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Archie Sonic the Hedgehog Issue 198 is the one hundred ninety-eighth issue of the Sonic the Hedgehog comic series published by Archie Comics.

Official solicitation

“Egg Phoenix Down”: The countdown to the epic Sonic the Hedgehog #200 continues! Sonic leads the fully assembled Freedom Fighters and Chaotix on an invasion of Dr. Robotnik’s city, but the doctor unleashes a terrifying new weapon that may make their fight a short one! Don’t miss all the egg-plosive action!

Featured stories

Egg Phoenix Down

The Knothole Freedom Fighters charge into the ruins outside of the Eggdome to clear the area of the Dark Egg Legion soldiers. As they do, Lien-Da watches, noting that the Freedom Fighters stopped advancing. As she expresses confidence, the Chaotix suddenly appear, and as Lien-Da calls for backup, Sonic the Hedgehog Spin Dashes through her pod, knocking her to the ground. She then attacks Sonic with her whip until she is disarmed by Antoine, cutting it in half with his sword. She then retreats with her troops while calling for support. Charmy Bee then relays to Sally Acorn that the entire battalion is in full retreat. She then gets a call from Tails, saying that he is finished ahead of schedule. Sally then tells him to meet up with the groups.

Inside the Eggdome, Dimitri confronts Dr. Eggman, telling him his Legion needs support, and the Doctor goes off to fight Sonic. Dimitri, not considering Eggman reliable, then asks Eggman if he has a reserve Badnik army, to which Eggman replies "No, Enerjak saw to that". He then states that he will be the one to finish off Sonic and him alone.

Outside the Eggdome, Lien-Da commands her soldiers to fire upon the two opposing groups. Before they do, Tails activates his Neutralizing Mines around the Legion, disabling their weapons. Sally then calls out for their surrender. At that moment, a ball of fire erupts from the Eggdome, revealing itself to be the Egg Phoenix. It then shoots fire at all the groups, scattering them in different directions (with the Legion in retreat yet again). The Freedom Fighters and Chaotix regroup and try to come up with a new plan, but then the Egg Phoenix comes back to them, scattering them again.

Meanwhile, Snively is watching from the Eggdome, noting that Eggman is actually winning. Dimitri then notes that Eggman almost killed his group as well, to which Snively replied he did not care. Dimitri then threatened to expose his secret about his love affair to Eggman unless he started caring. Snively then tells Dimitri that they both can benefit from her arrival if he keeps his mouth shut.

Outside, the Freedom Fighters and Chaotix are taking cover from the Egg Phoenix's fire. Sally then comes up with a plan...

Sonic runs out into the open, taunting Eggman into following him. Sonic then runs to Vector, who tosses him into the air. He then goes up to Knuckles, who tosses him even higher up, followed by Tails, then Bunnie. He then tells Eggman about the pitfall of flying straight up... it causes the aircraft to stall. As the Phoenix drops, Ray, Charmy and Saffron plant Neutralizing Mines on the Egg Phoenix, which then lands toward Tails and Sally. Tails then activates the mines when the Egg Phoenix is in range, disabling the Phoenix and causing it to crash. An enraged Eggman then flies from the Phoenix's remains as Sonic goes toward the wreckage, which then explodes in front of him. The two groups then set up camp for the night.

Eggman enters the Eggdome and orders Snively and Dimitri to assemble the Legion for tomorrow's attack.


Sonic: Hey Eggman! Nice pyrotechnics, but your Egg Sparkler hasn't hit me yet!



Cover artwork

Concept artwork


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