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| next = Archie Sonic the Hedgehog Issue 208
| next = Archie Sonic the Hedgehog Issue 208
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| current = #207
| series = Sonic the Hedgehog (comic series){{!}}Sonic the Hedgehog
| series = Sonic the Hedgehog (Archie comic series){{!}}Sonic the Hedgehog
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{{Infobox comic

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Archie Sonic the Hedgehog Issue 207 is the two hundred seventh issue of the Sonic the Hedgehog comic series published by Archie Comics.

Official solicitation

“Blackout”: The Iron King wants the force-field over Sonic’s home city gone, so he heads to its power source: the radioactive remains of Robotropolis! This could spell doom for our heroes – not to mention the surrounding environment! As Sonic races to the rescue, Princess Sally finally comes to a pivotal personal decision. PLUS: “The Iron Queen:” The second half of this intriguing new villainess’ thrilling origin is revealed!

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In Robotropolis, Commander Amadeus Prower and his army are at Fort Acorn. Prower tells his army to keep firing the lasers at the Iron King, but in vain. The Iron King destroys the fort and attacks the army, commenting that they strike and break against him.

Meanwhile, at the Market place in New Mobotropolis, Sally tells Monkey Khan about her relationship with Sonic after he came back from outer space. Monkey Khan is impressed that she and Sonic are still together after all the Freedom Fighters have faced.But Sally tells him that her friendship with Sonic has patched, and admits that she shouldn't have ended their relationship like that. But Monkey Khan tells her that she held together a group of friends for over ten years, and beaten Robotnik twice. He refuses to believe that someone someone as strong as her could not save a friendship. Sally is touched, but Khan says he's saying what he felt since Sally rescued him. Nicole then interferes, startling Sally and Khan. Nicole apologizes for the interruption and Sally asks her what's wrong, and Nicole found out from the soldiers that Fort Acorn was under attack by the Iron King. Sally is shocked, but Nicole tells her that she sent Sonic and Tails to rescue Commander Prower and his men. Sally thanks Nicole, but Monkey Khan is confused.

Nicole explains about Fort Acorn which was used to protect Robotropolis from the Eggman Empire. Sally also reveals that Robotropolis is a little more radioactive, and Nicole used her nanites to build an energy converter to clean up the mess and provide the city with power. Monkey Khan deduces that the Iron King would pollute the region and leave the city defenseless. He decides to help, while Sally makes Nicole keep an eye on him and provide reinforcements. As Monkey Khan flies off, Nicole asks Sally if she is alright, and Sally responds by saying that she has a 'lot of thinking to do'.

Meanwhile, Amadeus Prower has drawn his sword and attempts to attack the Iron King, only for his sword to break because of his armor. The Iron King grabs Prower and taunts him, only to be hit by Sonic's Spin Dash. Prower is freed, and praises Sonic for the hit. Sonic tells that Tails is evacuating everyone from the fort, and decides to take on the Iron King. Amadeus Prower then heads off to the ship, and finds Tails. He asks him where he got this ship, and Tails says that Nicole built it with her nanites. He asks his father if he is alright, and Prower responds that he is very impressed and very proud. After Sonic sees the ship fly, he faces the Iron King and dodges his attacks. He traps the Iron King in the mud and taunts him, but the Iron King breaks free and surrounds Sonic, but Monkey Khan arrives and surrounds him. Monkey Khan says the Iron King will kneel to him for his crimes. Sonic tells them to actually do something as he continues to relax.

Sally stops by at Antoine and Bunnie's house hoping that she wasn't interrupting them. Bunnie says that Antoine was about to get lunch for them. After Antoine goes, Sally asks about Bunnie's condition. She will be active next week after the incident with the Iron Queen. Sally then gets to the topic, she tells Bunnie that she is falling for someone, but she does not know what to do with her relationship with Sonic. Bunnie says that since he and Sally are still friends and Sonic was moving on, Bunnie suggests that Sally should move on too. But Sally is unsure if this guy is right for her. Bunnie suggests on dating him to see if he's right for her. Sally says that she's the field leader of the Freedom Fighters, and says that she has no time for a date, as the team is dealing with the 'seat of power' that is terrorizing the government. But Bunnie just smiles, saying what she knows what type of guy Sally is into. Sally thanks Bunnie, admitting that she really does know her.

The Iron Queen

Off Panel

See also: Off Panel

The off panel shows the different types of domes, one that protects New Robotropolis, the Egg Dome, and the dome that shows New Robotropolis in it's radioactive state. Sonic cuts in in the fourth panel saying: 'We get it! You like domes'!

Jazwares comic book packs

The toy company Jazwares has included this issue in two of their exclusive action figure/ comic book packs. This issue was first released in a pack with Sonic and Metal Sonic, shortly after, this pack was replaced with another pack that was identical except Metal Sonic was replaced with Amy Rose. The pack with Amy makes a bit more sense considering Sonic and Amy go on a date in this issue, and Metal Sonic does not appear in it at all. In an Interview with TomoPop, Joe (from Jazwares) said "... eventaully the comic book pack will be replaced and we will put Amy in there, thats kind of an idea from the fans cause they were saying, there was a concern of Amy being popular with kids...".


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