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Archie Sonic the Hedgehog Issue 190 is the one hundred ninetieth issue of the Sonic the Hedgehog comic series published by Archie Comics.

Official solicitation

“A Bold New Moebius Part 2: Duality”: Worlds collide as Sonic and the heroic Freedom Fighters throw-down with the evil Scourge and the villainous Suppression Squad! Tensions run high as personal grudges come to light, and the fate of Freedom HQ hangs in the balance! Who will win this epic struggle? The answer may surprise you!

Featured stories

Bold New Moebius Part Two: Duality

Sonic the Hedgehog asks Scourge the Hedgehog if this invasion was his idea, to which Scourge's response is that he's king now. After a joke from Sonic, Scourge then attacks Sonic while remarking that he's superior since Sonic's the "Hero of Mobius" that means he can be just as powerful and when he left to go to his world, he conquered it in a few days and made the inhabitants make themselves different from their Prime-counterparts, similar to how he changed himself and finally states that the world will fall to his Suppression Squad. Sonic, unfazed, says that he and the Freedom Fighters are going to defeat them anyway. Rotor Walrus is talking to Nicole saying that he glad to be sidelined since he doesn't want to be in the middle of this battle, as the two groups charge at each other.

Meanwhile, the Chaotix are still fighting the Dark Egg Legion in New Megaopolis which Dimitri lectures Knuckles on attacking the city since he's done so much damage already. Lien-Da remarks that he's just a good lap dog for the Republic of Acorn. Dimitri then asks since Angel Island is clear of his enemies if he's just greedy of which an angry Julie-Su says that he sold out their people. An annoyed Dimitri then tells the Legion to open fire. The Chaotix evade the attack and after a little pep talk from Vector, Knuckles tells the Chaotix they can take the Legion as they leap into action.

Back at Freedom HQ, Sonic nearly sends Scourge through a Star Posts portal with a spin-dash until Fiona pulls Scourge back and asks him what to do. Scourge, angered at almost getting sent back, tells his team to get their act together. After a short pause, the Suppression Squad heads back into the fight. Rotor asks Nicole if the she could call the Chaotix back of which she says she can't. She then tells Rotor to get to safety since he is still recovering and has his duty to the Council of Acorn. Rotor leaves in tears and tells Nicole to keep an eye on the team. Fiona sees him leaving and tells someone to stop him. Miles (Anti-Tails) tries but is knocked back by Tails. Sally asks Alicia (Anti-Sally) why she is not leader and she tells her that titles got shuffled and survival matters more. Bunnie tells Antoine to change opponents but he tells her that he will still fight Patch and tells her he killed his father and also tells her that he can't go on if he took his wife away too. Boomer (Anti-Rotor) then restrains Antoine while Patch (Anti-Antoine) makes ready to kill Bunnie, but Sonic knocks all three with a spindash attack. After that, Scourge ambushes Sonic while Amy Rose comes to his aid but is attacked by Scourge. Sonic counters and says that he hopes the Chaotix are doing better than they are...

Back at New Megaopolis, the Chaotix are doing very well in taking on the Dark Egg Legion and taking on Dimitri scorpion body. Lien-Da frantically asks Snively for help but says what he said before, they are the standing army. Julie-Su takes out her sister's pod and tells Saffron she's clear. Saffron, Ray, and Charmy fly out of the exploding tower and the Dark Egg Legion retreats. Knuckles, after congratulating the Chaotix for a successful mission, talks to Dimitri stating that he's not a general and that Dr. Eggman is just more likely to lose. Dimitri then tells Knuckles through sarcasm that he makes it sound as if he's purposefully helping defeat the Eggman Empire before retreating. After contemplating Dimitri's words, Knuckles says the team should head back to Freedom HQ.

Back at Freedom HQ, everyone is still fighting as Sonic notices that the place is getting beat up. Sonic tells Sally they need a plan of action and she tells everyone to fall back to the common room. Sally tells Bunnie to get a shield to buy some time. Sally tells Sonic they are retreating back to New Mobotropolis much to his objection. Sally reasons that they caught them by surprise and that there might not be a Freedom HQ if they hold out longer. Bunnie is then overpowered by Boomer's sonic cannons and knocked backward. Scourge then taunts Sonic, asking if they played too rough of which Sonic says they'll be back before leaving. The Chaotix rush over to meet them and Knuckles asked what happened. Sally told him that it was an invasion from the Antiverse. Julie-Su asked Bunnie if she's hurt of which she says she's fine but they lost Freedom HQ. Sonic then says that it isn't lost yet, and he'll take it back soon...


Sonic: I'm guessing this home invasion is your bright idea, Scourge?
Scourge: That's "King" Scourge, Sonic.
Sonic: Ah! So now you're officially a royal pain?
Fiona: (after saving Scourge from falling through the portal) Gotcha hon. What do you want us to do?
Bunnie: (referring to Patch) Now hold on there, sugah. Ah know all he's done, but you cain't get bent on revenge!
Antoine: Revenge? He took my fathair away from me, and almost took your love. I could not go on if he took my wife from me, too.
Knuckles: Why are you doing this, Dimitri? You're a scientist, not a general. With you as Grandmaster, Eggman's more likely to lose as we push deeper into the city.
Dimitri: Harsh words, Guardian. You make it sound like I'm purposely weakening the greatest evil the world has ever known from within.
Vector: (referring to Dimitri) Well, if I was a brain in a robot head in a bubble, I guess I'd go crazy, too.


  • This issue cover is one of the five in the main Sonic comic series to not feature Sonic in the art, the others being StH: #15, #146, #157, and #210. (due to SEGA, Sonic was on the covers in some form, be it an icon, corner box or an alternate form.)
  • This issue's cover is one half of a full image showing the Freedom Fighters battling the Suppression Squad outside Freedom HQ, though the real battle takes place inside Freedom HQ.
  • When Fiona grabs Scourge away from the Globe posts, her left arm is missing, only her hand is visible.


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