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Archie Sonic the Hedgehog Issue 2 is the second issue of the Sonic the Hedgehog comic series published by Archie Comics.

Official solicitation

Triple Trouble

When Robotnik sends his newest badnik, Coconuts, after Sonic and Tails, they send Coconuts' parts back COD! Robotnik then retaliates by sending two more badniks - Scratch and Grounder!

Featured stories

Cover Corner Box

Sonic prepares to run exclaiming "And awaaay we go!"

Triple Trouble!

Part I

As Robotnik plots Sonic's demise, Crabmeat asks if he can help. Robotnik tells Crabmeat he can help by being the target of his newest badnik, Coconuts, who blows Crabmeat to bits with an coconut bomb. Robotnik then sends Coconuts out to eliminate Sonic. Meanwhile, Sonic and Tails are running outside Knothole, but are suddenly ambushed by Coconuts. Coconuts laughs and mocks Sonic, angering Tails. Tails tries to convince Sonic to go after him, but Sonic refuses and says he has a better idea.

Later, Coconuts sits in a tree and figures that Sonic has left. Suddenly, the tree starts shaking. Coconuts drops to the ground and sees that Sonic and Tails are the cause. Coconuts then throws a coconut at Tails, who knocks it to Sonic by creating a wind with his two tails. In turn, Sonic sends the coconut back at Tails. Coconuts becomes angry and demands that they to stop playing volleyball with his coconut bomb. Sonic ends their game of Monkey in the Middle by spiking the bomb right at Coconuts. Later, a SWATbot comes into Robotnik's office with a package, which is revealed to be carrying Coconuts, blown to pieces from his own bomb.

Part II

Rather than repairing Coconuts after his defeat by Sonic and Tails, Robotnik hires two of his newer robots, Scratch, a robotic chicken and the head of the Super Special Sonic Search and Smash Squad, and his "non-identical twin" Grounder. The two robots eventually locate the Great Forest, where Sonic and Tails spy on them. Sonic orders Tails to retreat back to Knothole, and then sends the badniks off the edge of a cliff. Scratch and Grounder get back on their feet as Sonic looks down on them from the top of the cliff. Sonic tells the duo to go back to Robotnick, but Grounder, unphased, shoots a cable out of his arm, pulling Sonic off the cliff. Scratch then triumphantly walks up to Sonic with Grounder's rope and says that Robotnik will be proud of him. Grounder objects to this, stating that he has earned the same amount of glory, and the two begin to brawl.

Sonic regains consciousness and notices the two fighting, which gives him an idea. He manages to create a trench around the two robots, where they sink into the ground, surrounded by dirt up to their heads. Sonic proceeds to answer a call from Dr. Robotnik on Grounder's phone to inform him of the robots' defeat, upon which Robotnik screams with rage "I HATE THAT HEDGEHOG!" as Sonic runs off victorious.

In the Beginning!

Sonic the Hedgehog presents to the readers the ideas for his creators had for his character before they decided on Sonic. The characters include Chronic the Hedgehog, Philharmonic the Hedgehog, Moronic the Hedgehog, Histrionic the Hedgehog, Hydroponic the Hedgehog and Stereophonic the Hedgehog.

Vertigo A´ Go-Go!

  • Writer: Michael Gallagher
  • Pencils: Dave Manak
  • Inks: Jon D'Agostino
  • Colors: Daryl America
  • Letters: Dan Nakrosis
  • Editor: Daryl Edelman
  • Editor-in-Chief: Richard Goldwater

Sonic is running about and grabbing "Magic Rings" when he notices a random cluster of them. When Sonic reaches them, he is shot up by a hidden Spring, taking him to the Special Zone. There, he discovers all perspectives and gravity are warped, and meets Horizont-Al and Verti-Cal. Sonic jumps to a conclusion that they were hired by Dr. Robotnik, but they deny this statement as they slam Sonic into a wall with the gravity shifts. Sonic suggests that they join the Freedom Fighters since they have the ability to control gravity, but they don't listen and thrust Sonic back to Mobius. Antoine finds Sonic and asks him "What's up?", to which Sonic angrily chases Antoine.

Foiled Again!

Sally and Boomer pull out some tinfoil, asking Sonic to sit on a stool. The two grab the foil and ram it into Sonic's face, leaving an impression of Sonic's face on it. They put it down, noting it's for a foil embossed comic cover. Sonic sits up disoriented as Boomer tells him there are 74,999 covers left.


Sally asks Sonic to wait with her, but Sonic wants to help out more around Knothole Village. He runs around cleaning the litter from the Freedom Fighter parade, repairs holes left by a Burrobot invasion, and delivers all 200 issues of the Knothole Herald. After completing all his work, Sonic returns to Sally before she has even finished cooking a two-minute egg.

All the Mail's about Tails!

Fans send in letters inquiring of Tail's origin. One fan speculates that his ancestor was owned by Charles Dickens, a second is sure that a mutant; a third fan claims that he's a freak, and a fourth fan suggests he was created in a laboratory. Of course, it turns out in the end that all were wrong on their theories. Sonic blushes as he opens another letter asking why he's always naked.

Key Events

  • Coconuts, Scratch and Grounder are defeated by Sonic.
  • Sonic accidentally discovers the Special Zone.


  • Robotnik: Sonic the Hedgehog must be crushed!
  • Scratch: And we're just the badnicks to do it!
  • Sonic: I'm Sorry...the badniks you are trying to reach have been disconnected! Have a nice day!
  • Robotnik: What? Is this who I think it is? I HATE THAT HEDGEHOG!

Other features

  • "Princess Sally" Pinup
  • "Sonic" Pinup
  • "Princess Sally" Pinup: Full page illustration of Sonic taking Sally's pinup for himself and asking the reader not to tell her.
  • "Sonic" Pinup: Full page illustration of Sally taking Sonic's pinup for herself and asking the reader not to tell him.


  • Amusingly, Rich Goldwater's surname is expressed as their chemical symbols (Au is the symbol of gold while H2O is the symbol for water.) This pun would be used in several issues.
  • When Tails asks Sonic why he needs to go back to Knothole, the reader is presented with three options for Sonic's responce:
    • To let Princess Sally know about them
    • Because I said so
    • To allow the artist more room to draw
  • Rotor was still being referred to as "Boomer" at the time of this issue's publishing.
  • The cover date does not reflect the actual publication date of the issue.
  • This issue hits at the possibility of a Tails miniseries, which would come two years latter.


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