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{{FA}}{{Issue order
{{FA}}{{Issue order
|series = Sonic the Hedgehog (comic series){{!}}Sonic the Hedgehog
|series = Sonic the Hedgehog (Archie comic series){{!}}Sonic the Hedgehog
|current = #191
|current = #191
|previous = Archie Sonic the Hedgehog Issue 190
|previous = Archie Sonic the Hedgehog Issue 190

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Archie Sonic the Hedgehog Issue 191 is the one hundred ninety-first issue of the Sonic the Hedgehog comic series published by Archie Comics.

Official solicitation

“Metal and Mettle, Part One”: The Council of Acorn is dragging its feet to take back Freedom HQ, and Sonic’s not the kind of guy to wait! Our hero is ready to rumble – but is he ready for King Scourge and the newest Metal Sonic? Meanwhile, Knuckles is still haunted by his time as Enerjak. Can his bond with Julie-Su take the strain? All this, plus a surprise newcomer joins the fray!

Featured stories

Metal and Mettle - Part One

Scourge the Hedgehog and the Suppression Squad have just conquered Freedom HQ. Then, a couple of days later, they get a visitor at the door: Metal Sonic. Scourge went out to the robot duplicate, when Dr. Eggman began to speak to them through Metal. Scourge gave a quick update to Eggman, who considered leaving since Sonic isn't there. But when Scourge commented that he'd be along to conquer Eggman's parts of the planet anyway, the doctor decided he might as well get rid of Scourge too, and Metal turned around to confront Scourge.

Meanwhile, in New Mobotropolis, Sonic and Knuckles met with the Council of Acorn so they could get back Freedom HQ. A Council member, Hamlin, suggested that they focus on Eggman for the gains they already made on his city and get Freedom HQ back later. The Council voted whether or not to leave Freedom HQ for then, and all but Charles and Rotor voted 'Yea'.

Sonic and Knuckles went outside, where Sonic suggested that they go and get Freedom HQ back. Knuckles, however, thought that the Council had a point. Sonic said Knuckles should do what he thought was right. Knuckles, in his anger, yells at Sonic that he did, which caused his father to die. Knuckles, full of tears, ran away from Sonic.

Sonic the Hedgehog went running to Freedom HQ, with a lot on mind. He thought they should be ahead of it all, yet he felt as though they were losing ground. He then decided he might feel better after he had beaten up Scourge. As he was thinking this, he saw Metal Sonic beating up Scourge already. Scourge continued to get beaten up, and Anti-Miles made a remark about how the Suppression Squad should do nothing to help, otherwise it would be an insult to "the king." When Scourge got lifted up by Metal, Sonic spin-dashed into the robot, knocking Scourge out of his hands. Sonic offered Scourge a temporary truce, which the evil hedgehog declined. Then Scourge and Metal Sonic both charged at Sonic.

Meanwhile, Knuckles was sitting by himself on a bench by the Lake of Rings, observing a warp ring in his hand, when Julie-Su walked up. She asked Knuckles if he has seen Sonic, because everyone was gathering for a tactical meeting. Knuckles tells her that he ran off to Freedom HQ. Julie-Su got a little mad, because she thought that they should be working together. Knuckles told her that he makes too many mistakes on his own, and that he should follow everyone else.

Julie-Su said that he already did that, which makes Knuckles very mad. Julie-Su tried to tell Knuckles something, who disregarded it as her trying to comfort him.

She then yelled back at Knuckles that all the past events not only affect him, but her, too. Knuckles takes it as all his fault, but Julie-Su tried to persuade him that it is not all his fault. Knuckles, feeling as though Julie-Su is being no help, activated his warp ring and went to Angel Island. Julie-Su was left, standing in tears, for she had no intention of fighting with Knuckles.

Back over at Freedom HQ, Sonic just dodged his two look-a-likes' spin-dashes. The three "Sonics" continued to tussle with each other. Scourge took a punch at Sonic while Sonic tried to persuade him to be a hero. Scourge continued to beat up Sonic, and when Scourge succeeded in knocking Sonic down, he asked Sonic to join him in ruling the Multiverse. Sonic stuttered in answering, when Metal Sonic spin-dashes at Scourge.

Over at Angel Island, Knuckles was talking to Archimedes about what happened with Julie-Su. Charmy was there, too, who wondered what's up with Knuckles. Archimedes told him that he was still trying to figure out a lot of stuff from being Enerjak. Charmy said that even when his thoughts get all mixed up, he doesn't get angry, but instead he tells himself, "There will always be more flowers." Knuckles found it to be surprisingly relevant, and Archimedes told Knuckles that he should go while they watch over things. Knuckles leaves Angel Island by warp ring, and caught up with Vector and Julie-Su, who were heading for the meeting. Knuckles and Julie-Su made up, and went for the meeting.

Back with Sonic, things weren't going as easily as it was with Knuckles. Sonic, Metal, and Scourge continued to brawl it up, just when Metal Sonic got reinforcements. Metal Scourge joins the fray.

Invaders from Beyond

In another time, in another place, Knuckles and Tails set up a trap to catch a group of thieves by using parts of the Tornado and a Chaos Emerald. The group had stolen all but one of the Chaos Emeralds, and using the remaining one as bait, they hoped to catch them. The two ran into the bushes and waited for the thieves to show up.

It didn't take long before they showed up, and when they did, the trap caught them but the thieves thought otherwise and destroyed the trap. Knuckles, wanting to teach these people a lesson, ran out there to fight. As he was fighting, more and more showed up, and soon, Knuckles was vastly outnumbered.

One of the thieves, a female, wanted to handle Knuckles. The two tussled for a while, but the thief succeeded in winning. They took the Chaos Emerald and teleported away. Tails, who was watching everything that happened, ran off to find Sonic, Amy, G.U.N. and more, for they needed a whole team to save Knuckles.

Other features

Sonic Graphic Novel Checklist

The Sonic Graphic Novel Checklist is a comic subscription page for Sonic graphic novels: Sonic: The Beginning, Sonic Select, and the Sonic Archives.

Sonic Checklist

The Sonic Checklist is a comic subscription page for subscribing to the Sonic the Hedgehog and Sonic X comic series, and for buying graphic novels and back issue collector sets.


This edition of Sonic-Grams included two fan-letters and three pieces of fan-art. It also showed the next Sonic the Hedgehog issue (#192).


  • Metal Scourge is the first robot Doctor Eggman built that is based on a person of an alternate reality.
  • Metal Scourge is different than Metal Sonic only in color and other small details, but beside those, is identical to Metal Sonic.
  • Scourge displays his usual penchant for dirty-fighting in this issue, and clearly attempts to kick Metal Sonic in the 'crotch' (even though robots don't have those).
  • The Nocturnus Clan is referred to as the Marauders in this issue.


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