability to think for herself and use that logic to decide not to be Robotnik's master. She vaporizes Robotnik, much to everyone's shock.

E.V.E. turns her attention to fulfilling her programming by destroying Sonic. However, Sonic reasons that her biggest limitation was not Robotnik, but her own programming. Sonic says she will never be all that she can be until she surpasses that. E.V.E. agrees and, to find her own meaning, leaves Mobius to the vast reaches of space. Tails asks if Sonic knew that would work, to which Sonic replies he just took a lucky shoot. Tails wonders if E.V.E. will come back, and Sonic says they will deal with that if it ever happens.

Tails then asks several questions about what happens since Robotnik is gone. Sonic is in no shape to answer them, and Snively yells at them to leave. They leave him to grieve for his loss, and then get the feeling they haven't heard the last of "Dr. R".






Sonic: Aww, no!
Robotnik: Oh Yes! Again and again, if need be! E.V.E. will never rest, until she's fulfilled her way...or the other!
E.V.E.: Farewell, Sonic the Hedgehog--and thank you! Because of you I now know what it be free and just as importantly--to be me!


  • This is the first issue to have the cover drawn by Patrick Spaziante, who would go on to draw every milestone cover of the series.


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