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Archie Sonic the Hedgehog Issue 192 is the one hundred ninety-second issue of the Sonic the Hedgehog comic series published by Archie Comics.

Official solicitation

“Metal and Mettle, Part Two”: You’re not just seeing double, you’re seeing quadruple when Sonic and Scourge fight for their lives against the sleek killer robots Metal Sonic and Metal Scourge! Why isn’t Scourge’s Suppression Squad doing anything to help? And what is the sinister secret Dr. Eggman is using to keep the Dark Egg Legion under his control?

Featured stories

Metal and Mettle Part 2

As Sonic and Scourge stare down their "metal" counterparts, Metal Sonic and Metal Scourge attack their organic counterparts, leaving them in the dirt. After making a brief complaint about his less than successful start, Sonic asks if he will re-think his truce proposition in order to beat the "metals", but Scourge points out that Sonic has yet to answer him on teaming up to conquer the Multiverse, but Sonic tells him he is preoccupied, which Scourge takes as a "yes".

Meanwhile in New Megaopolis's EggdomeDr. Eggman sits and watches the battle between the hedgehogs and robots while cheering the latter two on. Dimitri then comes in say that he is impressed with how quickly the doctor was able to make two robot doppelgangers within mere hours, but had yet been able to make a new robot army to reinforce the Dark Egg Legion. Eggman waves him away unconcerned, but Dimitri quickly wraps one tentacle around the doctor's arm to get his attention and says he will not allow the Echidnas to be used so carelessly, but Eggman says that he plans on using all of the Echidnas until there are none left, and says that if he has any further complaints, Dimitri can take it up with the bombs he installed in the Dark Legion's new cybernetics. Realizing his place, Dimitri then walks off while Eggman gives orders to prepare the troops, and Dimitri silently agrees that they must be ready for the next threat.

Back at Freedom HQ, Sonic narrowly misses being hit by Metal Sonic and suggests to Scourge they retreat into the Great Wastes to stop Freedom HQ from getting destroyed, but Scourge isn't about to give the "metals" an inch. Fiona then pops her head outside Freedom HQ's door offering Scourge the Suppression Squad's assistance, but Scourge refuses and yells at Fiona, which gave Metal Scourge the opportunity to sneak up on Scourge before being kicked back by Sonic, who agrees with Fiona that Scourge could use help. Scourge then thanks Sonic for saving him, but neglects to return the favor when Metal Sonic slams into Sonic's back.

Meanwhile, Miles and Boomer engage in conversation while watching the battle, and Miles notes that Sonic is willing to help or save anyone as long as it's for the greater good. Princess Alicia warns him of what he says while Fiona looks on at Scourge, oblivious to their conversation. Alicia then says that Miles has seen it, and how they don't want to cross Scourge for what he might do, like how he made Patch's eye-patch more than for just show. Miles then says that he is merely observing that with Sonic, it wouldn't take much for them to tip the scales in their direction.

Meanwhile at the Dark Egg Legion's barracks in the Eggdome, Dimitri quickly grabs Lien-Da while she's giving a legionnaire instructions, and uses the sensors in his tentacles to search for a bomb inside her, which he does, and then reveals what he learned. Lien-Da accuses this development as being his fault as he went to Eggman first, but Dimitri countered rather violently that he came to Eggman to fight the new Enerjak while she sold herself out to restore the legion's cybernetics. Lien-Da then asks what they are to do now while nursing an injured wrist thanks to Dimitri's tentacles, and says he surely isn't going to go to Knuckles yet, and he agrees and tells her that the legion are his people and that she is his only family and that he will think of a way out of this.

Back outside Freedom HQ, the "metals" are circling their organic counterparts while Sonic discussed tactics to defeat them. He thinks back to when he was last matched "blow-for-blow" by the Egg Beater and suggests bringing someone in who the robots weren't built to fight like last time. Scourge then reluctantly orders his Suppression Squad to attack the "metals". Sonic, Miles, and Fiona easily take care of Metal Sonic while Scourge, Patch, and Alicia deal with Metal Scourge, and the two are then blasted until only pieces remain by Boomer's sonic-cannons. Miles is quick to tell Sonic that he and the Suppression Squad seemed to have worked well together, and Scourge then reminds Sonic of his offer, which Sonic stated that Scourge was "sick" if he thought he would ever even consider teaming up with him. Scourge asks if Sonic will be continuing his fight for Freedom HQ, but he declines saying he's had enough for one day and heads back to New Mobotropolis.

Once back home, Sonic is lectured by King Elias Acorn about disregarding the Council of Acorn's decision, and Sonic says that nobody is going to stop him from doing anything if he is in the right, to which Elias tells his sister Sally how amazed he is for their romantic relationship lasting so long. Sally then takes Sonic to the Science Center for his "punishment" where RotorTails and Sir Charles Hedgehog are working on a new pair of Star Posts, and Sally informs Sonic that they've decided to take a page out of Scourge's book and counter-invade Moebius.

Father and Son

Scourge, wandering in New Mobotropolis for the night, decides to crash Sonic's house and give him a surprise late-night-pummelling. However, as he climbs into the house's window, Jules Hedgehog is on a chair, apparently waiting for him. When he surprises his anti-son, Scourge acts tough and begins to threaten on what he can do to Jules, and taunting the Robian into fighting. However, Jules doesn't budge, and instead tries to play psychoanalyst with Scourge, reminding him of who he really is. Scourge denies this, and explains that his father was a politician who led his planet into a period of time called the Great Peace - and points out that it resulted in nothing but stagnation and collapse. He then gleefully tells Jules that the Anti-Jules is dead, implying that he had a hand in it, and showing no regret for his loss. He adds that he's woken the world up, and it's not anarchy when everybody bows to him.

Even so, Jules remains confident in his position, and gives him a daunting message; if Scourge feels no remorse over his father, then Sonic certainly will if Jules is destroyed, and asks if Scourge can handle that. Unexpectedly, Scourge breaks down in tears as he leaves the house, conspicuously telling Jules, "Just a bunch of empty words. You're no different from my old man after all". As Jules watches out the window after Scourge, Bernie comes in and asks who he was talking too, with Jules claiming that it was no one.

Other features

  • Sonic-Grams: This edition of Sonic-Grams included two letters and three pictures of Fan-Art. It also showed the next Sonic the Hedgehog issue (#193).
  • Sonic Graphic Novel Checklist: The Sonic Graphic Novel Checklist is a comic subscription page for Sonic graphic novels: Sonic: The Beginning, Sonic Select, and the Sonic Archives.
  • Sonic Checklist: The Sonic Checklist is a comic subscription page for subscribing to the Sonic the Hedgehog and Sonic X comic books. (As of this issue, is not Sonic Universe), and for buying graphic novels and back issue collector sets.


  • Sonic: (thinking to himself) So we've got me... My "evil twin" who says he's "king"... My other "evil twin" who won't stay smashed... And some slapped-together combo of the two. This should be interesting!
Scourge: (to Sonic) Yeah, thanks for the save back there. (as Sonic is ambushed by Metal Sonic) Don't expect me to return the favor.
Scourge: Yeah, you run away. Can't nobody take down King Scourge.
Fiona: You tell him, baby.
Scourge: (to Jules as he leaves in tears) Just a bunch of empty words. You're no different from my old man after all.


  • This issue shows that Moebius had the "Great Peace", which seems to contrast Mobius's infamous Great War.
  • Although not stated directly, it is implied Scourge killed his father. Writer Ian Flynn stated he believed it to be self explanatory, though fans have still requested the circumstances of Anti Jules's death be more concretely detailed.
  • Scourge's eyes are mis-colored green throughout the comic.


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