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Archie Sonic The Hedgehog Issue 205 is the two hundred fifth issue of the Sonic the Hedgehog comic book series published by Archie Comics.

Official Solicitation

“On the Run Part One”: Bunnie is back, but worse for wear with her wounds being tended in the hospital. Luckily, her friends are by her side... but not for long, as a less-than-lucid Eggman attacks in his Egg-Tortoise walker! Sonic and Tails spring into action, while Iron Queen and crew watch with wide eyes. Why are they so interested in seeing Eggman captured? It's the start of a new pulse-pounding tale guest-starring Nicole, Antoine, Monkey Khan, Espio and more! PLUS: “Birthright Part One”: Now it can be revealed: the long-held secret of the disappearance of Lien-Da’s father!


On the Run - Part One

Dr. Eggman unlocks the cell override code while insanely rambling. Snively comes over and witnesses Robotnik crashing out of his cell. He throws Snively onto the wall and heads out to "destroy that hedgehog". Snively puts the Yagyu Clan and Dark Legion on high alert. He rams into the Iron King by accident and explains the problem. As he does, Eggman suddenly crashes out in his Egg-Tortoise, scattering the Iron Dominion's forces.

Back at New Mobotropolis, Sonic and Monkey Khan visit Bunnie in the Tommy Turtle Memorial Hospital while she is healing. Bunnie says she just needed some "rest". Monkey Khan apologizes to Bunnie, but she tells him that she was in more dangerous situations than what had happened that morning, and forgives him. Doctor Quack reminds Khan that he should be in bed. Sonic steps in and tells the doctor that Khan was with him the whole time. As Dr. Quack walks out, NICOLE comes in and tells the room at large about a disturbance in the Great Forest.

Sonic heads to the forest and finds Dr. Eggman ripping out trees with his mech, looking for "Knothole". As he sees the blue hedgehog, Eggman at first thinks it's another Mobian, but suddenly realizes who he is. Eggman then fires missiles at Sonic, but Sonic dodges all of them.

Meanwhile, in the Eggdome, as the Iron Queen is directing everyone to get prepared, the Bride of the Conquering Storm comes in and explains Espio's failure. The Iron Queen directs her to go back to the Dragon Kingdom to get the other clans in line. Conquering Storm acknowledges the order while leaving with a sinister grin on her face. The queen then tells Dimitri he will be in charge of the Eggdome's security. When she leaves, Dimitri then tells Lien-Da to watch over things, but as he goes to his lab, she heads to her bunk instead.

Tails flies in to help Sonic and sees that it is Dr. Eggman causing all the havoc. Sonic directs him to disable the guns while Eggman is distracted. Tails manages to crawl under and shut down the entire system instead. He asks Sonic if he is going easy on Eggman, and he says he is after "breaking" him. Tails explains that he deserves no sympathy, but he does say that they don't have to be cruel to him. Sonic tries to get Eggman to surrender, but he sucker-punches Sonic in the face and passes out after laughing maniacally. The Iron Dominion then appears and demands that they hand over Eggman. Sonic tells Tails to take Eggman to the city, saying he's got the hard job while he prepares to fight the Iron Dominion.

Birthright - Part One

While resting in her bunk, Lien-Da reflects on how a Kommissar shouldn't be bunking with the troops and that she should be Grandmaster. She reflects on how she and her brother Kragok plotted their own father's assassination, how she used an unstable weapon to kill him and how it also hurt herself. She also remembered how when she came to, Kragok took her 'rightful' Grandmaster position for himself alone. She reflects that whenever she had a chance to become Grandmaster, someone else would always take it away from her. Dimitri then told Lien-Da over the intercom to come to his lab. Hesitating for a few moments, Lien-Da goes to the lab, intending to take her rightful position...


Sth205a 2

"SnooPING AS usual."




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