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Archie Sonic the Hedgehog Issue 194 is the one hundred ninety-fourth issue of the Sonic the Hedgehog comic series published by Archie Comics.

Official solicitation

“Otherside, Part Two”: Sonic’s plan to find help on the mirror world of Moebius backfired and now he’s fighting for his life! Back home, the Suppression Squad has had enough but are two teams enough to stop King Scourge? All this, plus you won’t believe who makes his big debut this month! Surprises abound in this issue!

Featured stories

Otherside Part 2: Cross World Conflict!

Rosy attempted to strike Sonic with her mallet, but missed and tried again while Sonic tried to convince her to stop, but all she wanted to do is smash "Sonics" like her "Scourgey". Rosy's alternate counterpart, Amy, then tried to make her stop by saying they are like sisters, but Rosy wished to "smash" her nonetheless and then chases Amy up a curtain and Buns Rabbot in her Omega Care Unit attempted to help. At Freedom HQ, Scourge and the rest of the Suppression Squad were awaiting Miles' arrival, with Scourge growing more and more impatient. Fiona Fox then spotted Miles beings pursued by the Knothole Freedom Fighters. He made a rushed entrance into Freedom HQ and after ignoring Scourge and Fiona's questions, informed Princess Alicia that the alliance with the Freedom Fighters was a success, and she and the other members got ready to show Scourge just what they thought of him. Back at Anti Castle Acorn, Buns managed to subdue Rosy with her quick-drying riot foam, but Rosy quickly freed herself by smashing the now hardened riot foam. Amy then took on Rosy mallet for mallet and told Sonic and Buns to find Dr. Kintobor's Globe Posts while she distracted Rosy. Buns was concerned for Amy going up against the psychopath, but Sonic assured her that Amy can handle herself. Buns led Sonic to a lab Miles and Boomer had set up before she got kicked out. Luckily, the Globe Posts were there and already on-line as the Suppression Squad wanted to keep up a supply line. Sonic then went through the posts to Freedom HQ to see how things are going back home. He arrived at Freedom HQ to see the Freedom Fighters and Suppression Squad fighting a losing battle against Scourge and Fiona. NICOLE quickly explained the situation and Sonic rushed off to join the brawl, but Fiona Fox stopped him. Sonic was surprised that she was not part of the mutiny, and she explained that she does not owe Mobius Prime anything after everybody she trusted burned her, so she was not going to trust anyone anymore. Sonic then states that she seemed to be trusting Scourge a whole lot, causing her to cry and tell Sonic it isn't like that, of which Sonic said "You keep telling yourself that."

Back at Anti Castle Acorn, a defeated Amy runs into the lab as Rosy had managed to break her Piko Piko Hammer. Rosy followed her into the lab and knocks Buns out of the way and saw the active Globe Posts and attempted to smash them, but Buns intervened and knocked her back. Buns then told Amy to get through the Globe Posts and tell Sonic to hurry up and get back here while she holds off Rosy, who had just managed to crush one of the Omega Unit's arms. Amy does so, and Sonic, realizing he took too long, knocked Fiona out of the way with a spin-dash and went after Scourge. Boomer then used his cannons to knock both hedgehogs out while Miles threw them into the Star Posts while Boomer shut down all the posts. Back at Anti Castle Acorn's lab, Amy assisted an in-pain Sonic to his feet just as Scourge woke up. Buns, in her wrecked Omega Care Unit, then warns all of them as Rosy prepares to strike.

In the Kingdom of Mercia at Never Lake, Rob o' the Hedge informs his wife Mari-An that he is at the lake because of a stranger out on it. He tells her to head back home and take care of Jon, but she says she will stand by him and that Jon is asleep anyway. The stranger floating above the water asks Rob if he is Sonic the Hedgehog. Rob replies he isn't, but that he knows Sonic. The stranger asks if he can take him to Sonic, and Rob says he could, but demands to know who the stranger is. He introduces himself as Silver the Hedgehog and says he must find Sonic for the sake of their future.

Sleepless in New Megaopolis

Snively Robotnik is pondering in New Megaopolis in the Eggdome lab while his crazy "uncle", Dr. Eggman, rambles on about how Sonic destroys his machines every time. He wonders what he is doing there and remembers he came to his uncle for power. Eggman notices that Snively is not listening to him, and tells him to take his "ugly, useless carcass elsewhere" and throws a spanner at him.

Snively then wanders the halls of the Eggdome, thinking about when the Eggman Empire was powerful with a virtually unstoppable army, and how they now had nothing more than the Dark Egg Legion. He comes across Lien-Da talking with another Dark Legionnaire. He tells them that as his "subordinates" they should salute as he walks by, but Lien-Da says they serve Eggman and are as much a subordinate as Snively himself is. Snively then continues to walk and ponder, thinking he cannot takeover the empire when it's falling apart, especially with Eggman keeping a close eye on him when he is not "babbling nonsense". Snively then walks into the Egg Network Room thinking that he cannot return to the Knothole Freedom Fighters after destroying their "clubhouse" and cannot start fresh in another part of the empire with Eggman's Sub-Bosses running loose. He then begins a routine progress check using the Egg Network to see if he can make contact with any of them, and one by the name of "RF" from the "DKA" logs on saying that the local resistance is still keeping her and her forces at bay, and asks how things are going at the heart of the empire. Snively tells her that things are going terribly as the Freedom Fighters are taking them apart piece by piece. Snively continues to talk with her and starts to feel a connection as they are on the same "wavelength", and she appears to reciprocate it. "RF" then tells Snively that she will try to tie up some loose ends and come over to New Megaopolis to help get things in order, much to Snively's delight.


Sonic: Hold it! We came here to ask for your help to stop Scourge.
Rosy: You're a Sonic! My Scourgey is a Sonic! I want to smash Sonics!
Sonic: But Scourge is the evil me! I'm the good one-- the likeable one! Lovable, even!
Rosy: Still a Son-ic! Still squish-a-ble!
Amy: But I'm not a "Sonic". We're like sisters nearly!
Rosy: You're breathing! That's good enough for me!
Scourge: (after punching Boomer) @#$% traitors! (punches Bunnie) I took down a whole planet! A planet! (kicks Alicia) And you morons think you can take me? Me?! (kicks both Miles and Tails) Sonic can't take me! And you still want to take me out?! (gives Boomer a shoulder in the gut) You could have served the baddest king ever! Now you're just gonna get served!
Rob: Halt! You trespass upon sacred water! State your business!
Silver: Are you Sonic the Hedgehog?
Rob: Nay, but I know him.
Silver: Can you take me to him?
Rob: In truth I could, but who art thou?
Silver: I am Silver the Hedgehog and I must find this "Sonic". Your future depends on it.
Snively: As my subordinates, I expect you to salute when I come by!
Lien-Da: We serve your crazy uncle, same as you. Get in line. (Legionnaire beside her blows a raspberry)


  • This issue features a map of Mobius. However, it mistakenly places the "Land of a Million Lights" where the "Lethal Radioactive Zone" should be. This also could be a retcon.
  • This issue also marks the first concrete evidence of Eggman's deteriorating mental state.
  • In Kingdom of Mercia, the moon is a crescent. However in New Megaopolis, the moon is full.
  • The bottom part of Rosy the Rascal's face is mistakenly colored peach on the cover, while in the actual issue itself, it is colored a pasty white.
  • On the computer screen that Snively is using in the second story, the initials DKA:RF appear before the other person's comments. It is likely that this stands for Dragon Kingdom Area: Regina Ferrum, which provides readers with the information that will be revealed at the end of Sonic the Hedgehog #200.
  • The title of the second story is a pun on the movie Sleepless in Seattle.
  • Silver is given many parallels with a 'Messiah' type character in the Archie comics; in this issue he arrives 'walking' on water, which Rob states to literally be sacred.


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