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Archie Sonic the Hedgehog Issue 203 is the two hundred third issue of the Sonic the Hedgehog comic series published by Archie Comics.

Official solicitation

“Heavy is the Head Part One”: Sonic learned last issue that the villains of the Iron Dominion were no push-overs. Now the fight gets personal! And when the Iron Queen arrives to show just how powerful she is, the life of a Freedom Fighter hangs in the balance! PLUS: “Friend in Deed”: Knuckles must fight the fight everyone dreads, as he faces off against a former colleague-turned-traitor within the Chaotix!

Featured stories

Heavy is the Head Part One: Surprise Visit

Rory, Snaggle, and Sasha are throwing rocks at Monkey Khan. Sonic took their rocks and questioned why they did it, to which they told about him ruining Mina's performance. Khan apologized and left with Sonic following and questioning him. Monkey Khan attacked Sonic for calling him "king", because of the countless failures he has been through. After explaining himself, Khan cooled down and Sonic stated that at least the Iron Dominion wasn't on the offensive. However, Nicole suddenly appeared and told Sonic that the Iron Queen and Snively were within the city's walls. At that, Khan suddenly ran off, to Sonic's surprise.

Up in the air, the Iron Queen and Snively are looking down on the city in two Egg Mobiles. Sally warned them to surrender, but they were simply mocking her. Sally then sends Tails and Bunnie to attack, but then Bunnie's robotic parts act of their own accord and she suddenly attacks Tails. As she struggles, the Iron Queen explains her power and sends her to attack the other Freedom Fighters. Tails attempts to subdue her, but is instead hit with smoke from her boosters. She then looks in horror as her robotic arm goes toward Antoine, but narrowly misses him. Sonic then appears and steers her to a safehouse to contain her. Unfortunately, her arm cannon activates and destroys the unit. She nearly hurts the three orphans, but Monkey Khan saved them. They then plead with him to save Bunnie, but Khan is reluctant to do so.

Meanwhile, the Iron Queen taunts Bunnie, who is now on the verge of fainting. Before the Queen could prepare to have Bunnie fire another shot, Monkey Khan appears and attacks the two, releasing Bunnie from her control. Sally then orders Sonic to take Bunnie (who has lost consciousness) to Freedom HQ to safety. Up in the air, the Iron Queen mocks Khan while he demands she retreat. Suddenly, Snively sneaks behind him and takes his crown. As Mighty and Vector arrive, Khan screams for them to run as the Iron Queen binds him with her magic and takes control of him, body and mind.

Friend in Deed Part One

Knuckles is thinking about how Espio suddenly turned traitor on him. As he reminisces, he looks behind him and sees Espio. They start to talk before Espio starts to attack Knuckles with a kunai. He then goes on the other side of the Master Emerald. As Knuckles goes after him, Espio grabs Knuckles by his dreadlocks and holds him over the edge of the island.


Sonic: (to Khan) What was that? Where's your infamous temper, monkey-boy?


  • The front cover of this comic made fans think that Bunnie was going to betray the Freedom Fighters, but instead the Iron Queen actually takes control of Bunnie's robotic half and uses it against the Freedom Fighters and yet, during the battle, Bunnie fights to be free from the Iron Queen's control. Which then the Iron Queen takes control of Monkey Khan.
  • This issue's Sonic Grams contained the first hint that Cream the Rabbit would be making her debut in the Archie Comics at some point; a debut that would eventually come to fruition with Sonic the Hedgehog #217.


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