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|next = Archie Sonic the Hedgehog Issue 194
|next = Archie Sonic the Hedgehog Issue 194
|current = #193
|current = #193
|series = Sonic the Hedgehog (comic series){{!}}Sonic the Hedgehog
|series = Sonic the Hedgehog (Archie comic series){{!}}Sonic the Hedgehog
{{Infobox comic
{{Infobox comic

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Archie Sonic the Hedgehog Issue 193 is the one hundred ninety-third issue of the Sonic the Hedgehog comic series published by Archie Comics.

Official solicitation

“Otherside Part One”: Good comes face-to-face with evil… and it’s just like looking in a mirror as Sonic and the Freedom Fighters square off against their evil doppelgangers from another world! With King Scourge (the evil anti-Sonic from another dimension) and the Suppression Squad controlling Freedom HQ, Sonic and Amy are sent across time and space to Moebius… the Anti-Mobius, that is! They run into some familiar faces in this topsy-turvy world, but who is friend and who is foe? And back home, what sinister scheme is Miles hatching?

Featured stories

Otherside - Part One

Sonic the Hedgehog and Amy Rose are sent to Moebius, better known as "Anti-Mobius". As soon as they arrive, they end up in Doctor Ivo Kintobor's tower. Quickly, his guardian, the Anti-Bunnie in her Omega Care Unit caught them and attacked, showing off the Omega Care Unit's Riot Foam and Sound Blaster. Soon after the fight starts though, "good Dr. Robotnik" arrives, apologizing profusely and taking them outside to tell them about where to get help to fight Scourge the Hedgehog. Meanwhile, in the prime zone, the Freedom Fighters find Anti-Tails at New Mobotropolis, who proposes a deal to form an alliance to defeat Scourge. It then cuts back to Doctor Kintobor giving his explanation on how the Suppression Squad got to Mobius in the first place: by stealing his 'Globe Posts' and using them to try to conquer the Prime Zone as well. It's also revealed that Buns Rabbot, the Anti-Bunnie has N.I.D.S., the disease that affected Maria Robotnik. She ends up telling them about Rosy the Rascal, the Anti-Amy. It cuts back to Miles, showing a flashback to the start of how Scourge got control of the Suppression Squad, and also shows him defeating Anti-Knuckles the Echidna. The comic ends in Moebius, with Sonic, Amy and Buns Rabbot at the Castle Acorn where they find Rosy, who is insane and attacks them.

Sonic Unleashed!

In another time, another place, Super Sonic is confronting Dr. Eggman in his space station, having just decimated the doctor's entire Space Armada. Eggman pleas to Sonic, acknowledging his defeat, but the hedgehog figured out so much and walks away, telling him he would see him again during his next scheme. Eggman then presses a button and activates his machine that traps Sonic in an energy field, which slips away the Chaos Emeralds from Sonic, thus turning Sonic back to normal and sucks the power out of the Emeralds while Sonic is affected by the drained energy. Dr. Eggman then activates his cannon which splits the world apart. Eggman gloats at Sonic, but turns around, only to find Sonic undergoing a transformation into a Werehog. Dr. Eggman becomes scared and opens the gate, sending Sonic and the drained Chaos Emeralds plummeting down to the planet.

Back on the planet, Sonic has landed in a green field and wakes up, wondering just what happened and asking himself many questions. As the sun comes up and Sonic notices that he is transforming back into his regular self, Sonic is ready to go out and find Eggman for some answers...


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